maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: I.jackie dies


The story begins. Fate brings Eli and Jackie together.

MSKM - 1006-01.jpgThe story begins with a man carrying a child, running for his life. Shot and left for dead beside a pier, the baby is saved, floating on the water, in a vat.

At a busy public market, Eli gets into trouble, getting into a fish fight with other coolies like him. Pong, his older brother gets into it too and they are reprimanded by their father, Dadoods. After getting a mouthful from his father, Eli enjoys a bath by the seaside.

Another person is also enjoying herself in the tub, but with the assistance of other people. Jackie is being given a grand spa treatment. She gets dressed in an elegant gown and gets decked with the most precious jewels. Eli looks like a prince himself, walking out of their shabby house in a tuxedo. Yes, they are indeed meeting each other, but not in the way you think. Jackie is the special guest of her boyfriend JB at the inauguration of their new ship while Eli is working there as a waiter. Jackie makes a grand entrance and everyone is mesmerized with her beauty, including JB.

MSKM - 1006-07.jpgEli’s daydreaming halts when Celine calls his attention. She asks him to always serve drinks to a certain table. JB’s talk with Jackie gets interrupted with the presence of his mother, Corazon who introduces him to important businessmen. Jackie then feels left out and Celine sees her change in mood. Eli wishes that the lovely lady will catch his eye and she does. He gives her a smile but Jackie snobs him. This also dampens his mood. Adding to Jackie’s already foul temperament was JB’s request for her to proxy for him at a baptism when she already had plans for that day herself. He thinks that she can easily cancel on her friends, this event is much more important. After a discussion, Jackie agrees. She excuses herself and calls on Eli to get a drink. He’s surprised at Jackie’s actions – she’s downing one glass of champagne after another.

The inauguration starts and during Corazon’s speech, Jackie excuses herself once again to go to the bathroom. JB tried to stop her because his mom’s speech is pretty important. Celine runs into her inside the CR. Jackie congratulates her cousin for a very organized event. She stays behind when Celine invites her to go back outside. After doing her thing, Jackie realizes she’s stuck inside one of the cubicles. She tries to call JB on his phone but to no avail. She tried calling Celine too, but her cousin was busy with other business. So Jackie had to resort to calling out for help. Fortunately, Eli was going outside with a refill of drinks when he heard shouts coming from the bathroom. He tried to help the panicking lady inside but he was exasperated with her demands and side comments. He finally tells her to shut up. Corazon finishes her speech but JB wonders where Jackie has gone to. He checks the commotion going on at the ladies restroom and sees Eli picking open the lock of a cubicle. The door pops open and Jackie rushes into JB’s arms. She thinks he was her knight in shining armor but JB corrects her motioning to the leaving waiter. She calls out after Eli and thanks him. Eli walks away, huffing and puffing to himself. How can someone he idolized be so stuck up? He takes out a magazine photo of Jackie from his wallet and talks to it.

Eli went home with a smile on his face while Jackie on her return to the mansion, plops down on her bed, exhausted. She blasts on some dance music to relax when she hears a knock on the door. Her father Fidel is back from a business trip. While making lambing to her dad, Jackie asks permission to go out with her friends next weekend. Fidel says yes but takes it back minutes laterreminding herof a family visit to Guam, which disappoints Jackie.Eli gets a teasing from Pong about the smile on his face. He describes his experience on the boat and the ‘sosi’ lady named Jackie. He then gives Pong his day’s wages with the additional 300 his boss gave him for his hard work. The brothers plan to deposit it in the bank, a fund to have their Dadoods get his much needed operation. Pong says he also has to return to his studies so they can have their first engineer in the family. Eli agrees and says this will make way for Pong to work abroad and get married. They both dream of a better life. But the brothers were puzzled when they arrived home which was covered in darkness. They frantically search for their dad, and finds him lying on the floor. After rushing him to the hospital, Eli and Pong discover that Dadoods has to have an operation immediately. They consent and luckily, their father survives. He leaves Dadoods into Pong’s care to attend to his jobs that day. Unknown to Eli, Pong is actually at his wits end. They are financially in trouble. He invested their savings in a recruitment agency which turned out to be illegal. How can he tell his brother that their account is almost empty?

