fated to love you (命中注定我爱你): characters and plot

(From: TTV/SETTV Official Website
Translation by meosles @ asianfanatics.net)

Character Info

Ethan Ruan as Ji Cun Xi, 27 
Straightforward, by the book and aloft because of his upbringing, but concealed a childlike heart inside him. He is Ji Cun Xi, Ji family sole male heir of nine generations. The ninth generation CEO of Asia’s largest daily chemicals group of companies – Magical Enterprise.

Since young Cun Xi seldom mixes around with others and cannot really understand his ground staff. He lacks thoughtfulness when dealing with people and goes by the book in everything without any regards for relationships. In love, Cun Xi is very devoted. He has someone he worships – Anna. Anna heads to New York for her dance career and Cun Xi also promised to wait for her for three years. But when Anna left, Cun Xi had a most absurd one night stand with someone else and accidentally cause “sticky note girl” Xin Yi to become pregnant! Under granny’s coercion, he married Xin Yi.

From hating this “marriage” at the beginning, to the day he realized that Xin Yi’s existence has become a habit he does not want to lose, Cun Xi has changed. Cun Xi discovered that he has fallen in love with Xin Yi… But Anna returned! One is a ballet princess whom he worshiped for a long time, and the other is a sticky note girl who gradually captured his heart. The high and mighty CEO would soon enter a love storm he could never expect!

Chen Qiao En as Chen Xin Yi, 27.

Sticky note girl and minor admin staff who handles errands in a law firm, including others and her own. Gentle, simple, with small wishes and lacking her own opinions, she’s like a sticky note with small functionalities but indispensible in life.

She grew up in a normal working family and her name is the country’s most common “Xin Yi”. Her little wishes each day is that her boss would not scold her, the work her colleagues pile on her will be lesser, someone would respect her words and her boyfriend would remember her birthday…The outwardly amicable Xin Yi let people feel a sense of security, whoever is secretly cursing the boss will always think of her first.

But the Xin Yi who lives a normal life had a most absurd one night stand with everyone’s prince charming Chun Xi and even got pregnant! Xin Yi then had a shotgun marriage with Chun Xi. After marriage, Xin Yi started to see Chun Xi adorable boyish side and also found that Chun Xi is the first person who would really “get jealous” because of her, therefore she couldn’t help slowly falling in love with him…

However, when Chun Xi’s actual girlfriend Anna return, Xin Yi woke up. She would not become the uncomplaining and submissive sticky note anymore. Her own fate lies in her own hand!! Xin Yi left Chun Xi and followed in Dylan’s footsteps, starting her own growing up and transformation journey…

Bianca Bai Xin Hui as Anna, female, 26
Beautiful, smart, filled with absolute self-confident, strong-willed. Processing both inner substance and outer beauty, she has many little scars on her arms caused by her dance training but she felt that they are badges of her hard work! Anna is a successful woman who focused on her goals and neglected the man at her side. She dared to reject Chun Xi marriage proposal because she is confident that Chun Xi would never leave her. Even though he is the man she loves most, but in Anna’s goals in life, he is always at second position!

During her times in New York, Anna had an accident and returned sadly to her country but discovered that everything has changed. A woman is carrying Chun Xi’s child and even got married to him. Anna who was filled with fighting spirit decided to get back her dominion and forcefully took Chun Xi away from Xin Yi’s side.

However, Ann discovered that Chun Xi was no longer the Chun Xi who worshiped her. At the same time, Anna got pregnant accidentally. Will the Anna who had never lost before fight for her own happiness? Or let the one she loves pursue his true happiness? Leaving the ballet’s stage, what is awaiting Anna on life’s stage is an even more cruel battle against fate.

Baron Chen Chu He as Dylan, male, 27 

The art auction world’s top manager, “I am not interested in art that everyone chases after! Real value can only be found in discoveries that are not yet unearth.” With acute judgment, an easy-going personality, a passion for adventurous trips, optimistic, frank smile and sociable. When he was young, Dylan was lost and separated from his sister and the priest of St. John orphanage took him in. Dylan is matured, independent and never feels inferior because of his lowly background.

