maging sino ka man detailed episode summaries: III. the new jackie


Maging Sino Ka Man

Upon Dadoods request, Eloisa gives Eli a wake up call.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1128.jpgJackie’s happiness was evident when she and her yaya Heidi got home. She felt like a huge burden was lifted off her shoulders. Fidel was looking a bit jealous so Jackie said ‘I love you’ to him several times before retiring to her room. The succeeding days were a breeze for Jackie. She was a bit odd to Heidi and the other house help but they like the new Jackie. Jackie now enjoys taking a bath using a pail and tabo, and spends her free time chatting with the maids. She even does the laundry with them much to Fidel’s surprise. Jackie has started painting again too, and she is starting on a simple farm scene. She visits Monique often now but Fidel is not yet that comfortable with Jackie staying there for hours. He still follows Jackie without her daughter’s knowledge. During one of these visits, Jackie realizes the loneliness Monique felt through Siony. Monique then admits to her that she regrets the things she has done in the past.

Seeing how his son is having a difficult time recovering over Jackie, Dadoods asks his deceased wife to put some sense into Eli. Eli then dreams of his mother, who scolds him to no end. Eloisa tells him life is too wonderful to give up on. She tells Eli to fight. Eli wakes up ready to make a new start. His enthusiasm for work makes him oblivious to Dadoods recurring chest pains. Dadoods hides the pain so as to not inconvenience his sons. He does not tell them that he has run out of medicine.

Celine can’t help but feel jealous over Jackie. Her time with JB is often disrupted by her cousin’s calls. So to make up to Celine, JB agrees to spend a whole Sunday with her. Celine is excited, preparing a special picnic lunch for her and JB. But her sunny mood was dashed when JB refuses to answer her call. Turns out, Jackie has reminded him of their usual Sunday church date. He goes to the church not wanting to disappoint Jackie.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Fidel finds Jackie acting stranger by the day and decides to take her to the US for treatment.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1129.jpgAfter driving Jackie to Siony’s beauty salon, JB finally arrives at his and Celine’s meeting place. Celine is so furious because he promised that this day would be hers alone. Why can’t he say no to Jackie? And why is it easy for him to break his promise to her? Celine tells JB that she is confused and hurting. JB says the situation is not simple. Celine eventually tells him she understands and she heads for home. Her mother notices her sad face and advices her to give JB up. Imelda knows Celine is no match for Jackie. But her daughter tells her what if she was the one who was meant to win this war? Everybody wants Jackie unhurt but what about her feelings? Why is everyone so unfair to her?

Despite his friend’s advice to pick Celine, JB can’t choose between her and Jackie. He knows he’s being selfish. He wants to keep Jackie yet he can’t let Celine go.

Eli gets work as a mechanic at a nearby auto shop. He impresses his boss and co-workers immediately because of his kindness and intelligence. Eating his packed lunch alone though, reminds him of Jackie’s caring ways again. He does jumping jacks to shake off the feeling. He goes home in a cheerful mood and even dances with his mother’s photo. Unknown to him, Pong and Dadoods were watching his every mood behind a wall while laughing their asses off. But the following day at work, Eli over hears Big Boy doing a business deal with his boss.

Jackie on the other hand finds out that her mother is down with fever. Siony tells her Monique’s condition worsened because of a call from her father. He again said some harsh words to her. Siony was able to persuade Jackie to visit Monique at home. Jackie was able to see her mom’s room full of memorabilia from her beauty queen days. She also found a book they read together when she was still a kid. Monique tries to shield Jackie from the truth but Siony tells her that Fidel kept blaming them for delaying her from coming home. He even accused them of coercing Jackie to stay over. Monique adviced her to go home immediately, so as not to worry Fidel further.

Jackie returns the following day and volunteers to help out Monique and Siony with their chores. She forgot to ask permission from Fidel so he rushes over to his ex-wife’s home to find Jackie doing the laundry. He angrily takes Jackie home and reprimands her. She’s acting stranger by the day, in fact she’s acting like one of their maids, cleaning, cooking and washing. Jackie insisted that she’s feeling normal but Fidel told her that she’s going to the States with him to seek professional help about her amnesia.

