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Can love prevail between two people who are destined to destroy each other? Lobo brings to light one great love story portrayed by two of the country’s most beautiful faces who will definitely capture your hearts starting this January!

Noah and Lyka’s will lead lives worlds apart until their fates are entwined in a journey full of secrets, betrayals and violence. Unravel the mystery of this tale between ill-fated lovers who will go against the odds to be together, defying and challenging whatever force that conspire to tear them apart.

Even before this much-awaited teleserye premieres on national television, its lead stars Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin are equally besieged with endless controversies. Not that surprising since they are the hottest names in showbiz today. Yet through it all, the two remain focused on their main goal, which is to make this project a successful endeavor. Everyone will surely watch out for their chemistry as a pair considering that this is their first team-up together.

Backed by the same creative group behind the likes of Maalaala Mo Kaya and Maging Sino Ka Man, Lobo will deliver another teleserye that viewers will dare not miss every night! Joining the powerhouse cast are Shaina Magdayao, Ryan Eigenmann, Ms. Pilar Pilapil, Agot Isidro, Dante Rivero, Robert Arevalo, Maritoni Fernandez, Dimples Romana, Gio Alvarez, Janus del Prado, Nash Aguas, Irma Adlawan, Lauren Young and AJ Perez under the direction of FM Reyes and Cathy Garcia-Molina.

Don?t miss the great love story of Noah and Lyka right after Kung Fu Kids on Primetime Bida.


Noah Ortega (Piolo Pascual) Working as a Second Lieutenant in the Philippine Army, Noah is known for his intelligence, skills and speed in combat. Behind his quiet and mysterious look lies a man who is capable of loving deeply. Will he defy everything he believes in for the sake of love?

Lyka Raymundo (Angel Locsin) She is strongly motivated by her dreams to become a famous fashion designer. But for now, she enjoys her job as a fashion assistant in the “House of Elle”. However, her zest for life will be dimmed by the harsh truth of her real nature. On the brighter side, she will capture the elusive heart of Noah. Is her love stronger than the decree of fate?

Gabrielle Dizon (Shaina Magdayao) An asset of the military who belongs in the Intelligence Division, Gabrielle is Noah?s mistah and bestfriend. But her dedication to her craft will push her to fight against Noah who happens to be the man she secretly loves.

Anton Rivero (Ryan Eigenmann) He is deeply in love with Lyka whom he grew up with. Hence, he will hinder the romance between Noah and her. Using his intelligence as a chemist and his innate ferociousness, Anton will do everything in his power for Lyka to be his.

Eleanora Blancaflor a.k.a. Lady Elle (Pilar Pilapil). Her fabulous contribution in the fashion insdustry is famed across Asia. She works as the president of the “House of Elle” as well as the leader of an organization called ?Waya?. Hidden beneath her glamorous image and lifestyle is her ultimate secret known to a selected few. Lady Elle is also the stern protector of Lyka.

Nessa Raymundo (Agot Isidro) Her dangerous nature forces Nessa to abandon her only child (Lyka) for the sake of the latter’s safety.

Gen. Leon Cristobal (Dante Rivero) He is known for raising his kids with an iron hand. He takes his responsibility at work more seriously though, to the point that his mysterious mission comes first than his duty as a father to Noah and Zoe.

Manolo Sebastian (Robert Arevalo) Owner of the “House of Elle” and a former member of an organization called “Luna”. He is willing to risk everything he owns in the name of love.

Vivian Lee (Maritoni Fernandez) Working as a biochemist for Gen. Silva, her ground-breaking medical discovery will be the key in destroying the race of the wolves.

Trixie (Dimples Romana) Works as a costume mistress in the “House of Elle”. She is the closest friend of Lyka.

Elton (Gio Alvarez) His status as the creative director in the “House of Elle” still doesn’t give him any sense of fulfillment. His thirst for power and wealth makes him vicious and over-competitive towards his colleagues.

Minyong (Cris Villanueva) The people of San Adolfo brushes him off as a revolting crazy guy but in truth, he had been a witness to an astonishing incident that will reveal the biggest mystery surrounding the unexplainable events in their town.

Clara Rivero (Irma Adlawan) She acts as surrogate mother to both Lyka and Anton. But her world mainly revolves around Anton since she sees him like a real son while Lyka suffers from her callousness.

Choy (Janus del Prado) A soldier who fights side by side with Noah, who happens to be his closest friend.

Tikboy (Nash Aguas) An orphan who resides at the town church, Tikboy is fond of weaving fantasy stories. He also loves nurturing all kinds of animals.

Zoe Cristobal (Lauren Young) As Noah’s younger sister, she often intercedes between him and Leon whenever the two have their disputes.

Bayani ?Yani? Mendoza (AJ Perez) Yani is a sacristan in the church of San Adolfo. His mother wants him to become a priest but he will accidentally fall in love with a city girl.

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  1. angh ganda tlga ng lobo wlang kpantay…..jejeje tsaka ang kabila…….wow!

  2. hi, i want to be friends with you.. hope to know the real name of Alec, who’s acting in the movie..

  3. geoff eigenmann

  4. wow! i so love the movie, it’s gr8. keep it up!!
    you guy seems so real to be in love..

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