His biggest wish is that all the kids in the world will have a complete family and a happy childhood. There is never a constant female companion at his side. His artist character gives him a unique evaluation of women. He believed that one day he would discover an uncut jade that has not yet been developed, a woman that belongs to Dylan.

Until then one day, a woman barged into the confession room. This woman who is called “Xin Yi” like her sister told him the most absurd one night stand he ever heard. Substituting his feelings for his sister for Xin Yi, Dylan stood up for her. Because Xin Yi is St. John’s mother Xin Yi, so he is father Dylan.

When Dylan found that Chun Xi has given up Xin Yi for Anna, he took Xin Yi away from the sad place and got ready to craft this uncut jade into a sparkling gem!


(cr: minivicki @ Asianfanatics) 


A really unfashionable working class OL Chen Xin Yi(Acted by Chen Qiao En) has the desire to tie down her handsome boyfriend to be with her. Due to certain reasons, her boyfriend invited her to go on the love cruise and the very delighted unfashionable girl started to ponder on how to lose her virginity and tie down her boyfriend.

But man proposes, god disposes. In the end, being seasick and having drunk too much, she couldn’t stop vomitting and in her confusion, she went into the wrong room…Male lead Ji Cun Xi (Acted by Ethan Ruan) has the power to decide the survival of a island undergoing developments and the island owner(or maybe is just in charge?) wants to maintain the island’s pureness and not let the island become destroyed as it turn into a tool for earning money. The owner had the incredulous idea of using females to lure Cun Xi into a trap and exchange for the stop to the island’s development…Cun Xi planned to propose to his girlfriend on this day and he had set up a proposal party.

To his surprise, not only did he fail in proposing, his girlfriend didn’t even turn up on the cruise. The island owner added drugs into Cun Xi’s drink and after drinking it, Cun Xi became disorientated and returned to his own room. On the other side, Xin Yi who kept vomitting saw her boyfriend enter the room and was delighted.

She decided to take the risk of…But man proposes, god disposes
Xin Yi, she made a mistake
Not only did she enter the wrong room,
she did it with the wrong guy.
Worse still, she…
Won the wrong prize
She… got pregnant

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  1. who is the father of anna’s baby? coz you siad she accidentally got pregnant by whom?

    • Anna does not get pregnant!I’ve watched the movie like 5 times. I would know. The dog gets pregnant…

  2. i don’t know i just got these info from asiafanatics!

    • so you never watched the movie yourself? That’s dumb! you must watch it now then. It’s so good!

  3. if u guy want found out wht really happen . Go to http://www.mysoju.com/fated-to-love-you/. Watch the movie and u will find out.

  4. i wached it in mysoju, but till eps 12, there is no sign if Anna will be pregnant, who is the father of her baby?? is it chun xi?? hope its not

  5. Yes nice series Anna doesn’t get pregnant and i hope at the end Xin Yi and Chun Xi will be happily together.

  6. i’ve watched all the movies already.. it’s not anna who got pregnant.. its Xin Yi.. by Chun Xi you can watch all the movies at http://www.tudou.com they got all of them.. but it’s all in chinese.. but it got the full episode already..

  7. but i hope the ending will change to Xin Yi with Dylan.. coz they look gud together =] well.. sadly the ending is Chun Xi with Xin Yi and Dylan i think found another girl.. at the end.. they will tell… its sad tho.. i reli reli hope Dylan will be with Xin Yi.. coz Dylan is so sweet to Xin Yi but still Xin Yi went for the guy who hurt her tht much tho’.. if me i’ll be choosing Dylan haha xD i felt sad for Dylan =[

    • totally agree with you… But when they were in Shanghai, it just didn’t work out… At least Fylan has his little sister now right?

  8. hey there story makers!
    im really upset about her not getting a chance with dylan..
    but its okay..
    just a movie..Lol… i loved it and
    its really inspiring and touching!!=DD

  9. Good day.
    Because of this story, I am wishing now to meet someone like Dylan. This is really touching and really can give hope and happiness to every one.

    Also I would liek to meet the guy who potrayed as Dylan. He is so charming.

  10. hmmm.. i guess dylan and xin yi is better than cun xi and xin yi..

  11. hello fated to love u mahal ko kau lov u

  12. but is Dylan’s sister XinYi?

  13. i’ve seen the whole thing sooo nice

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