Meanwhile, Celine seems to have gotten over JB’s actions the other day. In fact she’s so cheery towards him. He wonders what has gotten into her. Celine then reveals what’s making her smile. To make up for their lost dates, JB has to have dinner with her and Jackie at the same time. He won’t be so distracted from their date this time, with Jackie tagging along too.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Celine competes with Jackie for JB’s attention.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1130.jpgBig Boy and his gang taunt Eli again. Eli just walks off but blows steam at Pong. His Kuya tells him to just let the matter go. Getting involved with Big Boy will do him no good.

Jackie does not want to go to the US for a check up but Monique advises her to do so. It is better for her to obey Fidel’s wishes. Monique also tells her daughter to lessen her trips to see her. Fidel must miss her a lot. She gives Jackie a special gift and asks her remember her mom always.Jackie opens her present at home. It was a photo album filled with her mom’s memories of her. A letter from Monique explains that she is forever thankful to Jackie for accepting her in her life once more.

Jackie mentions the US trip during her dinner with JB and Celine. Celine encouraged her to take much needed rest and relaxation abroad, but Jackie said she doesn’t want to take Fidel away from his work and she doesn’t want to be away from JB too long. This changes the mood of the dinner immediately and Celine competes with Jackie for JB’s attention. She succeeds in alienating Jackie, who wonders if there’s something going on between the two. JB reprimands Celine when Jackie excused herself to go to the ladies’ room. He tells her to stop acting like a jealous wife. The evening ruined, Celine storms off and drives home alone with tears blurring her vision. In turn, Jackie confronts JB.He tells her to just put her trust in him. They all arrived home safely but with complications– Celine calls on best friend Gio for some SOS, JB arrives to Corazon fighting with her sister Gloria and Fidel notices Jackie’s sullen mood despite a night out with cousin and boyfriend. Because of her doubts over JB, Jackie asks Fidel about his relationship with Monique. Did he ever love her mother at all?

Maging Sino Ka Man
Celine snaps when she realizes that Jackie is still JB’s priority.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1201.jpgCorazon tells JB that Gloria lost her mind because of loving the wrong person. She tells JB too that she married his father for money. If she has not done so, nothing would become of her life. It wasn’t that hard for in the process, she even saved the business and provided well for everyone in the family because of her choice.

Fidel becomes angry with Jackie’s pressing questions. His heart was broken once by a woman who loved him then left him. But Jackie’s mom was worse. She only pretended to love him. He wants her to accept that he and Monique will never be reconciled. Because of Jackie’s questions, Fidel suspected something is wrong with Jackie and JB’s relationship. He tells her that no one can ever hurt her for he’s there to protect her always.

Imelda informs Monique that she can’t attend Jackie’s welcome back party. Monique reminds Imelda of how she helped her bridge the huge gap between her and Fidel. Imelda tells her that she’s forever grateful for Monique’s help. Fidel was able to accept her despite being an illegitimate child of their father to an hacienda worker. But she still can’t accept the fact that Monique cheated on her brother. Monique should be thankful that Fidel finally allowed her to see Jackie. She shouldn’t push her luck and abuse Fidel’s kindness.

Gio tells Celine to love unconditionally. Celine does not know if she can be a fool for love but Gio makes her face the truth. She already is. The next day, JB sends Celine a bouquet of flowers as a peace offering. Over lunch she defends JB once again to Gio, as if erasing the things that had happened the previous night. Gio could not believe what he was hearing. He persuades her to reveal everything to Jackie. Celine drops by the Madrigal mansion thinking she can confess the truth to her cousin. But upon seeing the two huge flower and balloon arrangements JB sent Jackie, Celine realizes she’s making the wrong move. She instead confronts JB and vents out all her frustrations. She tells him that he made her look like a fool. She has come to the realization that if he did have feelings for her, it would not be that hard to make a decision between her and Jackie. JB angrily tells her that she has no right to accuse him of anything. He never did say that he loved her.

Maging Sino Ka Man
After being rejected by JB, Celine reverts back to her old happy-go-lucky and flirty self.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1204.jpgCeline gives JB a slap on the face and runs off. She rushes to her car and sits there for a while remembering how she and JB first met. Celine was actually the first one who got to know JB. He went on vacation in Bacolod, Celine’s home during their younger days. They promised to remember and find each other when JB comes back to visit from the US. But Celine waited in vain, and closed that chapter in her life thinking she would never see JB again. After her family’s move to Manila, she finds JB again in the most unexpected occasions, during her cousin Jackie’s debutant party. Not only has he forgotten about Celine, he was also Jackie’s boyfriend.