MSKM - 1006-02.jpgThe next day, Jackie receives a call from JB. She thought of sharing her sad thoughts with him but they kept getting interrupted with JB’s business matters. A magazine interview later sparks an idea in Jackie’s mind. What will Jackie do at a spur of the moment, something she does not usually do? She dresses up in plain jeans, shirt, sneakers, a cap plus 300 pesos and tours around the city on foot. Celine, who drives her to Binondo thinks her cousin has gone insane. What if something happens to her? What if she gets held-up, even kidnapped? Jackie tells her this is her ‘crazy day’ and hands over her cell phone to Celine. And all her cousin could do was sigh and leave her to her plans. Butjust a few minutes in her new world, Jackie gets too absorbed watching a parade and gets careless losing her wallet to a pick pocket. Coincidently Eli, who was part of the parade runs into her as she gets a scolding from a fruit vendor, handling her wares without money to pay for it. Eli first thought it was the socialite again but it seemed very unlikely to find her wandering in the streets alone. Eli buys fruit too but Jackie accidentally topples one of the stands scattering oranges all over. In the chaos, Eli accidentally places his wallet inside Jackie’s plastic bag. When she disappears, Eli and the vendor mistake her for a thief. He runs after her but does not notice her in the crowd at the church. Jackie enjoys the rest of the day, using Eli’s hard earned cash. Again fate brings them together as Jackie gets drawn to a mime performance Eli is part of. She drops coins in their donation cup when Eli sees her holding his wallet. Jackie runs off but this time Eli is hot on her heels. They both get reprimanded by some MMDA agents and penalizes them with community service. Eli is furious with Jackie, because she finds the whole situation amusing! He later discovers who she is when they were done with her task. But she goes off in a rush again, remembering a date with JB. She just calls out thank you again to ‘Mamang Sungit’.

Jackie arrives and was shocked at the extravagant set-up for her and JB’s dinner. JB takes her by surprise and proposes to her. She declines. JB agrees to wait.

MSKM - 1006-03.jpgOut of desperation, Pong seeks help from some hoodlums in their neighborhood. They advised him to join them in an illegal activity, a surefire way to earn easy money. He is hesitant but says he’s going to think about it. They take him to a park and points out who their target is. He sees a man letting a beautiful girl in a car.

Eli fervently searched for their bank passbook in their closet. They have to pay Dadoods hospital bills. He finds it only to be stunned with what he sees. Their savings are depleted. He blames Pong, he stole their money. Pong explains later that he used the money to follow his girlfriend Dolly to Dubai. Sadly, he got tricked by the agency. He promises Eli that he will return the money as soon as possible. He need not make a big deal out of it. Pong did give the money to Eli later that afternoon. But where did it come from?

Celine is having another argument with her mother, Imelda. She again compares her daughter to Jackie. Why can’t she be more like her, sweet, refined and just proposed to by the most eligible bachelor in the country? Well, Celine couldn’t careless. Meanwhile, at the Magsaysay’s , Jackie looks out of her window and sees the guards trying to stop a woman from entering the premises of the mansion. The woman just got out of prison. Recognizing her, Jackie hides behind her curtains. After seeing Jackie’s reaction, the woman walks away rejected. On her way to a charity, Jackie remembers the times she spent with that woman, her mother. She broke her father’s heart when she left them to be with her body guard. Jackie then promised to her father that she would never ever leave his side.

Eli catches sight of Pong driving a van with 2 other men. He tries to stop him but he was too late. He’s suspicious of his brother’s actions and asks around their community. Eli finds out his brother is off to Batangas.

