maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: IV. a new chapter


Maging Sino Ka Man

Eli, Jackie, JB and Celine all try to move on and start life anew.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1213.jpgThe party ends with Imelda and Corazon insulting each other while Fidel admits to Jackie that he saw Monique. He also tells her to stick with JB. He has already placed his trust in him.

Imelda tries to cheer up Celine up before she leaves for Amsterdam the next day. Celine tells her mom that it’s probably better that way, leaving JB and Jackie behind. She’d be able to move on and find happiness in a faraway land.

Eli catches a glimpse of Jackie’s party in the news. He burns Jackie’s magazine photo, closing that chapter in his life. With the help of Mang Oca, Eli was finally able to continue his studies and started working at the auto shop his former boss recommended. He was also able to find new friends in school. Mang Oca also assisted them in acquiring their house.

Jackie left for the States to undergo treatments for her memory loss. During the recommended rest by the doctors, Jackie also took up some special courses in college. JB followed her and was a very devoted boyfriend, even cooking up meals for Jackie.

Celine meanwhile partied ‘til she dropped in the Netherlands.

After 6 months, Eli tries to pay back some of his loans to Mang Oca. The man refused saying he can wait until Eli has graduated. Their happy conversation turns sour when Oca notices Eli’s jade pendant is gone. He reminded Eli that he told him to take care of it, not give it away.

Jackie also returns home from the US. She is set on starting a business but Fidel has qualms over it. She insists and says she wants to be able to prove something to herself. Jackie disappoints Fidel too when she rushes to visit her mother the very next day. She then discovers the closure of Siony’s salon. She was able to track down her mother, but was shocked at Monique’s distressed state.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli was surprised to see JB at the auto shop.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1213.jpgCorazon’s call interrupts JB’s meetings. She’s out of the country and asks if he and his aunt are doing well. JB tells her everything’s just fine. After the phone call, JB calls in one of their managers whom he has just found embezzling funds from the company. He fires the said employee and warns him never to return lest he wants charges filed against him.

Imelda haves lunch with Jackie and mentions she’s visiting Celine at the rehabilitation center. Jackie tags along to see her cousin, much to Celine’s aversion. Celine answered Jackie’s questions with sarcasm. Imelda told her she didn’t have much of a choice for Jackie really wanted to see her. JB’s friend Brian drops by and talks to Celine. He tells her she should get over her anger towards JB and Jackie and start moving on with her life. Celine reasons out to him that she has already forgotten the past except that to move on with her new life she has to burn bridges first. The next day Brian visits Celine again, this time he’s accompanied by his daughter, probably to appease his friend. She tells him that she first thought the rehab center was a prison, now she thinks of starting one when she gets out. Brian also tells her that she is sort of one of his missions, after his ex-girlfriend died from drug overdose, leaving him and his child alone.

Jackie presents her landscaping business to her father but Fidel wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. He would rather have Jackie start a family with JB. On the other hand, Jackie mentions her visit to Celine during lunch with JB. JB’s mood shifts upon hearing Celine’s name. Jackie returns to her new office and excitedly waited for the sign to be put up. She named her business Jade’s Garden after the people who took care of her. Because of her eagerness over the project, she came in late for her dinner with Fidel and JB. The two really disapproved of what she is doing.

Oca is concerned about the retrieval of Eli’s jade necklace, but the young man says he can’t do anything about it at the moment. Their conversation was interrupted when Eli was called to attend to a customer, who turned up to be JB. JB was surprised to find him at the auto shop and he specifically asked the manager to have Eli take care of his car. Eli was adamant about it. Later, Oca mentions that his connection with the Berenguers are great, he can ask them for help in times of need. Oca’s words seem to have struck a chord in Eli, for he was bothered during his and Calai’s review for an exam. Unknown to Eli, Oca has a plan for him all along. The man secretly calls the manager to have Eli fired. And as if that wasn’t enough, Dadoods suffers a heart attack on the same day Eli was retrenched.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Because of Dadoods’ health problem, Eli had to resort to asking help from JB.
Maging Sino Ka Man