Jackie tries to get in touch with Celine regarding her visit that afternoon. But Celine refused to talk to her, so Imelda had to fib for her daughter. She warns Celine though not to tell Jackie the truth about her and JB. If she wants to continue living the life she’s used to, she must not hurt Fidel’s princess. They owe everything, even her education, to him. The following day Celine arrives at the office as if nothing happened the night before. She was back to her usual flirty self. She ignored JB when she passed him at the hallway. Celine got in touch with Kevin again and got back the Romero account.

Siony lectured Monique on how she lets Fidel bully her around. His friend is so depressed about Jackie leaving for the States. Unknown to them, they were being observed by Fidel, in his car, some meters away.

Eli makes a trip back to the province. He bought Mang Simo the news about Jackie’s recovery. The old man could feel his sadness and advised him to shout his sorrows to the mountains. Eli yelled his frustrations to the wide land before him. He wants to know how his princess is doing. On the other hand, Jackie is also wondering about the owner of the jade pendant. She hopes that the people who took care of her are doing fine as well.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Facing Jackie’s memories in the hut was difficult for Eli, much harder than answering Guada and Bebang’s queries.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1205.jpgJB found Celine alone at the rooftop. He tries to apologize to her but Celine has had enough of his words. He just keeps on breaking his promises to Celine and she wants this foolishness to stop. She also tells JB that she’s quitting the company. But she warns him that she’s leaving with a big bang. Celine leaves JB alone, giving him some time to remember their younger days. He recalls how he and Celine met, how Corazon discouraged him from seeing Celine because of her mother’s slutty reputation, how he and Jackie saw each other again after spending years living abroad, how, upon his mother’s influence, courted Jackie, and how he and Celine saw each other again at Jackie’s 18th birthday party. JB still can’t shake his feelings for Celine off but what is he to do now?

Imelda discusses Jackie’s resurrection party over breakfast the next day. Celine tells her mother that she’e being insensitive with her feelings. Imelda advices her daughter to face the problem head on, deal with it the soonest so Celine can forget about it faster.

Eli accompanies Mang Simo back home and they come across Mang Oca. Eli’s ex-boss hands him a calling card and tells him to call first thing when he gets back to Manila. Eli assures him that he will. Eli finally gets reunited with Guada and Aling Bebeng. But Jackie’s absence made them barrage him with questions. Eli makes an excuse that Jackie has acquired work in Manila and can’t a leave from it to visit. Mang Simo backs him up with his lie. Eli goes back to retrieve their old stuff at the rented hut but he can’t help but cry seeing Jackie’s things. Everything bought back the happy memories.

Jackie misplaced the jade necklace in her room and called out to her Yaya Heidi to help her search for it. Soon, not only do they turn her bedroom upside down, all of their maids are all occupied with searching for the necklace in every part of the house. Heidi finds the trinket under the bed eventually. Jackie tells her that the necklace brings her peace. She wears the necklace and wishes the people who took care of her would show up at her party. She hopes to be able to thank them and regain back the missing pieces in her life.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli overhears Big Boy’s plans for another crime and decides to take action.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1206.jpgJackie tricks her father into agreeing to grant a wish forher resurrection party. Fidel had no choice but to say yes to Monique attending the event. Jackie joyously rushes over to Siony’s salon and presents her mom with gowns to wear at the party. Monique declines, thinking of Imelda’s visit to the salon the other day. But Jackie persisted and she eventually gives in. They hold a make-up trial and Monique’s beauty shines. However her mood shifts when Jackie asks her if she still loves Fidel. She answers her daughter in a riddle. When she finds a man who will take her to heaven and earth, Jackie will understand what Monique is feeling. She advices her to make the right decisions in life.

Jackie’s previous questions on relationships to Fidel prompted him to meet JB at the shooting range. He asks JB about the status of their relationship. He warns JB not to hurt his daughter for there will be hell to pay. JB drives away thinking. Celine has been rejecting his calls all day while he in turn snubs Jackie’s . At a bar, he finally decides that he chooses Celine and that he’s going to fight for her.

