maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: II.jackie returns


Maging Sino Ka Man

Jackie makes her way back home… to the Madrigal mansion.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1117.jpgJackie becomes confused when Celine started calling her by her real name. Celine held Jackie’s arms, as if feeling if her cousin’s real or not. Celine wanted Jackie to recognize her but her persistence instead frightened her cousin away. Jackie was in tears when she returned to Aling Bebeng. She told her and Guada about the lady who insisted she knew her. She even kept calling her another name. The two women dismissed Celine, saying someone might have just mistaken her for someone else. They hurry up Jackie to buy the gift so they can get home before Eli does. Celine tries to tell JB what he saw but something stopped her from doing so and they drive back to Manila. Jackie buys the jacket for Eli but suddenly feels a bit dizzy. Aling Bebeng tells her to sit down beside one of the stalls to rest a while. The old woman will look for Guada and return for her there. But a fire breaks in the market which makes Jackie panic. She gets knocked down unconscious. She wakes up amidst the smoke. And she now remembers everything. Jackie picks up her jacket and walks away. Bebeng and Guada fight their way back into the market but some men stop them. Jackie sat in a bus silently, tears streaming down her face. She tells the conductor that she’s going home.

Celine and JB get back home. Celine is silent and just tells JB a feeble good-bye. As soon as JB stepped inside the mansion, Corazon scolded him and tells him to fire Celine. She held in front of him pictures taken in Davao. She tells his son that Celine is no good and she will ship him out to Australia. JB has had enough of his mother’s controlling manner. He walks out on her. Celine on the other hand drove furiously, feeling defeated. How can she be so stupid to admit her feelings now that Jackie’s still alive? Celine drove so fast that she didn’t see another vehicle coming towards her.

Meanwhile Eli gets into a ruckus at work after his envious co-workers heard him asking for an advance from Mang Oca to which the foreman agrees to. The crew stops the fight and Eli asks his boss why he’s taken to him. Oca explains that he sees himself in Eli. The young man will understand what he’s trying to say someday. Eli comes home to a darkly lit house. Jackie’s nowhere to be found. In his excited state, he drops the ring on the ground. He picks it up, somehow sensing that something has happened to his wife. He looks for Mang Simo and they bump into a harried Guada. The market has burned down and Princess has disappeared. Eli rushes to the market.

Jackie notices the jade pendant on the necklace she’s wearing. Not knowing what it meant, she keeps it inside the jacket pocket. She finally arrives home and walks up to the mansion gates. Fidel was having a night cap, staring out a window from Jackie’s room into the sky. He notices a figure at the gates. He then could not believe his eyes. It was as if he was seeing a ghost, his daughter’s ghost.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli’s devastated over Jackie’s recovery of her memory.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1120.jpgEli and Mang Simo reached the distraught Aling Bebeng watching the firemen douse down the fire. She tells them of the woman Jackie met at the market. She seemed to know Princess. Eli walks around town asking people if they have seen Jackie. He reaches home with still no Jackie in sight. Eli decides to return to Manila. Dadoods opens the door to a stricken Eli. His dream is finally over. Eli thinks she has returned back to her real home. Pong panics, what will now happen to them?

JB gets a call from Gio, informing him of Celine’s accident. He rushes to the hospital and thankfully Celine was unharmed. He promises to be there for her always despite the very critical Corazon’s demands. Gio asks her friend if she’s ok with that and Celine says all that’s important to her is JB nothing else. Before dropping Celine off at home, JB drops by his own house to check on his mother. While waiting in the car, Celine looks through JB’s phone where she finds their picture as his wallpaper. This brings a smile to her face but it vanishes when she finds a video of Jackie still saved in it.

Meanwhile Fidel rushes to the gate to make sure he’s really seeing Jackie. Realizing that she’s alive, he gives her a big hug. Jackie rests and the following morning Fidel tries to answer all her questions. He recounts everything that had happened from the medical mission to the accident. But when it was Fidel’s turn to ask her where she had been, Jackie’s perplexed. She can’t remember a thing. Her father brushes it aside saying what’s important is that his princess is home. Jackie felt strange upon hearing the wordprincess.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Fidel gives Corazon a shock when he tells her Jackie is alive.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1121.jpgJackie’s happy to be back home. Instead of going to the doctor as her father wants, she requests if she could visit their friends, relatives and JB instead. Despite being worried about Jackie’s loss of memory, Fidel agrees. He makes a call to Corazon and informs her of Jackie’s return. This shocks Corazon, who immediately looks for JB. While dressing up, Jackie noticed from her window her mom hanging flowers at their gate. According to her yaya, ever since her ‘death’, her mom brings flowers to the mansion every day.