MSKM - 1006-06.jpgJackie over sees her father’s medical mission in Batangas. She declines a dinner invitation to the mayor’s house because she’s not feeling too well. While giving away packages, she notices a girl admiring her bracelet. Out of pity, she gives it to the girl as a gift. The girl hesitated at accepting such an expensive gift, but because of Jackie’s persistence, she wears it on her wrist.A doctorthen gives Jackiesome medicine to help her sleep on the way home. She takes it and leaves the driving to her companion. As soon as they get on the road, a van tails their vehicle and the driver tried his best in losing it. He tries to wake Jackie up but she’s in deep sleep. They successfully kidnap her but her driver does not give up the fight. They get into a wild goose chase and the two vehicles get into an accident. Eli manages to track Pong down but the damage has been done. The very same girl to whom Jackie gave her bracelet to, witnessed the incident and tried to save Jackie’s driver’s life. Unluckily they both die when the vehicle exploded. Pong on the other hand told Eli not to worry about him, but in his passenger’s safety. He asks Eli to take Jackie to a safe place, somewhere far, far away.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Everyone thinks Jackie’s dead.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1009.jpgNews of the accident spread. Police and firemen came to the scene. Fidel’s assistant came to find the driver in a very critical condition and a body, who got burned in the crash. She immediately assumed it was Jackie.

Pong and the gang managed to escape. He also pretended not knowing about Jackie’s disappearance. Eli passed the police on the way. He prayed hard that his brother would not be harmed.

JB rushed to the hospital with Celine. He could not speak. Fidel was being updated by the Police. They give him a bracelet to identify. Imelda, his sister, confirms it is Jackie’s. Fidel insists on seeing her charred remains.

After getting a change of clothes and buying medicine, Eli hurdles a police checkpoint. He tells the officer that his wife is sick and he needs to get her to a hospital. The man kindly told him that there is a place where they could rest somewhere near. After driving a few meters he calls Pong, who’s now hurriedly packing up his things to go into hiding. Pong blames himself for everything. Eli forgives him and tells what they should do now is think of a solution. Pong later tells their father that Eli was assigned in the province, a commitment he could not back out off.

Everyone now believes Jackie is dead. Fidel could not speak during the eulogy. Monique is even given permission to attend her funeral. Meanwhile some farmers found Eli’s stalled vehicle on the road. After realizing that they need help, Mang Simo and Aling Bebang take Eli and Jackie under their wing. He discovers that they live in a small community, faraway from the town proper. While Mang Simo treated Jackie’s wounds, Eli explained to the couple that it’s their anniversary but their adventure turned into a disaster. Jackie’s wounds were the cause of the dysfunctional brakes of the car. Then they got stalled and it started to rain. Eli gets stumped though when Simo asks him Jackie’s name. The only name that came into mind was Princess. They ask Eli to stay and let Princess’ wounds heal. After some hesitation he agrees.

While Fidel wallowed in his sadness, JB faced his emotions by busying himself with work. Corazon told him to take a week’s leave from work but for JB that’s a sign of weakness. But some were rejoicing over Jackie’s death. The goons who were with Pong were relieved that Jackie’s dead or there would have been big trouble. The driver meanwhile is in a comatose.

Eli while looking over Jackie wonders how he’s going to explain everything to Jackie. His thoughts were interrupted by Guada and some of the neighbors who have come to visit. The woman says Jackie looks familiar. This alarms Eli but Guada explains she looks like someone from Japan, where she used to work. The neighbors’ nosiness makes him want to leave. He burns the shirt Jackie was wearing, the only evidence of her identity.

