lobo episode guide: episodes 21-40


Episode 21 – 022508
Nessa fakes her obedience

 Nessa grabs a nursing aide and learns that she has been imprisoned for 14 years already. Because of this, her worry for Lyka’s imminent transformation increases. Anton almost discovers Nessa during her outburst but Vivian postpones their meeting for now. Later, Vivian forces Nessa to drink her medicine but the latter vomits the pills as soon as she was left alone.

Meanwhile, Noah fails to convince Lyka into quitting her job. As such, he simply keeps a close watch on her and almost stumbles upon Selena’s sensitive tests on Lyka in her lab. He later sends Lyka home just to limit her presence in the office only to be reproached by Gaby about his undercover duties. As it is, the man in the shadow warns Gaby that Noah can’t fall in love during this crucial part of their mission.

Amidst all these turn of events, a black wolf attacks an innocent victim in the middle of the night! Who is this man-wolf and what clan did he come from? Will Nessa find a way to escape Vivian’s clutches?

Episode 22 – 022608
Noah accomplishes Lyka’s wish list.Lyka is shocked to wake up surrounded with flowers! Her mind refuses to accept that it was a surprise from Noah, who got a hold of her diary. Noah is determined to make up for lost time by making all her wishes come true. Gaby tails him however and is furious with his cutesy attitude. Noah then reveals to her that Lyka is Ulay and that he can’t just brush her off even amidst their mission.

Meanwhile, Vivian allows Nessa to breathe some fresh air outside, confident that the tranquilizer she is giving her will keep her meek. But Nessa makes her escape as soon as she was freed from her jail.

Episode 23 – 022708
Both Luna and Waya are troubled.

Lyka’s so confused with her feelings that she confronts Noah about being her secret admirer. But Lady Elle interferes and even tells Lyka that she’ll dismiss Noah since he’s distracting her too much. Lyka requests for a day-off on her birthday but Lady Elle firmly insists that she’s needed at work on that day.

Gen. Silva and Team Luna grills Gaby about Noah’s obsession towards Lyka. The general commands her to stop at nothing to keep Noah’s attention on the mission—even if it means disposing of Lyka. Gaby later reminds Noah to focus on Lady Elle now that the woman’s back from her trip. Later, Noah meets Drew, his mistah, who gives him some words of wisdom on his dilemma.

Meanwhile, the council of Waya learns about the attack of a black wolf who’s giving their clan a bad reputation. Apparently, the black wolf used to be a member of their clan but has turned violent and is now hiding in a lair with others like him. Like the Wayas, this break-away group is also looking for the destined savior, the most powerful man-wolf of their time.

Episode 24 – 022808
Gaby kisses Noah in front of Lyka.

After seriously reflecting about his feelings, Noah tells Gaby that he has decided to reveal his identity to Lyka. Gaby, pressured by her latest meeting with the Luna officials hence, prevents Noah’s plan by kissing him on the lips in front of Lyka. Lyka is terribly crushed by what she saw for she just admitted to herself and to Trixie that she has fallen in love with Noah.

Noah begins to suspect that something’s wrong with his mission since he can’t understand why Lyka’s life could be in danger in a simple drug bust operation. He feels that he’s being used in an unofficial operation so he asks Drew to dig deeper on the matter. Then later, he roughly informs Gaby that he would save their cover by explaining to Lyka that she’s just a girl who harbored secret feelings for him than pretend that they have a relationship.

Episode 25 – 022908
Nessa meets Fr. Ben in secret.

It’s only three more days before the full moon. Hence, Anton starts to feel the pain of his imminent transformation. Lyka on the other hand gives Noah the cold shoulder at the office now that she thinks that Gaby is his girlfriend. Noah desperately wants to tell Lyka the explanation he had devised to protect his cover but Gaby’s threat against Lyka’s life keeps on stopping him. Later, Drew tells Noah that General Alcantara holds the key to his covert mission.

Meanwhile, Fr. Ben hears about Nessa’s reappearance in San Adolfo from Tikboy. And as Emil’s close confidante in the past, he knows that Nessa has returned to look for her daughter Ulay. Fr. Ben then seeks Nessa out in the middle of the night. Nessa shows herself to him and demands where Lyka is but he lies to her by saying that both Ulay and Jay-Jay died along with Emil that fateful night in the past. Nessa refuses to believe him for her heart tells her that Lyka is still alive.

By this time, Lyka is mesmerized by an abstract wolf painting in Lady Elle’s office. After a while, she proceeds to leave for home but fails to get a ride outside. She then braves the busy streets but later finds herself being chased by a black wolf! As soon as she makes eye contact with it however, the black wolf quickly runs away.

Episode 26 – 030308
Noah warns Lyka about an unknown danger.

