fated to love you (命中注定我爱你) episode 2 ratings: challenging the national elections

Source: http://www.ttv.com.tw/Taiwan/InfoView.asp?InfoID=2095
Translated by meosles@asianfanatics
The Sunday idol drama had a climate change. TTV/SETTV’s “Fated To Love You” had a double victory while under the impact of the election fever. TTV’s Sunday result was 4.52 and was the nationwide champion with a high of 6.28 among working females; and the replay of the first episode on the day of election count at SETTV also reached a high of 3.4 which set new record for the first episode of idol drama on cable! Ethan Ruan said happily: “The rating is so high, that’s great. In the future as long as the director gives the order, I will cooperate fully with no criterion!”

Last weekend was the election count. TTV Sunday broadcast of the second episode was the nationwide rating champion and the first episode of “Fated To Love You” shown on SETTV also broke through the rank. “Fated To Love You” was the only drama in the top 60 cable shows, the rest were news reports of the election. Yesterday (3/24) TTV and SETTV held a celebration feast and especially prepared a 5 catty heavy emperor crab to celebrate. Chen Qiao En joked to Ethan Ruan: “Hope that you are as mighty as an emperor crab!” Regarding the climate change in the Sunday idol drama, Chen Qiao En said: “This morning Ethan Ruan and I were filming a crying scene and I only shed a few tears then. When we learned about the high ratings for both TTV and SETTV, the director, Xiao Tian and I hugged together. In the end I even spoiled my makeup when crying, and the director joked that I have to cry even harder later on.” Ethan Ruan also uses “scalp tingling” to describe his joy! He was high and said: “The bed scene was only a small part! The director and the hard work of all the actors was the main reason why it was loved by the audience!”

Even though Ethan Ruan and Joe Cheng are competitor at the same time segment, the two of them will not talk about filming at school. Ethan Ruan joked: “In class we are the ringleaders. Even though we don’t chat about filming, in private I will secretly “garner votes” from my classmates and ask them to watch my drama!” For the first episode Chen Qiao En especially divert her mother away from the bed scene, but after mom watched the second episode she asked a question that baffles Chen Qiao En: “Why did you run to a public toilet for the pregnancy test? Why don’t you go home and test?” Regarding her mother’s excessive engrossment, Chen Qiao En couldn’t help telling her mom: “Mom! This is only a drama! You don’t have to be so serious!”

“Fated To Love You” will be going to Shanghai for filming in April, chief Chen Yu Shan said: “In Shanghai the drama will be even more exciting, Qiao En and Xiao Tian will have even more intense scenes then. Not only will they kiss passionately, the script currently also includes a scene for Xiao Tian to show his body’s curves.” When Ethan Ruan heard that, he said: “As long as the rating is high I will go all out! But please don’t turn me into a porn star!”

The nationwide rating champion is TTV/SETTV “Fated To Love You”. Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan not only celebrate but also went to the game spot and held an enterprise preview! At the event, they also invited tarot expert Bo Zi Qi to predict Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan’s luck for this year. Chen Qiao En will meet a powerful boss in the near future who can change her life, Ethan Ruan will start a new stage, good luck will come and his star will start to shine!

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