While JB poured out his sorrows to Celine. Eli talks to the sleeping Jackie, telling her that for the first time in his life, he was caught unprepared. He asks her to remain sleeping while he’s in town, getting in touch with Pong and Dadoods. But as he was looking for a means of communication, Jackie opens her eyes.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie’s feeling guilty. Why can’t she feel Eli’s love for her and how can she forget the way he loved her?
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1016.jpgJackie gives Eli a kiss. This surprises him. He covers up his embarrassment by just eating dinner. Jackie remains motionless, and just stares at him. She starts asking him questions. Eli tries to end the discussion by giving her food. Jackie also asked him why they don’t have wedding rings. Eli gets nervous and scratches himself with a fish bone. He fibs that someone swindled the rings from them. He promises Jackie that he will replace it. Jackie then proceeds with more questions. She’s very concerned about their long absence from Manila. What about Eli’s job? She also worries about a lot of things. He lets her believe Man Simo’s theory about getting ‘na-enkanto’. She will get better faster if they stay put in the province. But Jackie can’t help but feel guilty over the life they left behind. Eli becomes irritated and raises his voice. He tells her again not to think about those things. He will take care of everything. Outside, while fetching a pail of water, Eli breaks down. He feels helpless over the situation. He wants to help Jackie so much but how? Until when will he lie to her? Jackie was still feeling restless in bed and gives him a longer kiss. Eli was so cold towards her. She asks Eli why he acts like they’re not married. To shut her up, he lets Jackie embrace him. This time it was his turn to feel uncomfortable. Jackie stared at the sleeping figure beside her. She wonders why her husband feels like a total stranger to her. Why can’t she feel his love for her and how can she forget the way he loved her?

Meanwhile, Celine panics when she discovers that JB has been stung by a sea urchin. She tells him to pee on the infected area. JB does not believe her at first. But he later says that even if what she is telling is true, he can’t pee anymore. He tells her to do it. This got a big “Eew!” from Celine but she had no other choice but to do it. After pouring her pee on JB’s leg, Celine is disappointed, for JB has not even thanked her. She then notices that JB has the chills. When she realizes that he is with fever, she rushes to the boat to find blankets and the first aid kit. She has to make JB drink medicine but she needs fresh water for him. She remembers a coconut tree a few feet away and tries to get a fruit by throwing things at it. After several tries, a teary Celine gives up in exhaustion. Miraculously, a coconut falls down to the ground. She is then able to make JB drink the medicine. Ala Survivor, Celine was also able to build a fire. As she helps JB warm up beside the fire, he mutters Jackie’s name in his sleep. This hurts herand makes her cry

Maging Sino Ka Man
In her attempts to make Eli happy, Jackie displeases him even more.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1017.jpgEli silently watched Jackie’s sleeping figure on the bed. He doesn’t want to make her cry but is feeling helpless over the situation. He leaves her to go to town with Mang Simo.

Pong on the other hand tries to make contact with Fidel, but a presence of a policeman in the office premises scares him away. Eli calls him up and asks about the situation. He got anxious when Pong told him he got nervous because of the authorities. Eli says he’s losing precious time and Pong promises to do it as soon as he gets the courage again to face Fidel.

Guada and Bebang notice Jackie’s bothered state during their biko cooking lessons. They read aloud Eli’s letter to Jackie and makes her realize the reason why her husband’s feeling down in the dumps. He needs some ‘loving-loving’, ‘kissing-kissing’ and ‘hugging-hugging’! They also make her realize that Eli’s quite a gem in her life, waiting and being a gentleman by not forcing her to do something in her state. Why other men can’t resist keeping their hands to themselves once they get that ‘feeling’. Simo has also been helping Eli find a job to help them financially. That’s how he is showing his love for her.

Jackie tries to make up for her mistakes by preparing a special meal for Eli. But the fresh hito, which were still wriggling in a vat, takes her by surprise. She lets out frightened screams. The neighbors come to her rescue but they also laughed at her silliness. Jackie also tried cleaning up the house but she gets a cut on her finger in the process. Not used to housework, Jackie’s determined to finish everything to dispel her doubts and prove her love to Eli. While she’s busy at home, Eli’s also hard at work at a construction site.

On the island, it suddenly starts to rain. Celine is frantic to get the sick JB to shelter. But JB’s to weak to move so instead she builds a temporary shelter for him despite the heavy downpour. That evening, JB wakes up to a warm bonfire and a dinner of fish, all courtesy of the exhausted Celine. JB thanks her for all the things she has done. But Celine would have preferred to hear his apology first. The two talk it out and agree to call a truce.