The police don’t believe Lyka’s claims that a black wolf tried to attack her. Trixie arrives at the scene and safely takes her home. Trixie then tells Lady Elle about the incident hence, they begin to suspect that the evil race of Waya is also waiting for the destined savior of the wolf clan. Indeed, its leader has detected something powerful in Lyka when they met face to face on the streets. And they too are getting ready for the upcoming full moon.

Meanwhile, Noah breaks into Gen. Alcantara’s home to steal his credit card. Drew later helps him access the secret files on it. They both discover that his mission lacks the evidence needed to cause an attack towards Manolo and Lady Elle’s “drug dealings”. When he mentions this to Leon however, his request for further investigation gets turned down. As it is, a huge Luna operation is in the works with Gaby at its helm.

At the office, Noah steals a minute of Lyka’s time to convince her not to go with Lady Elle or Trixie on her birthday. But since he can’t divulge any details, Lyka refuses to trust his urgency. That night, Lyka dreams of a white wolf and Noah calling her Ulay but she can hardly catch their meaning. By this time, Clara is also praying for Anton’s plight while Clara finally learns from Fr. Ben that Ulay is still alive.

Episode 27 – 030408
The Wayas await Lyka’s transformation.

The Waya’s are not the only ones set to converge on Lyka’s birthday. Luna and the break-away wolf group are also set to meet and will be soon closing in on the clan. Anton, on the other hand makes sure that Lyka gets her birthday surprise first before going to his lab, where he is caged when he transforms into a wolf.


That night, Trixie brings Lyka to Lady Elle’s rest house for her surprise party and everyone from the office is present except Noah, who’s now with his squad, ready to raid the house on Gaby’s signal. Unknown to Gaby, Noah placed a tracking device on Lyka earlier that day to protect her from their operation.


While the party’s in full swing, Lady Elle leaves with Selena, oblivious to Gaby following them. But Gaby loses her way in the maze-like corridors of the house andthe squad does not even spot their targets. To make matters worse, Noah Leaves his post in search of Lyka, who has also left the rest house.

Trixie leads Lyka to a secluded forest where the council of Waya is hiding and waiting for her transformation. Fear strikes Lyka when she realizes that the dream she had the other night is unfolding right before her very eyes .

Episode 28 – 030508
Lady Elle fails the Wayas again.

Lyka doesn’t transform into a wolf the night she turned 21 years old. And when the Wayas hear an approaching vehicle, they are forced to leave her in the forest. Soon after that, Lyka runs for her life only to be abducted by Noah. With that, Gaby and her team fail to catch any of the wolves there in Lady Elle’s rest house.

An assembly among the Waya Clan ensues and everyone expresses their disappointment at Lady Elle’s conviction that Lyka is their destined savior. The arrival of Ylvana, a former member of the council, further upsets the group as she insists that Lady Elle is not fit to lead the Wayas.

Meanwhile, the Lunas are faced with their failure to catch the most powerful Wayas and Noah’s sudden disappearance. Gaby conducts a search for the Lieutenant but he had covered his tracks well. Unknown to her, Noah has taken Lyka in a peaceful retreat by the sea.

Episode 29 – 030608
Noah reveals to Lyka that he is Jay-Jay.

Soon after Lyka wakes up, she demands from Noah an explanation why she’s in a strange place. But even as he reveals the possibility that House of Elle is involved in various illegal operations, Lyka remains deaf to his reasons for taking her away. As a last resort, Noah divulges that he is Jay-Jay, her long-lost childhood friend. When Lyka still does not believe him, Noah shows her half of the moonstone she gave him when they were young.

Lyka is shocked upon seeing the proof of their friendship. But she can’t make herself happy at the news since the friend she knew before is so different from Noah, considering the pain and confusion he had put her through ever since they met. Amidst her tears, Lyka concludes that she would rather have the truth be unsaid since she can’t accept him as her beloved Jay-Jay anymore.

Episode 30 – 030708
Noah swims after Lyka!

As Lady Elle grieves Minerva’s death, she also worries that the clan would doubt her efforts to find their destined savior. But with Manolo’s support, she faces the council with confidence that Lyka merely skipped her expected transformation just like what happened to her brother Lorenzo before. But Ylvana keeps on contradicting her plans.

Meanwhile, Lyka’s strong sense of hearing enables her to hear that the damaged boat is now fixed by the rest house’s caretaker. She then confronts Noah again to ask where he hid her cellphone. But he insists that she’ll be safer from the military’s reach if only she’ll follow his schemes.

Stubborn as always, Lyka ignores his pleas and even begins to plan her escape. As soon as Noah leaves her alone, she runs towards the beach and uses the boat to flee the place. Before she can go far however, Noah finds her gone on her bedroom. Hot on her heels, Noah tries to catch her by swimming into the sea!