JB on the other hand is resting in a resort with Celine. Celine asks him about his feelings for Jackie but JB tells her that Jackie will remain a memory, nothing more. He even says that memories eventually fade. Celine offers to resign from her job to appease JB’s mom, but JB tells her no. Corazon catches them off guard in a moment of sweetness.

Eli’s restless and would not stay put at home. He has to find out if Jackie got home safely or not. He goes to the Madrigal offices to find out information about Jackie, where he managed to follow a van making deliveries to her home. He tries getting in the subdivision but the guards prevent him from getting in. The strict security also prohibited a vendor from entering the village premises and a guard even messes up her wares. Eli helps out the poor woman. He then got a pleasant surprise when he suddenly found Jackie helping the woman beside him.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Corazon is satisfied with JB and Celine’s reaction to Jackie.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1122.jpgEli smiles at the sight of Jackie. But Jackie looks at him as if she’s seeing a stranger. She helps the vendor to her feet and tells her that she’ll talk to the guards. Fidel calls on out to her so she speaks to Eli, telling him to take care of the other stuff. Eli’s happy and devastated at the same time. He’s glad that Jackie’s with her father again. But how can she forget about him? His depressed state gets him into a brawl with Big Boy and his cohorts. Good thing Pong got back and stopped Eli in time. Big Boy warns Pong to control his brother. Eli later on reveals that Jackie doesn’t recognize him.

Jackie and Fidel get a warm greeting from Imelda, who’s pretty excited to see Jackie well and alive. Jackie looks for Celine and her aunt makes a lame excuse that she does not keep tabs on Celine’s whereabouts anymore. Fidel and Imelda talk privately about looking for the people who helped Jackie. He wants to find out what happened to his daughter. But Imelda was more practical about saying putting up a reward for Jackie’s keepers would make them open for abuse. Instead they should wait for the people who took care of Jackie to look for her. If they’re really concerned about Jackie’s welfare, they will surface whether there’s a reward or none. Later Jackie asks her father about JB. He explains to her that he’s on a business trip with Celine. This surprises Jackie. Fidel tells her that Celine is already working for the Berenguers. On the way to JB’s house, Jackie remembers her mom and asks permission from Fidel to see her.

Corazon asks to talk with JB privately. She apologizes for her behavior and tells JB that she’s not forcing him to leave for Australia. She even tells him that he is free to love Celine. This takes aback JB. He says yes to her invitation to have dinner at their house that night. Corazon is happy and she even tells Celine to call her ‘Tita’. Celine was adamant about returning to Manila that night but JB’s made peace with Corazon. His mother has said sorry for him for the first time so he’s agreeing to her request. He promises Celine that he won’t give her up no matter what happens. When they get to the mansion, they were surprised to find out that they were having dinner with guests. JB and Celine were shocked when Corazon calls out a cheerful and very much alive Jackie.

Maging Sino Ka Man
JB is confused between Celine and Jackie.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1123.jpgJB lets go of Celine’s hand, drawn to Jackie’s presence. Jackie gives him a tight hug. She notices Celine after and she gives her cousin an embrace too. Dinner was very uncomfortable for JB and Celine. JB accosts his mother and asks her about her agenda. Corazon tells him that she only wants to see if JB still has feelings for Jackie or none. She explains that she is not against Celine but she’s only after his happiness. JB’s confused. What does he really feel for Jackie? And for Celine? Jackie managed to talk to JB by the pool which complicates things more for him. He was so sure for his love for Jackie before, and now he’s not even sure of what to say to her.

Celine was silent but Jackie babbled the entire trip home. She wanted to be kept up to date with the latest in the lives of the people around her. Celine sadly answered her questions. She avoided some too. Celine could not help but turn away and shed a tear. Eli was shedding tears of his own, talking to the stars. Would Jackie look for him if her memory of their love came back? At home, Jackie wondered why can’t she say the words ‘I love you’ to JB, words she had said to him so easily back then? Jackie tries to psyche herself out of her gloomy mood but she can’t.

Meanwhile, Monique receives good news from Imelda. Jackie’s alive! But her good mood was dampened when Imelda tells her that Fidel forbids her from meeting up with Jackie. She has a right after all, she’s still Jackie’s mother.