Dadoods’ condition left Eli no other choice but to ask Mang Oca for help again. His former boss tells him that business is slow too and advises him to make use of his contact with JB. A noise inside Oca’s house interrupts their conversation but the man reminds him to take the opportunity before leaving. Eli at first tried his other options even pawning his cellphone, but it was just not enough to cover his father’s medical needs. He finally goes to the Berenguer offices, his last resort. JB offers to pay Dadoods’ bills in full, but Eli instead volunteers to work for it. Oca was satisfied with the result of his plan. The man remembers the incident of a man being shot by the pier. Eli tells Pong that their financial problems are already solved for the meantime. Pong blames himself for not being able to help out because of his broken leg. He asks Eli what he will do in case he sees Jackie. Eli says that part of his life is over and done with.

During dinner, Fidel noticed that even though Jackie and JB are together, they look very distant from one another. Jackie tells him that it’s probably both of them are very busy. To spend quality time with Jackie, JB fetches her at the garden one day but Jackie instead asks him to accompany her to Monique’s place. JB was very uncomfortable the entire time, eventually excusing himself and just waited for Jackie in his car. This angered Jackie, asking him if he’s complaining about her mother’s poor state. Instead, JB blurts out that he’s not comfortable around women who cheat on their husbands.

Jackie returns to Monique’s place the following day and apologizes for JB’s behavior. She then takes her mom and Siony for a surprise treat. She presents them with a brand new parlor they can call their own. They can even move in and use it as their home. Monique feels very grateful towards Jackie but worries of Fidel’s wrath. Jackie says she will take care of everything. Not helping her mother is much more a crime than keeping it a secret from her father.

Celine expresses that she is scared to leave the rehab, for fear that she be hurt again or that she hurt other people. On the other hand, Brian and JB bump into each other at a jewelry store. When Brian reveals that he’s looking for a gift for Celine, JB reacts and tells his friend to avoid her at all costs. But Brian informs JB that he was the one who destroyed Celine. He also tells him that Celine is fully recovered and ready to begin a new life. And Brian wants her to start it with him.

Maging Sino Ka Man
After trying to forget Jackie for months, Eli sees her again in person.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1218.jpgDadoods worries about how the situation is affecting Eli but his son tells him that he can handle it. Eli heads off to work but he overhears plans for a crime at the pier so he rushes to tell JB about it. But at the Berenguer office, he backs off after seeing Jackie enter JB’s office. This was the first time he has seen her in months and his heart felt like it would burst. He hurriedly goes back to the hospital where Pong suspects he’s affected by Jackie’s presence.

Celine is puzzled why Brian likes her. He has seen her at her worst. He even knows the reason behind her rehabilitation. Brian tells Celine he loves her no matter what she has done in the past. Imelda hosts a welcome back party and Celine’s friends all came to celebrate her graduation. Celine thanks everyone for their support but gives special mentions to Imelda and to Brian.

Jackie dropped by JB’s office to surprise him with a packed lunch. She explains that this will make them spend an hour or two everyday, even if they are busy with work. After lunch, JB’s secretary tells him about Eli’s sudden visit. JB calls him later and Eli tells him about the planned shipment robberry. Eli, JB, and the police immediately went to the pier and caught the thieves red-handed. JB,truly grateful for what Eli did, JB transfers Dadoods to a better room in the hospital. He also offers the young man a job at the main office as his personal assistant. Eli is attacked by the robber’s cohorts on his way home but the ever watchful Mang Oca saves him from harm. Kalay was very worried of Eli’s run in that night butteased him about pouring on the perfume for his first day at JB’s posh office. Jackie arrives at JB’s office the following day and smells something familiar to her. The scent leads her to JB’s office and her she’s surprised to find Eli. 