Episode 31 – 030808

When Lyka’s boat turns over, Noah manages to save her from drowning. But he collapses from hypothermia as soon as they reach the seashore. Amidst his delirium, he feverishly relives his trauma when he lost Ulay in an accident before and his vow to make up for his failure to protect her then. Upon seeing his pain, Lyka feels remorseful for not believing his explanations.

In the council’s meeting, Ylvana announces that since Lady Elle’s obsession towards Lyka is not doing them any good, the other members have decided to elect her as the new leader of the clan. Shocked, Lady Elle remains speechless from the moment Ylvana gives her latest instructions until the meeting gets dismissed. Only when everyone has left did she shout that Lyka is their only chance at survival.

Meanwhile, Gen. Silva is growing impatient since Noah is nowhere to be found. As it happens, Luna’s dead-set on including him in their mission because like Emil, Noah is the only one who’s invincible against any attack of the wolves. With that, Gen. Silva pressures Gen. Leon to succeed this time in getting Noah’s aid.

Episode 32 – 031108
Noah kisses Lyka again!

After Noah recovers from his fever, Lyka not only looks after his welfare but even washes his dirty linen! They are such in good terms now that they’ve put their misunderstandings behind them. However, when Lyka brings up Noah’s trauma from failing to save Ulay in the past—he seriously pours out his guilt and pain when he thought his bestfriend really died from that accident.

Throughout his solitary life as a soldier, Noah admits that his memory of their friendship is the only thing that motivated him to go on. He then apologizes for hurting Lyka when they were still young or now that they’ve grown up. But Lyka has realized how he tried to be her valiant hero, just as he promised, even when he didn’t break cover yet. As such, she claims that he’s still the same person she knew before.

But as Noah kisses Lyka this time, the friendship that they’ve nurtured ever since they were young finally blossoms into romance. But will their newfound feelings last now that Gaby has traced their location through Lyka’s phone?

Episode 33 – 031208
Noah and Lyka reveal their true feelings.

After sharing a kiss, Noah confesses the depth of his love for Lyka who admits her attraction to him even before she knew that he’s Jay-Jay. The two find comfort in each other’s arms, enjoying their freedom from prying eyes at a resort. But their illusion of bliss shatters as Noah recalls Gaby’s threat on Lyka’s life. As a soldier, he knows that he still has to return to his suspicious mission and advises Lyka to resign from her job to avoid being involved in the House of Elle’s illegal activities. Hearing this makes Lyka tearful for they have to part ways once more, though she also realizes the need to leave the fashion house as soon as possible.

Back in Manila, a lot of people were actually out looking for Lyka — Nessa, Lady Elle, Anton and even Gaby. With both Elle’s secretary and bodyguard missing, it suddnly occurrs to Manolo that the two may be together. However he shares the theory with Elle in front of Gaby, who immediately puts a manhunt in action. What awaits the new couple in the hands of Gaby’s army? Catch the tension filled episode of Lobo tonight.

Episode 34 – 031008
Noah suffers in the hands of his mistah.

Lyka can’t bear to be apart from Noah so she decides to stay with him despite the danger they are going to face together. But while she is shopping at the market the next day, Gaby’s team captures Noah in the rest house, punishes him for abandoning his mission then brings him back in Manila. Even as he suffers in prison, he still refuses to turn in Lyka on the military’s hands.

Upon the army’s departure from the rest house, Andrew shows himself to Lyka and explains that Noah asked him to look after her. Though it’s not much of an assurance, he insists that things will be back to normal in due time and all Lyka has to do is to pretend ignorance so her life won’t be jeopardized. With that, the two also return to the city.

Meanwhile, Clara is enraged when Nessa shows up in her doorstep. The memory of their mom’s death and the ill-luck Nessa brought upon her pushes Clara to drive her sister away without saying where Lyka is. And when Lyka later arrives after being gone for days, Clara asks her to leave too but Anton gets his way as he tells his cousin to stay.

Episode 35 – 031408
Lyka becomes a wolf!

Lyka has no choice but to keep the truth from her family and even to Lady Elle who was really worried after her sudden absence. Yet despite everything, Lady Elle reminds her to be strong enough to rise above her failures. As it happens, this lesson gives Lyka the courage to face Gaby who tries to break her relationship with Noah. Instead of faltering after seeing Noah imprisoned, Lyka goes to a church to pray for her beloved. But as soon as she finished her prayer, a searing pain unexpectedly hits her before she finally transforms into a wolf!

Prior to this, Lady Elle learns that Lyka is her long-lost grandchild (through her twin brother Lorenzo) as she accidentally sees her talking to her moonstone. She shares this information with Manolo who in turn tells her not to keep up her hopes for she may get disappointed again. Then as Lady Elle explains that finding her granddaughter will be enough, she also feels a searing pain in her body, signaling that someone of her kin has just transformed into a wolf. Where will Lady Elle and Lyka’s entwined fate lead to? Don’t miss Lyka’s discovery of her destined mission on Lobo.