The next day, Jackie’s Yaya enters her ward’s room to find it empty. She finds her busy in the dirty kitchen, preparing breakfast, much to the surprise of the other house help. She even eats tomatoes, a hated food according to the maids. Where did she start eating tomatoes?

At the Berenguer’s office, Celine tenders her resignation to JB.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Monique tries to communicate with Jackie but Fidel prevents her from doing so.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1124.jpgJB asks Celine to stay and she agrees. He invites her to dinner that night and this makes Celine happy. Unluckily, Jackie also made plans for them that night. Celine almost hesitated getting inside the elevator when she saw that Corazon was the only person inside it. Corazon told her that she was surprised to find her still working there. Celine asks Corazon why she hates her so much. Corazon haughtily tells her that she doesn’t like cheap women around her son.

Fidel found Jackie a bit different that morning. Besides preparing a Filipino breakfast complete with tomatoes, the maids also said that she’s been waking up real early. She even surprises her father with a lunch box. But Jackie doesn’t think her actions are unusual at all. Fidel proposes that they have a party to announce her return. His daughter declines though. However, she agrees to see the doctor, who will see if everything’s alright with her. As Jackie and Fidel say their goodbyes at the gate, Monique appears and asks if she can talk to her daughter. Jackie wanted to approach her but Fidel tells her to go inside the house. Fidel douses Monique with a garden hose and tells her that she will never, ever be able to speak to Jackie again. Jackie feels sorry for her mother and her yaya tells her of what happened during her ‘funeral’. Monique made a scene for Fidel didn’t allow her to see Jackie for the last time. Good thing Imelda intervened and Monique was given permission to enter the premises. Jackie proceeds to her doctor’s appointment, where she reveals that she has never felt this happy before. The things she has been doing now may seem weird to some, but she finds joy in it. She must have experienced good things while she was gone.

Eli, instead of looking for a job as he had told Dadoods, went back to Jackie’s subdivision to see her. The coconut vendor was also back and this time she helps him get inside the village. She teases him that he came back to see his crush, ‘Ate Ganda”. They passed by a very wet Monique on the way to the mansion. Seeing her dazed expression, Eli tries to help out the woman but she just buys a glass of buko juice from them and goes on her way. She shortly drinks her sorrows away with a friend. Eli and the young vendor finally get to the mansion but Jackie’s yaya tells them her ward just left. Eli makes his way to the Madrigal offices, where he somehow gets a glimpse of Jackie. He then follows her at a restaurant, where he happily gazed at her from afar.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Jackie makes her mother’s fervent wish come true.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1127.jpgEli’s heart broke into pieces when he saw JB and Jackie hug. She’s looking at him the way she looked at Eli before. Eli was drinking himself into a stupor when Pong saw him and took him home. Dadoods tried to talk some sense into Eli, but his son was really depressed. He and Pong just let Eli cry his heart out.

JB cancelled his date with Celine at the last minute. He kept on glancing at his cellphone, wondering how Celine is doing. He found some of Jackie’s actions a bit odd. She asked for a side dish of tomatoes and even burped out loud. Jackie returns home to a worried Fidel. She tells him her date with JB went fine. But she also takes the opportunity to ask her father permission to see Monique. She explains that this might be her second lease at life and she wants to close some unfinished business, including the big rift she has with her mother. Fidel relents finally. Jackie prepares to sleep and talks to JB’s picture beside the bed. She’s glad to be with him yet it somehow feels different. She stares longingly at the pillow beside her. Fidel enters her room to say good night and was surprised to see Jackie missing. He finds her at the other side of her bed, sleeping on the floor.

Celine pretended to be mad at JB, ignoring his calls. But when the calls stop at two tries, she calls JB back telling him he can’t give up on her that easily. JB apologizes, but Celine tells him she understands. They must bide for the right time to tell Jackie about their relationship. Celine tells him that she’s willing to wait.

The next day, Monique and her gay friend, Siony just got back from the market when Jackie arrived. Monique was so happy that she could not stop smiling at Jackie. Fidel calls up to check if Jackie arrived safely. Actually he was just a few meters from the salon where Monique was staying, looking at Jackie’s interaction with her mom. Jackie was a bit formal towards her mother, however, Monique asked if she can give her a hug, Jackie and Monique embraced each other for the first time in years and both shed tears of joy.

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