fated to love you (命中注定我爱你) episode 1 ratings: did the bed scene up ratings?

watch the making of the bed scene here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DZnyHCoLZA


News Source: http://www.ettoday.com/2008/03/18/389-2246934.htm, http://asianfanatics.net/forum/

Translation Credit: tammiest@asianfanatics
Idol drama Fated To Love You’s first episode enjoyed a ratings “victory”; obviously, the passionate bed scene met with great success! In the drama, Ethan Ruan JingTian, who plays a very rich man, shows off his strong and handsome physique– to the delight of many housewives. The director then had even greater cause to command, “Quickly, go and work out! Next time, I’ll arrange a ‘full nudity’ scene for you!”

As for Chen QiaoEn, whose character in the drama is a “Sticky Note Girl,” her performance in the provocative, much-anticipated bed scene can only be regarded as her “ultimate unrestriction.” Fated To Love You’s highest ratings among 15 to 44 year olds peaked at 4.76; it also locked in the highest ratings in all of Taiwan (for idol dramas) for that particular time segment. Meanwhile, the average rating for Fated To Love You reached 2.56*; the highest ratings growth curve occurred among office working women. This news made the two leads nearly dizzy with happiness!
* Rating according to ChinaTimes! Higher than rating reported by ETToday.

To celebrate, the production crew specially prepared a set of darts and dartboard to symbolize that the ratings “hit the mark (命中 Ming Zhong)”* in drawing both a large audience and the “applause” of many. As for the “fierce” move the drama made in the very first episode, QiaoEn lured her mother away from the television set during the premiere in order to prevent her from watching her own daughter’s daring bed scene. By contrast, Ethan’s mother actually gave her son a thumbs-up after watching the bed scene! Ethan said in embarrassment, “My mom is very open. She thinks that a bed scene is something that every actor must do at some point. Meanwhile, my younger brother wants me to hurry up and visit his school… to hold an autograph session!”
* Translator’s Note: It’s a pun using the drama’s Chinese name… clever!

Ethan originally thought that the finalized cut of the bed scene would make him feel shy; he had no idea that it would actually be so comical! The production crew said jokingly that this bed scene was of the “Warfare Type,” with images and footage of cannons, fighter planes, and trains cleverly woven in… definitely very fierce! QiaoEn said, “I guess you could call this my ‘representative’ bed scene! There won’t be a next time!” Ethan immediately teased her, “So I am the last one you’ll film a bed scene with!”

The overall ratings for Fated To Love You were really quite good; the large ratings leap among office working women is particularly amazing. Ethan, who showed off his superb swimming technique and physique in the drama, no doubt contibuted to this success. Many of Ethan’s friends praised his entreprenaur’s image in the drama as both dashing and handsome; he said happily, “This is the first time I’ve portrayed a young entreprenaur. In the drama, I get to drive a sports car… it feels really great!” QiaoEn praised him for being extremely “engrossed” in the drama and “in character.” Indeed, the director has already asked Ethan to begin working out; he intends to let Ethan have a “nude” bathtub scene.* He plans to cover only the “important” parts of Ethan’s body, clearly wanting Fated To Love You fans to feast their eyes on his physique!
* Translator’s Note: The article indicates that he will be among many soap bubbles… Don’t get too many ideas!! Haha.

QiaoEn expressed that, in comparison to the “unrestrictedness” of the plotline in the first episode, she is anticipating the broadcast of the second episode even more because the entire drama is brimming with a comical, happy feeling. Just the thought of an upcoming scene in which she is in the bathroom taking a pregnancy test sends QiaoEn into wild fits of laughter. Ethan added confidently, “There are a lot of ‘Indie’ (independent) stage actors who take part in our drama; working with them has been extremely enjoyable!” QiaoEn said mischievously, “Stage actors really are so talented… they really know how to act! We have to scheme a little just to keep up! The director pretty much gives us free rein on set.”

QiaoEn’s portrayal of a simple, honest, and naive Sticky Note Girl has met with widespread approval from fans. She very gratefully said that, although they (she and Ethan) have had to work many “morning shifts” lately and have both felt that their mind and spirits have been a little drowsy and not fully conscious, upon hearing the good news about Fated To Love You’s ratings, their fatigue and exhaustion just disappeared. Ethan looked at QiaoEn deeply while saying, “Right now, the chemistry between the two of us is really getting better and better because the period for ‘getting used to each other’ has already passed. QiaoEn really has a lot of ‘small’ creative ideas on set; she’s very good at communicating.” Fated to Love You’s high ratings have also put Ethan in an extremely good mood. He said happily, “I don’t care how much anyone messes with me today; even smacking the back of my head is okay!”


“Fated To Love You” day that rocket and train emerge

Source: http://www.ttv.com.tw/Taiwan/InfoView.asp?InfoID=2094
Translated by meosles@asianfanatics.net

In TTV/SETTV idol drama “Fated To Love You”, Ethan Ruan must have a swimming scene which Chen Qiao En’s mother said is cool! Regarding Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan’s bed scene, Ethan Ruan said: “I was expecting to blush with my heart beating, but instead I got a fright!” In contrast Chen Qiao En could not stop laughing, she said: “When the rocket and train appeared I fell laughing, I like it.”

When “Fated To Love You” was first aired on TTV, the rating for age segment 15-44 reached a high of 4.76 and was the highest for that time slot; the internet also filled with lively discussion, especially on Ethan Ruan and Chen Qiao En’s bed scene. Chen Qiao En said: “When the bed scene was aired on the first episode, I especially drew away my mom. But a few days ago she found out through the internet that the drama has become very popular in the mainland and parts of the episode can be found in the internet; after she finished watching it, she called me and said: “Ethan Ruan swimming butterfly style is dashing!” In addition to the released “Fated To Love You” comics and television novel, we can also read the “television novel” in our hand phone, “pocket idol drama” exclusive behind the scene etc, and for the first time a java game will be developed based on the idol drama! We can use our hand phone to download the game!

The first episode was a success and the actors are delighted. But when the bed scene was aired, Ethan Ruan had a fright! He said: “Originally I was anticipating that I will blush with my heart beating, but when the rocket and train appeared, I was nearly stunned.” Chen Qiao En and Bianca Bai both thought that it was cute and could not stop laughing; Baron Chen uses “satisfactory” to describe. When Na Wei Dong’s parents watched the bed scene of the two leads, they said frankly “very long”. Regarding how far she will go for a bed scene, Chen Qiao En said: “I can’t do it anymore, the most is like this.” Bianca Bai also insisted on “no expose of three spots”! However Ethan Ruan is more daring, he said: “As long as the script is good, the director is good and it’s communicated well beforehand, the criterion is not a problem.”

Yesterday at SETTV’s drama preview, all the “Xin Yi”s in Taiwan were invited to participate! The actors also give each other presents based on their characters in the drama; Ethan Ruan gave Chen Qiao En a bouquet of flowers with a rocket in it, to symbolize “love’s shot”! Bianca Bai pointed at the rocket and joked: “That should be Xiao Tian!” Chen Qiao En also gave a train head to Ethan Ruan and was described by a mother carrying a child that was at the scene as “Charging ahead for love”! Chen Qiao En joked: “This means my heart is “beating like a little dear”! It also means that the drama is suitable for the entire family. Parents can use love’s method to teach their children.”

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