Episode 36 – 031708
Lyka’s confused with her identity

With the lunar eclipse, Lyka’s much-awaited transformation finally arrives. Since the Wayas have given up on her, she faces this turning point by herself. Lyka can hardly believe what happened but waking up the next day bare-naked and covered with mud makes her nightmarish experience more real to her. In her confusion, she decides to ask Clara if their family has a history of a terrible “illness” but the latter denies this possibility even as she recalls Anton’s curse. To make matters worse, Lyka’s newfound strength pushes her to hurt Clara during their confrontation.

Later that day, Lyka opts to work at the office while still adjusting to her intense sense of hearing. While looking for some files on Lady Elle’s desk however, her attention is caught by the abstract wolf painting on the wall, reminding her of her monstrous transformation.

Will Lady Elle reach Lyka in time to explain her real identity? And how will Noah react once he discovers that Lyka is a wolf, similar to the one he believes to have killed his father?

Episode 37 – 031808
Lyka visits Noah in the prison.

With no one else to turn to, Lyka risks visiting Noah in the military camp’s detention center. But as she hears Noah’s unwavering concern for her despite his circumstance, Lyka starts to feel guilty about her own condition and how it could destroy her relationship with him. Noah assures her however that no secret of hers can stop him from loving her. But with Gen. Leon, Zoe and Gaby’s arrival, their brief reunion turns into a fighting match between Noah and his father. As such, Lyka quickly takes her leave but not before Gaby warns her again to stop seeing Noah for his own good.

Coupled with the sight of her brother’s moonstone, Lyka’s DNA results prove that she is indeed a kin of Lady Elle. But Lady Elle is yet to explain all her newfound information to Lyka who keeps on escaping her clutch. Will she reach her in time before Lyka leaves home to look for her mother? And how will Anton’s involvement in Vivian’s lab affect the turn of events on Lobo?

Episode 38 – 031908
Lyka returns to San Adolfo.

Lyka leaves home without telling anyone where she has gone. As such, Lady Elle worries for her particularly now that Manolo suspects that the Lunas have infiltrated the House of Elle. In the meantime, Lady Elle assigns Trixie to search for Lyka while she and Manolo attend to their latest predicament. Noah also learns about Lyka’s sudden absence from Andrew, forcing him to plot his escape so he can protect Lyka again.

In San Adolfo, Lyka is struck by her childhood memories with Jay-Jay, reminding her how simple life was before. However, her serious quest brings her too soon to Fr. Ben with whom she shares her desperate desire to find her mom. In not so many words, Lyka explains the changes that she’s going through but Fr. Ben refuses to give her the answers, not until they locate Nessa.

Unknown to them, Dr. Lee’s men has shot Nessa which causes her to fall from a steep slope. They fail to recover her body however much to Dr. Lee’s frustration. As it is, she believes that Nessa won’t easily die since she is a powerful Waya. If Nessa’s still alive, where is she hiding by this time?

Episode 39 – 032408
Noah talks to Fr. Ben.

After escaping his military cell, Noah becomes a fugitive of the military. Knowing that Gaby will soon deduce his plan to find Lyka, he hurries to reach her first in San Adolfo. He fails to see Lyka though when Tikboy, a street vendor, suddenly offers him some goodies.But through the kid’s help and Minyong’s, Noah is able to talk to Fr. Ben who informs him that Nessa is still alive and is running away from certain unknown people. Just as they are about to finish their rendezvous however, Gaby arrives and points a gun at Noah. In a nearby town, Gen. Silva secretly meets with Dr. Vivian Lee to warn her about wasting Lunas’ resources in hunting Nessa, since the group’s main concern now is recruiting Noah. As it is, Gen. Silva is still unaware of the ties between Noah and Dr. Lee’s missing captive. Will Gaby solve the Lunas’ dilemma by arresting Noah again?

Episode 40 – 032508
Noah seizes Nessa from the hospital.

In the forest, Gaby fails to arrest Noah as Minyong distracts her from her target. After escaping the military’s clutch, Noah continues his search for Lyka in the market where he almost bumps into her. As he trails after her in a hospital, he chances upon Nessa, who’s back to her non-responsive state due to her recent accident. Unknown to him, Lyka senses his presence in the area so she tries to look for him too. She soon learns however that she’s being hunted by the authorities. As such, she quickly escapes the inquiries of a police then sets out to return to Manila. By this time, Noah is fleeing the hospital with Nessa in tow. Their ride to the bus station encounters a glitch though so he has to carry Nessa the rest of the way. Just when he thought they missed their only means of escape, Lyka hears his plea, gets off the bus then spots Noah and Nessa in the distance.

As the Lunas prepare their plans to force Noah into heading their group’s mission, will Lady Elle and Manolo manage to save Lyka from falling into the hands of the enemy?

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