the waya vs the luna


There are three types of taong lobo: 

          1.  ORDINARY TAONG LOBO – who transform only during a full moon

          2.  THE WAYA – the aristocrat taong lobo, who can transform at will

  •  there are two types of wayas: the white and the black
  • the white wayas mean to protect their race, and wants to co-exist with normal people
  • eleanor “lady elle” (pilar pilapil) is known as the PUNONG BANTAY, the strongest among the white wayas
  • ylvanna is the fastest white waya
  • white wayas have strong sense of smell, sight, hearing and are strong, but one feature is more dominant than the others. in the huling bantay (see # 3 however), these are all dominant and equal.
  • see this video explaining the family tree of the blancaflors:


  • the black wayas want to rule
  • you become a black waya through three ways:
    • if you are born that way
    • if you get bitten by a black waya 
    • if you are a white waya and you kill and drink a human’s blood

          3. HULING BANTAY – the strongest of them all. the one who can retrieve/hold the bato ng remus pagtaas ng pulang buwan



The luna is the secret organization chasing after the wayas. they have lost loved ones because of the taong lobos and I am uncertain if they know that there is a difference between the good and the bad men-wolves.


Si Noah, pareho natin siya – may mga mahal sa buhay na naging biktima ng mga hayop na taong lobo. Pero hindi siya katulad natin, wala siyang sapat na galit, walang sapat na lungkot para gumanti at yapusin ang layunin natin na ubusin ang lahi ng taong lobo.”

 Manolo used to be a member of the luna organization.

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