maging sino ka man book 1: plot

Maging Sino Ka Man

mskm1.jpgWhat if all your life you’ve been true to yourself and the whole world, but when you fall in love you unwittingly build your love on a lie? Can that love survive?


Eli is Mr. Nice Guy of Tondo. Though he was cared for by a family not his own, he grew up on a rich diet of principle and love — love that he received from his adoptive father, Dadoods, his older brother, Pong, and until 5 years ago, his strict but loving mother, Eloisa. He loved them above everything else in this world. He would do anything humanly possible to protect them from harm. Thus, when he learns that his Kuya Pong agrees to be the get-away driver in a kidnapping, he does all he can to save his brother from disaster. But, too late. When he gets to the scene of the crime, he finds his brother badly hurt from the failed kidnapping attempt, entrusting to him the care of the unconscious kidnap victim – Jackie. Against his better judgment, Eli heeds his brother’s plea.


Jackie, it turns out, is the sole heiress to a banking empire, the golden girl of high society. Jackie is the kind of person who finds happiness in making other people happy. She is also the fiancée of JB, a successful general manager of the family-owned shipping company. Like Jackie, he is the pride of high society and the joy of his mother, Corazon. But JB finds solace in Celine’s arms during Jackie’s disappearance.


mskm2.jpgCeline is Jackie’s first cousin and her exact anti-thesis. Considered the shame of her family. Celine, who, in spite of her happiness at Jackie’s return, feels extreme sadness because during her cousin’s absence, she and JB had grown close. Close enough for her to hope that JB would love her back. JB, whom she has loved all her life.


Like Celine, Eli, too, is brokenhearted. Now that she is back with her family and back in the arms of JB, the rightful owner of her heart, she is lost to him forever. But, he relents to fate, thinking that the most beautiful chapter in his life has ended. That is until he crosses paths with Jackie again.


Maging Sino Ka Man is a primetime teleserye where each one will be able to find a piece of themselves in the characters who are all on a quest to find ultimate happiness in loving.


Four lives. Four hearts. All will learn to love and hope in a complicated world while searching for truth. Everyone is ready to gamble everything, everyone hoping for happiness, freedom and love.

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