maging sino ka man book 2: a huge disappointment for me

after weeks of delaying, and in about 7 weeks, i finally give my verdict. i was such a fan of book 1, loyal fan at that, (i probably just missed 5 episodes), but book 2 is really such a huge disappointment for me.

 i remember lloydy saying in his interview with the buzz that book 2 is gonna be fast paced! seriously, where is it! i feel that every subplot is dragging on to nowhere. the only thing that seems worthy to wait for is fidel and amang’s “pagtutunggali”. conflicts seems to be much relevant back then. they are staying with the dream conflict with eli’s character, and it is rather boring!!! so what! there has been no significant nor exciting development since its foreshadowing. and what of celine and jb! i love them! but my God! what are you two doing to those characters! boooooring!

i miss corazon and celine’s bickering! i miss corazon and imelda’s bickering! i love the used the be tension between fidel, eli and jackie! (slowly this is building up but really too slow!) i love corazon manipulating and maneuvering jb, and the fact that jb used to cannot say no to his mother. i miss mang oca! like imelda, beautfiully portrayed! i love everything in book 1 (except the dragging last month!!!)

the bottomline is nothing is happening to anybody, no significant development, no thrill! from its start, i remember one thing that made me really excited, that was when corazon was getting beat up and killed by tomas, and jb and amang coming to the rescue!

one thing i’m glad though is not they do not seem to be pursuing the subplot that fidel is not jackie’s biological daughter. i’m gonna paste my previous thoughts on it (from the blog entry mskm 2 ang pagbabalik: script seems seriously flawed and some spoilers.)

thirdly, i think jackie is not fidel’s biological daughter. from the trailer i saw monique thanking fidel for loving jackie, even though they both know the truth. what “truth” they are both referring to, i don’t know. but i have a hunch that jackie is not fidel’s biological daughter. another foreshadowing i saw is that jackie thinks it will be difficult for her to get pregnant because it runs in her mom’s (monique’s) family. if my supposition is true, the implied meaning is monique can’t have children. when i look back at book 1, one of the highlights of the show is when fidel found out that jackie (supposedly) died from a car accident! i felt his pain, as a biological father. it was very effective and heartfelt acting. how could he feel that way knowing jackie is not his biological child? i mean i could understand if fidel is dadoods and is capable of sincere love of others. but c’mon! on the onset of the show, fidel was evil personified! he has too many pains to deal with to love a child not his own flesh and blood. and even if it were true that he had come to love jackie as his own child, why not accept lena, her real daughter? yes veron was a prostitute, but at least, lena is her “probable” daughter, as opposed to jackie, who came from somebody else. the important point here is that making jackie not fidel’s biological child means that the plot of book 1 which made is so superb and great can be totally dismissed!

 this is the only thing that excites me. gone are the days where i wait day by day because every episode is explosive! and i really look forward to the writers delving more into this conflict!


march 28, 2008: i am not a fan of book 2 so i won’t bother posting the episode summaries. but here’s the link where you can find them:

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  1. great work marie..appreciated the work done espcially for those who do not read the fillipino language

  2. thanks faipopo! enjoy reading! 🙂

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