Meanwhile Celine has packed her things and takes one last glance at the office. Kevin drops by to pick her up and they proceed to the elevator. Once inside, Kevin starts kissing Celine and takes off her dress. She does not resist but there are tears in her eyes. The next day, Imelda gives her a huge slap as a wake up call. She should stop seeing JB to which Celine says she already did. Their argument was interrupted by Jackie, who asks her cousin why she came by the Madrigal mansion 2 days ago. Celine curtly said that she wanted to visit Jackie although she changed her at the last minute. Jackie then asks Imelda to help her find a car to fetch Monique on the day of her party.

Eli resigns from his work as a mechanic to work for a bigger automotive shop which was recommended by Mang Oca. He tells the owner he plans to stay though until they find a replacement for him. While cleaning up later that night, he overhears Big Boy again talking to an accomplice inside the talyer. They are planning another crime. The next day, Eli decides to follow Big Boy and his gang. He took a balisong with him but changed his mind upon seeing his mother’s picture on the altar. He leaves the weapon at home.

JB arrives early at the office hoping to catch Celine. Corazon takes note of his earliness and asks if something was bothering him. They were interrupted by office security. Celine arrives at the office, the Man Comm meeting postponed. Her secretary informs her that Corazon wants to see her and JB alone. Celine haughtily drops the Romero account folder on the table saying that she has proven herself before leaving the company. Corazon turns the table on Celine’s proud moment and shows her scandal inside the elevator with Kevin. JB and Celine both watched the video, speechless.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Eli ends up saving JB’s life while stopping Big Boy’s attempted car jacking.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1207.jpgJB walks out of the board room, unable to stand the sight of Celine. Corazon asks Celine if she has anything to say. Celine tells Corazon to stop shedding fake tears and should instead thank her for what she has delivered to the company.

Fidel vents out his anger at Imelda. He does not want Monique at the party. Imelda promises to do anything to prevent his ex-wife from attending. She then barrages into Siony’s parlor and gives Monique a huge slap for wanting to show her face at the event. They get into a squabble, Siony also getting involved. He threatened to tell Jackie everything but Monique asks him to just keep the incident a secret.

While JB was drinking alone in a bar, moping and refusing Jackie’s calls, Celine was also drunk and dancing the night away in a club. Gio arrives in time to stop Celine from further making a fool of herself. He tries to knock some sense into his wild friend and forces her to go home. Celine’s screaming at the door wakes up Imelda. She thanks Gio for being a good friend to her daughter.

Eli waits for Big Boy and his gang at the auto shop.He manages to borrow from his boss one of the vehicles he’s working on for a test drive. He follows the gang to a bar where it turns out that they are staking cars to steal. Eli calls the police on his cell phone to alert them of the on going car jacking. Unfortunately the vehicle Big Boy took was JB’s. When the gang was about to leave, Eli blocks the way with his car. JB and Eli get into a fist fight with Big Boy and his cohorts. The police arrive to capture Big Boy’s gang but Eli gets stabbed by one of the assailants. JB rushes him to the hospital. Pong then gets a confusing call from JB, who gives him the bad news. At the hospital, JB gives him the low down on Eli’s condition. He also says that he will take care of the bills and leaves his calling card to the open mouthed Pong. Their family can call him in case they need anything.

JB gets home to a furious Corazon. After her litany, JB tells her of the incident and how he almost died that night. He then finally answers Jackie’s call. He also tells her of the car napping. Jackie tells him that she wants to meet the man who saved his life. She wants to thank him for all that he has done.

Maging Sino Ka Man
Celine’s hostile attitude made Jackie wonder about her cousin’s relationship with JB.
Maging Sino Ka Man

MSKM - 1208.jpgPong was taken by surprise when JB announced that he and his girlfriend will be dropping by the hospital to see Eli. He just learned from a newspaper that Jackie is JB’s girlfriend, so he frantically looked for a place to hide, advising his father to do the same. Dadoods had no choice though, but to face the couple, breathing a sigh of relief when Jackie appeared not to remember him or the sleeping Eli. JB leaves the three alone in the room to talk to the doctor. The still groggy patient blurts out ‘Princess’ upon seeing the young woman’s face. Jackie was a bit taken aback but Dadoods gives a weird explanation —that she looks like one of Eli’s “princess” crushes, enumerating various fairy tale characters.

