PART 2: to love again…a detailed summary (sharon cuneta and miguel rodriguez)

bullet tells her he is so named because her mom was ambushed while she was pregnant with him, 50 bullets to the car. and she answers i believe you, bullets have a way of finding you. remember he was shot before! witty line. and then he proceeds by asking if she really had a gun in her purse.



parked and with a scenic view of the sunset, raffy tells him she doesn’t believe that bullet has rich friends or that he has a rich uncle. (she thinks bullet is the one who’s rich.) he tells her he’s joseph crisologo, only son, father died, spoiled by her mom.  inside the camper raffy tells her her real name is candida. but he doesn’t believe it.

but bullet says in the lumberyard he heard them call her raffy. she then told him her real name is rafaela. and then bullet asks his last name. she answers laperal. at this point, bullet knows who she is and casually asks if she’s from the south and if he’s father’s name is enrico. he mentions that her family is rich but raffy retorts that his family is richer. raffy asks how he knows, and bullet tells her he read in the newspaper.


they talk about love. and this passage from raffy is good: ”when you think about love, ang tawag nila diyan poetry.  when it takes form, tawag nila diyan, sculpture. when you accept it, ang tawag nila diyan suicide.”


in his apartment, bullet holds raffy’s hand and she takes his hand off hers. she tells him she’s engaged to be married to someone she hasn’t even seen. bullet, knowing that it’s him, casually asks her why not meet him first.  she answers “bakit pa, when my papa was alive, ayaw niya sa pamilya ng lalaki?”


they play scrable, and this time, he holds her hand, and she lets him. she tells him she’s afraid to fall in love again, coz she fell in love once and he died. it was her father. bullet tells her it’s alright and that she can love again.



a montage of kilig scenes is shown including them having a picnic on top of the camper truck, hugging each other beside the port, playing scrabble and bullet holding her hand.

clarita finally agrees to marry don ramon. they talk about this marriage as “langit, lupa at impiyerno” (heaven, earth and hell). don ramon’s sister asks what’s “impiyerno”, to which don enrico’s assistant answers a 36-illion loan in dpp. another answers “lupa” is the 15-million loan somewhere. and what’s “langit”, to which clarita replies, the wedding.

raffy finally sees in the newspaper that her mom is marrying don ramon and goes to see her. she discourages her mom and tells her she’ll do it. her mom says no, and that she insists, they’ll just go ahead and have a double wedding.

 raffy goes to see bullet in his apartment.

(bullet is all the while nonchalant.)

RAFFY:  i’m getting married.

BULLET:  of course you’re getting married. babae ka, maganda, pakakasal ka sa akin.


RAFFY:  are you proposing to me? you’ve got to be kidding me.

BULLET:  everything has a right time?

BULLET:  kanino ka ba pakakasal?

RAFFY: sino pa eh di si alberto alcantara.

(bullet, sitting while drinking, still nonchalant.)

BULLET: akala ko ba you don’t like him. ayaw mo sa pamilya niya. and besides you don’t even know him.

RAFFY:  yes. and besides, i don’t care about him. pero kahiyaan na eto eh.

BULLET:  alright, marry him.


RAFFY: just like that?

BULLET:  anong magagawa ko commitment mo yun eh.

RAFFY:  that’s it?

BULLET:  that’s it.

(raffy gets angry at bullet.)


the story ends with raffy finally meeting alberto, who’s by the pool, on his back.

RAFFY:  hi! i’m rafaela. ang mga kaibigan ko ang tawag nila sa akin raffy. alam mo alberto, sorry ha. kasi sa tingin ko i won’t think i’ll make a good wife.

BULLET:  (slightly smiling) it’s ok. i’ll make a good husband.


RAFFY:  that voice. ikaw?

BULLET:  yes me. what’s wrong?

RAFFY: what’s wrong?  alam mo ba kagabi muntik na akong magpakamatay because i wanted that bullet in manila, not this alberto here. and you dirty rat all the while you knew?

BULLET:  of course i, it’s not my fault. the first time i came here wala ka rito. the second time was in the logging camp, you disappeared.

RAFFY:  but in manila you knew. sinabi ko sayo kung sino ako. you knew who i was.

BULLET: so what, it doesn’t make any difference? ganun din yun. baligtarin mo man yun you’ll still end up with me.

RAFFY: yes, well the big difference is i don’t want to get married to you anymore. hindi na ako magpapakasal sayo. ayoko na.

 lupita tells them “sa tubig ang bagsak nila” and the parents laugh.

BULLET: wait wait. why? ba’t ka galit? 

RAFFY: wala ka na dun.

BULLET: anong wala ka na dun i’m not gonna let you go.


(raffy pushes bullet into the pool.)

BULLET:  raffy, i can’t swim.

(raffy dives in.)

RAFFY:  gago 

BULLET:  why’d you dive?

(bullet is slowly rising.)

RAFFY:  you can swim pala.

BULLET:  (laughing) of course i can swim. why’d you dive?

RAFFY:  (laughing as well) because, because i want a husband, gago

here are some photos that were not shown in the body of the movie itself. an epilogue, i think.


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  1. I watched this film only on YouTube. How I wish i can buy a copy of this film soon.

  2. The film melts my heart!

  3. How sad that this handsome actor is no longer with us! I am still grief stricken over his death! Can someone please email me some old articles of Miguel’s death? There is something fishy about this whole thing. My email is Please somebody help me with this! I am Miguel’s number one fan! If he were alive, I would steal him from his wife. I am obbsessed with him.

  4. It kept me smiling ’til the end!!!!!

  5. I love the moments of Raffy and Bullet… there compatible!

  6. from what i heard, he died of coke overdose…

  7. cried a river when he died.

  8. does anybody know if this movie was a huge success when it was shown? i have loved this movie since my elementary days when it would still be shown on Viva. I just want to know if it was well-appreciated at that time or baka it was shadowed by sharon and gabby’s love tandem.

    i also noticed that this was miguel’s first movie. ano to launching movie nya? how old were they when they made this? thanks for the info!

  9. Grabe, I am trying to find a copy of this movie and your post is as good as the movie!

    Wala pa akong maisip na pwedeng maitapat sa charm ni Sharon nung kabataan nya. Not even KC. Bagay sila ni Miguel.

  10. “To Love Again” is my favorite Sharon Cuneta movie of all time.
    I was able to “rip” the youtube movie (in 11 parts) and converted it into mp4. Now, I can conveniently watch it anytime in my laptop.
    Just to share, I wouldn’t want to dwell so much on the movie’s flaws. Because for me, everything was beautifully crafted. From the casting choice,the unparalleled musical score (RIP, George Canseco, you did a very excellent job here) and the witty lines (kudos Mike Vergara and Danny Zialcita), I doubt they can even replicate this movie at present time. I hope not. They wouldn’t be able to give justice to the remake, am sure.
    Have you noticed that most of the characters here are drinking in most of the scenes? Coffee. Wine. Soda. Water. Liquor 🙂 Let’s drink to that!

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