fated to love you (命中注定我爱你) starring joe chen (陳喬恩) & ethan ruan (阮經天)


i’m such a sucker for rich and/or smart guy learns to love poor and/or stupid girl stories, i.e. princess hours and full house! this seems to be promising. the english is this synopsis is not perfect, but i thank the person who translated it anyway.

 by the way, please click on the picture to see the lead guy!

(credit: translation by Mesoles from AsianFanatic)

In this city, there is a “stick here stick there” love story…

The story starts from a girl whose type is common throughout Asia.

This type of girl is called “sticky note girl”. She is plain, simple, law-abiding, wishes are simple, has never been a Somebody and has never aspired to be a Somebody. Their functions are small but indispensable; like a sticky note which can be torn away easily, inconspicuous and ordinary, but she will be around you! A “luxury cruise” journey let this ordinary girl encounter the most extraordinary events in history.

Since young Chen Xin Yi was afraid that people would not like her, so she tried very hard to be nice to people. As long as someone responded to her a little, she would fall in love with that person easily. Everyone called her a sticky note girl. Because whenever anyone needed her, they just need to tear her down and use her. If they don’t need her, they can just throw her away and it wouldn’t matter. But she was a fool who treasured relationships and her weak-willed character often caused her to soften during the times when she needed to make a firm decision. One day, in order to win back her philandering boyfriend Gucci, she splurged on a love cruise but accidentally entered the wrong room. When she woke up, she was stunned to find that she had a one night stand with a stranger, and subsequently discovered that her boyfriend Gucci had betrayed her and hooked up with a rich widow. Her boyfriend then dumped and left her, causing her to suffer a severe blow.

One month later, when Xin Yi saw her pregnancy test results, she regretted not jumping off the ship. A twenty-five years old staff at a law firm, because of a lousy man, had to bear a debt of two hundred thousand dollars and was carrying the child of an unknown man. This had to be the most ironic joke on earth. She took one month’s leave from her company and prepared to return to her hometown “Jiang Mu Island” to consider what she should do.

The stranger in the bed that day was called Ji Chun Xi. He was every girl’s prince charming, rich and handsome, young and capable. When he met the ordinary office girl Chen Xin Yi, he didn’t know whether this was the start of his troubles or the beginning of his happiness.

Because of the Ji family’s heredity illness, there are few males in each generation. Up to now, there was only one male heir for the past nine generations. This causes the matriarch of the family, Zhen Zhu Granny, to lose sleep with worry as she feared that this tiny family flame would be extinguished! Granny hoped that her grandson would be like the scions of other rich family and had many women. Unfortunately this grandson is decent and self-respecting. One day, granny accidentally discovered that Xin Yi is carrying Chun Xi’s baby. Maybe the Ji family’s ancestors had blessed her and finally gave her a “little golden great grandchild”. Therefore granny insisted that Chun Xi marries Xin Yi so that on the day she dies, she can face the Ji family ancestors. Granny forced Chun Xi to marry Xin Yi by threatening to call and tell his girlfriend of three years, so Chun Xi has no choice but to marry Xin Yi in order to fulfill her wish in life. But Chun Xi discovered that he could not face the fact of his marriage and couldn’t decide whether to run away at the last minute or pluck up the courage to take responsibility. At this time, he discovered that they must date and romance under his granny’s request.

Actually Chun Xi has a girlfriend of three years Anna. He had proposed to her many times before but was gently turned down each time. But Chun Xi continued to quietly wait for Anna to promise to marry him and leave everything behind. Anna did not want to marry because of her career and now he accidentally caused Xin Yi to become pregnant. But fortunately Anna was away on an overseas performance tour, giving him time to settle this mixed-up affair. Chun Xi, without his granny’s knowledge, secretly signed a pre-marriage contract with Xin Yi which states that they would divorce after the baby is born. Chun Xi promised to give Xin Yi a sum of money and after that they would have nothing to do with each other. Xin Yi agreed after careful consideration for the sake of her baby. Chun Xi’s plan was that, after the baby is born and Anna returns back after her tour completed, he and Xin Yi’s contract would be due and he can resume his relationship with Anna.

The unknowing Xin Yi moved into Chun Xi’s house and began to learn to get along with Chun Xi. The two strangers, from being unable to adapt initially, learned to get used to each other. This is a very subtle change, of the two people who lived under the same roof but has nothing to do with each other, slowly started interacting due to the trivia matters that happened in their lives. Xin Yi moved into Chun Xi’s bedroom under granny’s request and Chun Xi then went to the guest room to sleep under a pretext. But he slowly discovered that he doesn’t like the loneliness of sleeping alone and would often go back to his original room in the middle of the night. After some time, sleeping with someone by his side became a habit. The Chun Xi who doesn’t like to return home for dinner started to return home regularly and the Chun Xi who vowed not to help in anything also started to shop for baby’s wallpapers and children toys.

When they thought that they are happy, the ticking time bomb Anna who had been kept in the dark returned. Chun Xi never thought that his unresolved relationship with Anna would hurt Xin Yi, who disappeared after leaving behind a divorce agreement. He had thought that this would be the best ending, but Xin Yi had unknowingly captured his heart. He vowed that if he can find Xin Yi again, he would start over and pursue her; and this time it would not be the way a father treats the mother of his child, but as a man treats a woman…

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  1. hey ! ISWAK is also a drama that a smart guy fall in a stupid/super stupid girl.. haha.. this is so cute… try it ! .just suggesting =]

  2. to jhay: (sorry in advance for my strongly opinionated reply)

    i tried watching ISWAK. but xiang qing is so freakingly dumb and stupid (pardon me for the words). chen xin yi is simply considerate. besides, i don’t think ISWAK’s story is good. there are too many irrelevant scenes.

  3. i wish that they are husband and wife in a real life!!!

    • yah….this drama was so complicated, but sticky note girl do anything of what is good for her……..◘◘◘◘◘♥♥♥♥♥◘◘◘◘

  4. hi cute moh!!!

  5. ethan ruan and ming dao are look alike?

  6. hi im lorraine add me for friendster

  7. elow poe!!!♥♥♥i’m szuper fansz of ur movie ‘coz naka2relate akoe ng szobra….♥♥♥thanks 4 da lessons….♥♥♥♥♥…!!!☻♦♣♠•◘8○

  8. hey!!
    i watch this Dorama and i love this…
    is wonderful…
    thank you

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