With the help of their neighbors, Jackie managed to finish all the chores and cook dinner for Eli. Guada adviced her to take a bath quickly before Eli gets home because she reeks of hito. While rummaging for clothes, Jackie finds a letter among Eli’s things and discovers that he has failed to show up at his scholarship interview and therefore was denied of it. Eli catches her reading the letter and this infuriates him. He snatches the letter from her hands and tells her not to meddle with his things. She apologizes once again but this annoys Eli more. All she does is say sorry and yet she still blames him for everything. In frustration, Eli walks out of the house.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Could JB be into Celine?
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1107.jpgA heart to heart talk with Jackie made Dadoods persuade Eli that maybe it’s about time Jackie returned to her real life. Despite the happiness she has given Eli, Dadoods is firm that they should do the right thing. Eli understands and takes time to brood on how to begin explaining things to Jackie. Jackie on the other hand has dreams of her last moments with JB. The party on the boat. The proposal. She called out his name when she woke up, but Jackie’s confused. Who is JB?

Celine and JB finally get the praise they deserve from the very stern Corazon. They have won the Romero account again, thanks to Celine’s efforts. A celebratory party in the office follows and JB gives Celine a peck on the cheek, catching her off guard. She takes the day off and spends it with Kevin, their client’s son. JB tries to track her down but Celine refused to be. He apprehends her at home and tells her not to go out with Kevin again. This enfuriates Celine and JB ends admitting that he’s getting jealous of the fellow she’s dating.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli puts off what he had to say to Jackie.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1108.jpgCeline couldn’t believe her ears. JB’s jealous. Could it mean that he likes her? Celine’s mom sees her excited reaction and tells her not to get her hopes up. Corazon would never approve of her. Celine could not sleep that night. She must not let herself get carried away. JB’s restless too and confides what he feels to his aunt. He has never felt strongly about anybody before after Jackie’s death. At the office JB and Celine acted like nothing happened that night. Celine gets to her desk and her secretary hands her a bouquet of flowers. She thought it was from JB but the smile on her face fell when she read the card on it. It was from Kevin.

Eli tried to tell Jackie the truth. But Jackie was not interested to hear about it. For her the most important thing right now is Eli’s love. The two kiss passionately and Dadoods, seeing the love they have for one another, asks Eloisa for support in his decision. He then tells Eli to love Jackie freely. But if and when Jackie recovers her memory, he has to suffer the consequences. He will pay dearly for the sake of love. Eli slept peacefully that night and woke up very jolly, even preparing a hearty breakfast. He then leaves for the morning and Dadoods tells Jackie to stay indoors while he fixes Panga. While cleaning up, Jackie remembers that it was Eli’s birthday that day and ventures by herself to the market after scrounging coins from the altar. Dadoods comes home to a note from Jackie. What is he going to do now?

Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli’s anger ceases when Jackie reveals her birthday surprise.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM---1109.jpgAlready sidetracked by JB’s confession, Celine gets more distracted by Kevin’s presence at the office. JB saw the young Romero enter Celine’s area and immediately calls her to report to his office. He takes Celine out of the Romero account and assigns her to another business deal in Davao. Celine becomes incredulous of his decision, that she calls Kevin to say she can go with him to check a beach front property. She then retreats to a salon with Gio and there, vents out all her frustrations to her friend.