Maging Sino Ka Man
JB tells his girlfriend that she has changed and he doesn’t appreciate the new Jackie.
Maging Sino Ka Man

JB becomes upset with Brian’s words. A flood of memories comes back rushing to him, reminding him of how Celine made a fool out of him. He tries to find comfort by calling Jackie, but she was half-hearted into their conversation because of work. She agrees to have dinner with JB but an urgent call from her mother makes Jackie change her mind at the last minute. JB waits for hours. He is disappointed that Jackie has ditched him again. It was their anniversary that day.

Jackie gives medicine for Siony’s worsening cough and then hurries off to her date. She arrives at the place to find it deserted. She follows JB home to explain and apologize but JB poured out his feelings on being last on Jackie’s priority list. He tells her that she has changed. Jackie admits that she has changed. She is not the old Jackie who was at everyone’s beck and call, who adjusts to his schedules, who says yes to everything. That Jackie is not coming back. If he can’t stand the new Jackie then its probably best that they break up. JB opens up his fears to Mamu G. He tells her that he wants things to be predictable. He wants Jackie the way she was before. Instead of replying, Mamu G takes his glass of wine and throws it away.

Monique tells Jackie to patch things up with JB. But before she even makes a move, JB appears at the garden and says sorry. She refused to talk to him at first but eventually tells him that she is not the only one who has changed. He also has. He says that he accepts everything, all the changes, just to be with Jackie.

Kalay finds a picture of Jackie among Eli’s things while rummaging for a towel. Eli angrily told her that he hasn’t given her permission to look at his stuff and storms away. Kalay argues with Eli. He tells her to butt out of his business. They aren’t even related for her to act that way. Eli makes himself busy at work, He notices some odd behavior among the other workers. He tells his boss about it but the man asks him not to take make an issue out of it.

Brian gives Celine flowers as a token for her impending graduation. He also tells her that he has bumped into JB in Manila. She becomes inquisitive of their conversation. Brian asks her if she still likes JB. He tells her that he would never leave her side. Celine’s graduation day at therehabilitation center arrives. She is taken by surprise when Jackie appears to congratulate her.

Maging Sino Ka Man
JB is distracted with the thought of seeing Celine again.
Maging Sino Ka Man
mskm122106-2.jpgEli managed to get himself into a predicament while touring a garden with Jackie. A flower causes an allergic reaction to Eli and Jackie frantically helps him, even lending hair as part of the immediate cure. JB calls Jackie and somehow blames her for angering Fidel. Jackie’s becoming so obsessed with her business that she has forgotten the people around her. Frustrated, Jackie shares her thoughts with Eli. Their closeness causes feelings to well-up inside the young man. Could he really say that he has forgotten Jackie, now that she’s going to be around him constantly? Celine goes out in the middle of the night, to overcome her fear of the outside world. She ventures into her usual hang outs and finds fulfillment, not from drinking and partying at the bar, but from helping out a family in one of the alleys. The next day, Brian asks her what she found out during her escapade and Celine tells him that there is more to her world outside of the house. Later Celine volunteers as a councilor at a women’s shelter. Imelda bonds with her daughter that evening before her wedding day. Celine hopes she finds the love of her life someday like her mother did. Fidel is furious at Jackie for being reckless — spending the night with someone her father does not know. He threatens to close down Jackie’s business but his daughter intends to put up a fight. During lunch, Jackie notices that JB’s not his usual self. She then reminds him that they must attend her Tita Imelda’s wedding the next day. This makes JB even tenser, anticipating a meeting again with Celine. The following day, JB’s really uncomfortable at his table with Jackie. Celine enters as part of the entourage and he could not help but look at her. Jackie notices JB’s uneasiness and realizes it’s all because of her cousin.
Maging Sino Ka Man
JB and Celine could not resist being attracted to one another and share a passionate kiss.
Maging Sino Ka Man

Jackie tries to shrug the feeling off, but still she’s suspicious of JB’s reactions. During the wedding pictorial, JB was so uneasy joining Jackie, Celine, and Brian with Imelda and Fidel that he was unable to smile. He excuses himself to get a breather but instead he bumps into Celine. They both try to ignore one another but the magnetism between them was just too strong. They share a passionate kiss and broke it off only when a waiter walked in on them. The timing was right too, for Jackie was looking for JB as he received an important call from the people who were taking care of Mamu G. Jackie confronts him about his moodiness, blaming it on her cousin’s presence. But JB evades the issue. Later on both Celine and JB regret what they did.

