daniel henney’s acting on “my father” (마이 파더): surprisingly good


daniel henney may not have been good in acting the first, second, 3rd, x time you saw him. but here, he was definitely A+ (he reminds me of sam milby. their acting progress is really spectular!). no wonder he got cast in X-Men Origins: Wolverine  (none other than Hugh Jackman stars in it) and will play the role of David North / Agent Zero: A member of the Weapon X program and an expert tracker with lethal marksman skills.


the one who played his “supposed” father was good as well! that is what you call acting! 

the story is very heartwarming. it reminds me of  My Brother… (우리형) shown in 2005 and Taegukgi (태극기 휘날리며) shown in 2004. i am at a loss for words as to how to express my feelings about it. suffice it to say, the two hours was totally worth it and i urge you to watch it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NChCt7cN-DA

i have two background articles below which you might be interested in reading:


(credit: http://movie-cafe.blogspot.com/2007_09_01_archive.html)

On the first week of September, Korean box office leads by a melodrama movie “My Father”, after summer movie fest end, remains two most high grossing Korean movies of the summer, “D-War” and “May 18”. The dragon war with its total admissions was now at 8.22 million, officially being the fifth biggest movie in Korean cinema history. After heated up with special effect extravaganza film along the summer, it’s time for melodramatic film to calming down the fall season, maybe that’s why “My Father” succeeded charms the audience and made it reach the top position as the high grossing movie when it opened last weekend in Korea.


The story of “My Father” inspired from the true story of Korean adopted by an American family who comes to Korea to search for his biological parents, only to discover that his father is on death row. While Eron Bates is the real man behind this gripping true story, James Parker is the name of adoptee character on the movie which played by Korean heartthrob actor Daniel Henney. The film starts with the picture of peaceful American suburb where James Parker live with his American adopted parents whose loving him like real birth parents. One day, he finds a letter which leading him on a quest in searching for his true parents in Korea. James then joins the United States army which stationed in Korea, and with help from his friend, James appears on a national television program to explaining his story to Korean public as the way of tracing his past. His efforts finally gathering him with his birth father Nam-Cheol, the only remaining of his biological family. But the highly anticipated reunion then reveals on James that his father is a criminal due to a death row for the murder of two people, who’s does not have many days again to live. How James learns to fully accept his father condition will explores a true meaning of family, love and forgiveness.


This dramatic story is supported with the well crafted scenes which designed to increase the emotional pitch toward the movie climax. The model turned actor Daniel henney impressively shows some acting improvement from his previous movie “Seducing Mr. Perfect”, an average romantic comedy. His gesture and expressions seem so natural for the most part of the scenes, as he delivers the complex emotional state of James Parker character. In real life, Daniel mother was adopted by an American family when she was three, his father is a British American. “I will try hard to use my personal experience of living in the U.S. to play James, who has lived his life feeling estranged as an adopted child,” Henney said. Play the father character is Korean veteran TV dramas actor, Kim Young Cheol. For his first lead role on movie, this 54 year old actor loose his weight about 10-kilogram and even had his teeth ground up to become a death row inmate. Kim’s rich acting experience delivered a depth characterization and adding more realistic layers to build the tension on the story. “My Father” is the feature debut of critically acclaimed short film “Miracle Mile” director, Hwang Dong-hyeuk.


Below the Korean box office statistic for Sept. 7-9, 2007

This Week


Release Date

Screens Nationwide

Weekend Attendance

Total Attendance


My Father (Korean)












May 18 (Hwaryeohan Hyuga – Korean)






No Reservations






The Worst Guy Ever (Nae Saengae Choiak-ui Namja – Korean)












Bravo My Life (Korean)






D-War (Korean)












I Pronounce You Chuck & Larry





(Data from: KOBIS – Figures represent 94% of nationwide box office)

Compiled from: Chosun, Koreatimes, Koreaherald, Hancinema(Photo)



(credit: http://english.chosun.com/w21data/html/news/200709/200709070010.html)

Daniel Henney and the Real Man Behind His Role in Interview

Controversy greeted the release on Thursday of “My Father”, a film inspired by a true story about an adopted child whose biological father turns out to be a first-degree murderer on death row. The murder victims’ families opposed the screening, and revelations that the film’s star Daniel Henney lied about his educational background stoked dispute. That did the film no harm: it topped this week’s box office sales, drawing more than a quarter of moviegoers. The Chosun Ilbo spoke with Daniel Henney and Eron Bates, the real man behind the film’s gripping story.-You watched “My Father” with Daniel at the premiere. How did you like it?