Dadoods was worried sick of Jackie, asking everyone he knew at the market if they have seen a mestiza looking lady. He gets more anxious when he bumps into Atong, a cohort of Pong in the kidnapping. He then alerts Eli, who in turn alerts Pong. Pong searched in the vicinity of the market and almost runs over Jackie. Pong almost fainted when Jackie called the cops, but then it wasn’t because she recognized him, it was because she lost the ingredients to Eli’s special birthday menu. Pong then introduced himself as Eli’s brother and Jackie joyously embraced him. They proceed home but first stopped somewhere to get treats for Eli. Eli was angry when Pong and Jackie entered the house. He stopped in his tracks though when Jackie presented the stuff they bought for his birthday. The family enjoyed a special birthday dinner together. After that, Jackie and Eli say their good-byes to Dadoods. Eli is bringing Jackie back to the province as he promised. On their way to Mang Simo’s, the couple stopped on the road to admire the view. Eli admits to Jackie that she was the most wonderful adventure that has happened to him. His fervent wish for his birthday was that if and when Jackie remembers everything, he hopes that their paths cross again, in the time where they can freely love one another.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Celine and JB’s mixed feelings for each other gets the business into trouble.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1110.JPGMang Simo and Aling Bebeng joyously welcomed Eli and Jackie back into their abode. Aling Bebang was very pleased to know that the two plan on permanently staying in the barrio. Mang Simo is apprehensive though. Like Dadoods, he warns Eli that in the end he might be the one getting hurt the most. Eli goes back to the quarry and asks for his old job back. Mang Oca his boss was all too happy to give him back his post. The man even offered Eli a higher paying position because of his college courses in Manila. Eli declines and says he is much content with his job. Mang Oca noticed his necklace with ajade pendant. He asked Eli where it came from. Mang Oca’s interest in it made Eli wonder but his words after that puzzled him more. His boss told him to take care of the necklace. It will lead him to his successes in life. Meanwhile Jackie had her dream one more. She now remembers the face that belongs to the name Jaime Berenguer she saw on the magazine. She tries to hide her list from Eli but he soon discovers it among their things. Could it be that fate is tearing them apart too soon?

Celine and JB’s relationship gets more complicated. After not showing up at the airport for their Davao business trip, JB decided to follow Celine to Kevin’s beach getaway. Celine, who was shunning Kevin’s advances, was very surprised to see a very furious JB coming up the beach. JB and Kevin get into a fist fight. JB insisted that he used the wrong word when explaining to Celine what he feels. He tells her that he’s not jealous, just possessive. Celine confides to Gio that night,feeling stupid for thinking that JB’s going to love her. JB on the other hand was being called stupid by a friend, fornot admitting what he truly feels for Celine. Celine gets a surprise wake up call from Corazon saying they are about to lose the Romero account again. She tries to apologize for what happened the other day, but for Kevin her words are a tad too small for what happened. He tells her his condition – either she becomes his girl or his company backs out of their business deal with the Berenguers.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Celine sacrifices herself for JB’s sake.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1113.jpgCeline gives Kevin a slap and she tells him that she’s not a toy to be played with. She returns to the office anxious. JB walks by and she calls him in. Seeing his bruises, she helps cover it up with concealer. Together they attend the board meeting where they are met by a very infuriated Corazon. She enumerates all the problems of the company short of blaming everything on JB. To help JB out, Celine calls Kevin afterwards and she accepts his deal. Gio tells her she doesn’t have to go out on a limb for the company. But he guesses that she’s doing everything for JB. The following day JB and Celine continue with their business trip to Davao. Since they came in a day late they found themselves sharing one room at the resort. JB is mesmerized when Celine emerges from the bathroom in a bikini. She explains that to make a good sales pitch of the place, she might as well enjoy the amenities. JB relaxes with her eventually. The two even shared an intimate moment when JB puts a necklace he bought on Celine.

Eli felt helpless during breakfast, remembering Jackie’s list. He gives her a big hug before leaving for work. Jackie becomes busy with the chores when she suddenly gets flashbacks of JB. She tries her hardest to draw his face on paper, but she can’t see his connection to her life. Later she also sees Fidel in Aling Bebang and she cries in frustration. She tells the older woman about her dreams. She also lets out that she doesn’t need to see those faces. All she wants is to dream of Eli and remember their past. Aling Bebang advises her to treat those things as just dreams. She will remember everything soon enough.

Eli returns to a bothered Jackie. She reveals to him her thoughts and dreams. He tells her not to put importance in their past. Instead they should focus on making new memories.