Meanwhile, Eli broods at home, staring at Jackie’s photo. Dadoods tells him to give his job up for he is only torturing himself. Their evening was interrupted when Eli hears a familiar voice at the door. He opens it and a teary eyed Guada leaps at him. Her husband has taken their daughter away from her and she is determined to find her in Manila. Eli volunteers to help her out during his free time from work. He also offers Guada a place to stay. Gratefully, Guada accepts but without asking for Princess. Eli finally reveals the truth to her.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli was so good at assisting Jackie that he ends up working for her instead of JB.
Maging Sino Ka Man

JB still could not get over how stupid he is for kissing Celine. He puts the blame on Celine. On the other hand, Celine scolds herself for being too weak. She checks herself in the rehab center again. Brian tells her to face her demons head on, but Celine tells him she is not as strong as he thinks. Celine sees herself in one of the new rehab patients. She then decides to go back to Manila. Brian treats her to a picnic. Here he also tells her that his feelings for her have not changed.

Jackie is starting to encounter problems at her business. JB tries to help her out by volunteering Eli’s services, being a soon-to-be engineer. Eli’s skills impress Jackie and he asks him to work for her instead. Eli could not say no to Jackie and he agrees. During dinner, Jackie asks JB’s permission to employ Eli for the moment. JB tells her it’s alright if its ok with Eli. Eli leaves the two alone but was able to hear Jackie’s praise for his work. Eli bumps into Mamu G, picking up her toy. He makes her smile.

As a treat, Jackie prepares a special date for JB at the Baywalk, where they ride a pedicab and enjoy some of the street food. However, the carefree atmosphere brings memories of Celine back to JB. This makes him moody and irritated, dampening Jackie’s happy mood. He tries to kiss Jackie like he kissed Celine but this shocks his girlfriend.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli is resigned to be ‘just a friend’ to Jackie.
Maging Sino Ka Man

Jackie breaks the kiss off and accuses JB of thinking of another woman. JB brings up Celine’s name and this makes them exchange more words. Jackie ends up going home alone and JB drinking at a bar. Jackie calls JB when she got home and discovers him very much drunk. With no one else to turn to, she calls up Eli to help her. They arrive at the bar in time to stop a commotion JB started. They take JB home and Eli gets jealous with all the attention Jackie is giving her boyfriend. JB wakes up on a bench beside Jackie with a hang over. He then remembers the times Jackie was always there for him.

The next day, Jackie gives Eli a box of chocolates as a token for helping her with JB in the middle of the night. Eli accepts the gift and becomes resigned to the fact that he will just be Jackie’s friend, nothing more.

Celine calls her mom up and tells her to come home. She’s feeling lonely, being the only person in their house. She was touched by Brian’s voice call reminding her to eat and sleep early. She’s surprised to get a message from Jackie though, asking how she was doing on her own. Celine jogs to shake off her loneliness but instead bumps into JB. She asks him what the kiss at her mom’s wedding was about. He shrugs saying it meant nothing. It was a mistake. Celine becomes angry and gives him a slap on the face.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie gets drunk and asks Eli for a kiss.
Maging Sino Ka Man

Celine resolves to treat JB as an enemy. She then calls Brian and asks him to come over. She suddenly agrees to become his girl. Instead of being happy about Celine’s announcement, Brian was hurt because of Celine’s impulsiveness. He then decides to give her space to think. On the other hand, JB has disturbed feelings again and asks Mamu G for advice.