Bates: “It was simply fantastic. I’m a bit of a tough guy and I rarely cry, but after the movie, I was crying my eyes out. Daniel was perfect. It’s an honor that he played my character.”

-Daniel, you said you put your heart into the movie.

Henney: ‘Yes, because my mother was adopted too. If I understood my mother about 75 percent before, now with this film I understand her 100 percent. She can barely speak Korean, so these days, I teach her Korean.’

-Which scene do you remember best?

Bates: “I read the script about four times, and while I was reading, I couldn’t quite imagine how they would do the last 20 minutes. But after watching the movie, I was very happy. I was crying from true joy. The scene where Henney said, ‘I forgive you. I miss you’ was really moving.”

Henney: “I was worried because there were quite a lot of heavy scenes, but I was saved by Kim Young-chul. Wherever he goes, he holds my hands and says, ‘My Henney.’ Even at the press conference he didn’t let go of my hand and became a real support.”

-Was there any part in the movie that reflected your real life?

Henney: “The part where I was in a band as a singer in New York. My singing is terrible, of course. Let’s see… Yes, the picture of my girlfriend in the film was really a picture of my first crush. In the film, her parents disapproved of me because I was Asian, and I had a similar experience in real life. I heard that my girlfriend’s parents asked my girlfriend and her best friend, ‘How long are you going to go out with him? He’s Chinese.’ I was devastated.”

Bates: “I had similar experience. My girlfriend’s parents apparently told her, ‘What if you get a mixed baby? We don’t like an Asian mix.’ I thought I was going to die.”

Daniel Henney (left) and Eron Bates

-What does a father mean to you?

Bates: “I have a nine-month old baby son. Now that I am a father, I’ve learned what an amazing thing that is. I even enjoy changing his diapers. He’s name is Nathan, which means a gift from God. It was hard to tell whether my son took after my father in any way, but when I accidentally found out that the lines of his palm looked like father’s, I was so happy I cried. A father is someone who can give everything for his child.”

Henney: “Unfortunately, I don’t have a child yet. But my father is perfect. His just being there is a great support. When we were shooting in LA at the beginning of the shoot, I was really nervous because I couldn’t concentrate on the character. Then my father came to the set and bought me a beer. He said, “Just be yourself. Have a beer and relax. You’re already perfect to me.” I was instantly relaxed. The beer must have done the trick. (laughs)

-Some say the movie makes a murderer look good while trying to cash in on something that’s very sensitive.

Bates: “I looked for the victims’ families in 2000 but they didn’t want to see me. I totally understand. I’m sure they hate me too. That’s right, my father is a murderer. But I hope they can see how we can forgive and love another human being.”

Henney: “There are movies like ‘Dead Man Walking.’ I hope people focus more on Eron, or rather James Parker, and try to see in his heart.”

Eron Bates/ Born in 1973, he was adopted by an American family when he was six. He joined the U.S. Army in college and came to Korea in 1996 in an attempt to look for his biological father, whom he was reunited with in July 2000. His father has been held on death row at Gwangju Penitentiary for 10 years.

Daniel Hanney/Born in 1979. His mother was adopted by an American family when she was three, his father is British American. He made his debut in the MBC drama “My Name is Kim Sam-soon” in 2005. He also starred in “Seducing Mr. Perfect” in 2006.

(englishnews@chosun.com )

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  1. I don’t understand at last that person truly is *(Eron Bates) his real birth father? or he find wrong person in the end? because from the start when he found the when he 6 years olds someone name his mother bring him to the adopted overseas as a child???

  2. his biological mother was married to the dad in prison but he is not his biological dad. i think the dad in prison doesn’t know up until the end that he is not the biological father.

  3. […] adopted from an American family when he was young and tries to find his biological father in Korea. Daniel Henney is playing a role as Aaron Bates and he did a pretty good acting in the movie. He’s coming […]

  4. The movie is really touching… I cried so many times while watching it! That proves Henney’s acting got even better. And Kim Yeong Cheol did great as Parker’s dad. I wish them the best in their careers and including Eron Bates.

  5. my father is the best movie that ever i watch. the actors was acting naturally. i love it!

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