It was Eli’s off the next day and he spent every moment of it with Jackie.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie’s flashbacks of JB are becoming more frequent.
Maging Sino Ka Man
mskm111506-6.jpgIt’s a successful business trip for Celine and JB in Davao. But the impending wrath of Doña Corazon lingered in their midst, as they are about to lose grasp on the vital Romero account. JB tells Celine not to compromise herself for the account. They just probably have to work harder. Unknown to them, while they were confiding to each other about dogs and other things, someone was taking their pictures from afar. Eli and Jackie are becoming closer to each other, making intimacy a huge problem for Eli. He does not want to further take advantage of his ‘wife’. He shares this dilemma to Mang Simo, who gives him a herbal remedy to take away the urges. Instead, it give Eli a terrible stomach ache, causing frequent trips to the bathroom and making him miss some of fiesta activities. Later that evening, Eli was able to attend the ‘sayawan’ so he and Jackie were able to sweet dance. But Jackie’s flashbacks were becoming recurrent and she stops in the middle of the dance, looking at Eli as if seeing another person. It was like she was seeing and hearing JB in the flesh. Eli desperately brings her back and slowly Jackie returns to reality. She fears all the things that are coming back to her. She tells Eli that she doesn’t want to face them. The only thing that’s important to her now is Eli and the love that they share.
Maging Sino Ka Man
Celine persuades JB to do something crazy for a day.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1115.jpgEli gives Jackie his jade necklace. The sole reminder of his past, something of importance to him, he offers it as a symbol of his love. Because of Eli’s solemn and sincere words, Jackie vowed to forget the man in her dreams, tearing the drawing she made into pieces. The next day, she tries to find a present for Eli in return of the necklace. She asks help from Aling Bebeng, who tells her that they will find a source of income for Jackie. At work, despite getting harassed by his jealous co-workers, Eli is not bothered for he is more concerned of Jackie’s returning memory.

Kevin fetches Celine from the airport unexpectedly. She gives him the cold-shoulder and tells him the deal is off. At the office, Celine and JB get humiliated by Corazon in front of the other board members. They have lost the Romero account. She makes a strict deadline of a report that day for the two. Celine and JB go back to their offices, barraged with other business problems. Stressed, the two were surprised to see each other at the roof deck to release the tension. Celine comes up with a plan to relax and tells JB to be crazy for a day. She takes him on a road trip and they join Celine’s back packing friends. JB has never felt so free in his life. He gives Celine a hug. This takes Celine aback but she’s more surprised when JB says that being with her makes him happy.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Celine is dumbfounded to see Jackie at the market, alive.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1116.jpgCorazon tries to release the stress from JB and Celine’s absence at a beauty salon but instead she gets all riled up bumping into Imelda. The woman even mocks her telling she has something to rejoice for now that Fidel has returned to the country. Corazon leaves in a huff, her day further ruined.

Eli is more anxious and he reveals his fears to Mang Simo, who has treated him and Jackie like his own children. The old man tells him that he probably has to make most of the time he has left with Jackie. Meanwhile, Jackie is very busy cooking special kakanin with Guada and Aling Bebeng. They are helping her come up with the money to buy Eli a gift. Eli’s very curious of the surprise and Jackie just hushes him up. He asks her what is her happiest moment with him. He in turn tells Jackie that he’s happiest when he sees her lying beside him each morning. Eli promises to buy her a wedding ring.

JB almost confesses that he likes Celine but he still can’t bring himself to say the words. Later that night at the camping site, Celine finally blurts out the words she has been meaning to say to JB for years. Jb does not return the words ‘I love you’ but says that he needs Celine in his life. These words sufficed for Celine at the moment and the two shared a kiss. They slept peacefully in each others arms.The next day Celine hoped that they stay in the mountains forever, away from distractions and away from worries. She and JB take a picture together to remember the trip.

Guada and Aling Bebeng helped Jackie set up her mini-stall at the market. Surprisingly, Jackie was able to sell all the goodies quickly. So she browsed some of the clothing stalls for Eli’s gift. Turns outCeline, JB and the rest of the backpackers stopped by the market to get some supplies. Celine gets the shock of her life when she bumps into her cousin, who was supposedly dead.

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