Meanwhile Monique and Siony got evicted out of the beauty salon because of a supposed fake business document. Monique knew who was behind the parlor’s closure and admits defeat, saying she won’t attend Jackie’s party anymore. But Siony makes her realize how important that event is to Jackie. Monique does not have to feel guilty nor ashamed towards other people for Jackie has already forgiven her for her sins. That is what matters the most now.

Eli returns to his normal self later, with Dadoods and Pong explaining what happened a while back. He panics, asking them to have him discharged from the hospital as soon as possible. Eli started removing the wires attached to his arms and it took all of Pong and Dadood’s strength to stop him. The pain in his abdomen was the thing that made Eli cease his struggling. He breaks down, saying he has moved on. He does not want to see Jackie again. Also Not wanting to be indebted to JB, Eli then asks Mang Oca to loan him some money to pay the bills. His boss tells him he can repay him whenever he can and just instructs him to get well. Pong tells his brother it was stupid of him to reject JB’s money. But Eli reminds him that they are the ones who owe JB big time.

JB was surprised that his good Samaritan declined his offer of helping out with his finances. Jackie was disappointed too, to find out that Eli has checked out of the hospital. She has even brought him a fruit basket. She decides to give it to Celine instead, whom Imelda mentioned was down with the flu. Jackie arrives to a very grouchy Celine, who was nursing a hangover. Her cousin’s unfriendliness, prompted her to confirm her suspicions. Has something happened between JB and Celine during her absence?

Maging Sino Ka Man
When JB realizes that Jackie’s the one for him, Jackie becomes unsure of her feelings for JB.
Maging Sino Ka Man

Celine angrily tells Jackie that she won’t have relations with someone like JB , who doesn’t know how to stand on his own feet. Jackie then questions why her cousin is so mad at her. Celine pours out her frustrations, the world was better when Jackie was gone. Jackie was like the sun that everybody revolved around. When she disappeared, everyone was able to move on with their lives. Tears fell from Jackie’s eyes. What she heard was more painful than not having her memory back. It was as if things were better off with her dead.

Celine tells her mom that she wants to go far away, away from all her woes. Gio tries to comfort his friend but instead Celine acts like a child and ends up slapping him. He tells Celine to stop destroying her life for the sake of one guy. She shouts at him to leave her alone.

JB’s frustration towards Celine leads him to throwing his cellphone in the pool. Jackie was disappointed to find out that he has lost Pong’s number in the process. She even wanted to invite them to the party. If she had her hands on that number, she would be calling Eli everyday to thank him for without his help, JB would not be standing right beside her. JB tells him self that he’s been such a fool not to realize Jackie’s the one for him. He swears to himself not to let Jackie go and be with her for the rest of his life.

On the day of Jackie’s party she insisted to wear her necklace with the jade pendant. Monique arrives to see Jackie but tells her she can’t stay. Fidel catches a glimpse of Monique and Jackie talking and stares at his ex-wife. Monique was able to notice him while giving Jackie a hug. Fidel starts the party by introducing Jackie to their guests. Jackie gives a short speech, thanking everyone from Imelda to Celine, JB and Corazon, Fidel plus her mom. But she gives special praise for the people who took care of her during her absence. They will always have a special place in her heart.

Corazon asks Fidel to dance. While on the dance floor, Fidel sees Monique’s face in Corazon’s. He excuses himself, saying he feels dizzy. Imelda shows off and Corazon says haughtily that she will never be a substitute, especially to a low life.

Jackie was able to pull out a partial truth from JB on the subject of Celine. He admits to being attracted to her for Celine was always there to help him out during her absence. He even reveals he could have ended up with her cousin if she did not come back. But those things don’t matter to him anymore. JB then tries to propose again to Jackie. However, Jackie tells him that she is unsure of her feelings for him. JB promises her that he will do everything to make her love him again and become his wife. Jackie lets her self be embraced by JB yet somehow things aren’t quite right for her.

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