my big love versus (and you are the one vs. you got me)


one of the love teams that clicks with me is the love team of sam milby and toni gonzaga (aside from richard gutierrez and angel locsin). toni is just so damn funny! she had seem to struck gold when she moved to abs-cbn (hence, star cinema).


i watched “you are the one” with my reluctant male cousin, and to his and my surprise, he found the movie funny, alright, and NOT as jologs as he expected it to be. i love toni and sam’s chemistry. so when “you got me” was showing, i did watch it. it was a big disappointment. the story was not good. it’s not funny and too jologs. pangit talga! casting sam milby as a policeman was a big turn-off. i mean, how could an american-raised filipino go for a lowly paid profession. it’s really not believable.

 from the very onset that i watched the trailer of “my big love”, i knew i was gonna like it. the roles of toni doesn’t change, which appeals to me. but what endeared me more to the story is macky. vernard (“you got me”) has this angst, mas malalim ang galit at pinaghuhugutan. macky is just a fun person to be with!

sam has really a gone a long way, i’ve seen his acting improve a lot from his “maging sino ka man” days! i could say that he is fastly becoming a fine actor. and his filipino is improving as well. somehow, when he delivers his lines, it become memorable. like jb’s “i never said (pause) that i love you”, macky’s “hindi mangyayari yon” keeps playing on my mind. and i like how smoothly he said that muntik na niyang sinundan sa japan si ira. the scene and conversation was just so natural.

kristine hermosa on the other hand, fits the role of nina perfectly because she is indeed very pretty. but as an actress, it seems that she got demoted. extra lang siya sa palabas. and there seems to be no depth in her character. or her character’s shallowness was not given enough highlight.

the story is really light, funny and enjoyable. i love how they use the 5 steps to being thin. come to think of it, it also applies in decision-making.

1. Goal Setting.
2. Start today.
3. No shortcuts.
4. Be inspired.
5. Be happy.

i really look forward to owning an original dvd! i hope star cinema have extra scenes and features in it! (and i’ll probably write more in depth when i have it.)

oh by the way, i went gaga last week searching for the mp3 of if ever you’re in my arms again (sam and toni’s version), to the point that i am typing if ever “your” in my arms in search engines, hoping against hope that i find it. well after days and hours, i finally found it: you can download it here:–Toni-Gonzaga—If-Ever-Youre-In-My-Arms-Again

for the trailer version: go to



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  1. same here i am an avid follower of the Toni & Sam tandem i like them better than be paired off with other artists.:)

  2. ditto. Though I may not be a very strong supporter of Filipino teleseryes, I do know how to appreciate talent. Toni’s hilarious! and sam has been improving a lot since his stint with MagingSinoKaMan.

    When i heard sam’s gonna be paired with KIM CHIU for the Philippine remake of My Girl, my head went up the roof! Come on! I agree that Sam is the perfect guy for LeeDongWook’s character, but KimChiu for LeeDaHae? Then it struck me, Toni would’ve fit the role perfectly to the seams. Whaddyathink?

  3. i didn’t think of that! yeah my girl fits toni to a tee!

  4. yah.. great!! kayalang Its almost done… malapit ng matapos yung my girl.


  6. .,grave cute tlaga ang tandem n samtinners

  7. Ang cute nyo talgang tignan i love so much. .

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