Fidel asks Jackie why she hasn’t said yes to JB’s marriage proposal yet. She tells him that they’re in no hurry and they both have separate goals to achieve. That afternoon after seeing Eli jam with the other workers, Jackie comes up with a brilliant to give him as a ‘gift’ to her mother. Eli reluctantly agrees and meets Monique and Siony for the first time. The following day, Jackie promises Fidel that she will meet him at a party for her godfather after she spends time with Monique on her birthday. She and Eli do a song and dance number and was able to impress the birthday girl. However, Jackie this time gets drunk herself and boldly asks Eli for a kiss. JB catches them in this compromising position and demanded an explanation.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli could not say no to the very troubled Jackie.
Maging Sino Ka Man

JB does not think of anything else about Eli and Jackie’s position. Instead he was furious at Jackie for getting drunk and mad at Monique for letting her daughter be in that state. The following day, Fidel refuses to talk to Jackie. His daughter tries to defend Monique but her mother was totally not the cause of his anger. Ever since she returned, she is not acting like her old self. It’s as if the people who cared for her returned a completely different person. She gets more flack from JB. He tells her that she was fortunate to have Eli that time for he would not take advantage of her.

Jackie shares her problems with Eli at work. He then makes things worse when he tells him that this was his last day working for her. Jackie’s plead for him to stay, for he was the only friend she has. Eli felt guilty and agreed to stay. She hugs him tightly. Eli advised her not to change for the sake of pleasing other people. Eli shares his problems to Guada regarding Jackie. She tells him to be firm on his decisions about loving. Eli also asks his mother for help. He asks her to help him find a new love.

Fidel retreats to his study, oblivious of a man observing him from a window. He ignores Jackie’s efforts to make peace and instead picks up a hooker off the streets. The woman, who was a bit off a blabber mouth receives Fidel’s pent up anger and ends up being beaten up. She gets woken up by a hotel staff. She speechlessly grabs the money on the bed and runs off.

Jackie visits Monique to apologize for her behavior. Here, Siony tells her that JB shouted at her mother. She confronts JB about it and tells her Monique deserved it. Jackie took those words as the last straw and walks out. JB tries to stop her from leaving and the commotion they caused attracted Corazon’s attention.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie gets jealous of Kalay, Kalay gets jealous of Jackie.
Maging Sino Ka Man

Jackie stays over for dinner. Corazon apologizes for her son’s rude behavior. She later berates JB for treating Jackie badly. She is the only woman fit to be his wife and tells her son to make it up to Jackie as soon as possible. JB tries to make amends by filing Jackie’s office with flowers and balloons. Jackie was not impressed and asks for sincerity from JB. On the other hand, Monique was impressed with the bouquet JB sent to the salon.

Imelda visits Celine at home and encourages her to go out. She then hears Jackie’s repeated messages on the voice machine. She tells her daughter to patch up with her cousin.

Pong accompanies Guada to a radio station, helping her look for her daughter. This gets heckles from Eli but his Kuya reverses the tables and teases him with Kalay instead. Eli takes Kalay ‘out’ to look for Mang Oca who has cut off communication from him. A woman tells the two that Oca wasn’t home but actually the man was observing them from a window. He speaks to another man, who was bed-ridden. He tells him that the time for  revenge was almost at hand. Oca then makes a surprise visit to his former “boss” Fidel. His appearance catches the business man off guard.

Fidel finally concedes to talking to Jackie. He explains to her that she is his whole life. He wants to get to the bottom of her memory loss. He wants to know if the people who cared for her did her more bad than good.

Kalay was disappointed with her and Eli’s “date” which ended at a carinderia.He surprises her with questions about real dates and helping out at JadeGardens the next day. Jackie worries about Eli’s absence and her mood rises when she heard his voice. It then quickly dropped upon Eli’s introduction of Kalay. Jackie then becomes jealous of Kalay and Eli’s closeness. She offers the best friends a ride home. This time it was Kalay’s turn to be jealous when Eli suddenly carried Jackie in his arms to prevent the lady from getting muddy.

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