mskm book 2 ang pagbabalik: script seems flawed and some spoilers!

just like the many avid followers of maging sino ka man book 1, i was excitedly and enthusiastically looking forward to seeing the premier episode of ang pagbabalik!

three episodes after, it seems ang pagbabalik is a letdown, though not as seriously flawed as the ending of maging sino ka man book 1. The exit of Christopher de Leon (Fidel Madrigal) seriously messed up the main plot. I would have loved to see the ultimate pagtutunggali of Fidel and Eli. Worse is the stretched story due to popularity and ratings, which led to the meaningless and suspenseless ending ever. the first 3/4s of the story was the the best plot of a teleserye to date, beating pangako sayo and kay tagal kang hinintay.

okay, going back, after watching three episodes , i see plot flaws. first, how could you forgive someone who killed your adoptive father (dadoods) and made your brother (pong) go crazy, whom you loved so dearly? i cannot believe that fidel calls eli son and eli calls fidel dad now. and the worse is eli defending fidel’s personal reputation as if nothing major happened between them, aside from the fact that fidel was (and maybe still is) and asshole! isn’t that a bit mental?

secondly, the character gloria (glenda garcia) seems to be a miscast. i think the writers didn’t foresee that this character would progress after being catatonic, hence they casted glenda garcia, who, no offense meant, is not big enough of an actress. being the mother of eli, i think the character should be given more exposure and more weight. but since it’s only glenda garcia, they decided to make her take the backseat! i can’t even fathom how eli could live with fidel in one house and leave his long lost mother alone. just because it’s glenda garcia isn’t reason enough for the character not to grow. i think she should be given a chance. gloria’s fate is much like monique’s. they’re both on the sidelines. (monique by the way is portrayed by bing pimentel, mark gil’s ex-wife, sid lucero’s mom. i feel that the mark gil connection is all over, aside from bing, irene celebre, also mark’s ex, is in ysabella as lima’s boss, and then there’s andy eigenmann, mark’s daughter by jackylyn jose, and ira eigenmann who plays the young rosa in prinsesa ng banyera, also his daughter, but i don’t know if bing or irene is her mom.) 

thirdly, i think jackie is not fidel’s biological daughter. from the trailer i saw monique thanking fidel for loving jackie, even though they both know the truth. what “truth” they are both referring to, i don’t know. but i have a hunch that jackie is not fidel’s biological daughter. another foreshadowing i saw is that jackie thinks it will be difficult for her to get pregnant because it runs in her mom’s (monique’s) family. if my supposition is true, the implied meaning is monique can’t have children. when i look back at book 1, one of the highlights of the show is when fidel found out that jackie (supposedly) died from a car accident! i felt his pain, as a biological father. it was very effective and heartfelt acting. how could he feel that way knowing jackie is not his biological child? i mean i could understand if fidel is dadoods and is capable of sincere love of others. but c’mon! on the onset of the show, fidel was evil personified! he has too many pains to deal with to love a child not his own flesh and blood. and even if it were true that he had come to love jackie as his own child, why not accept lena, her real daughter? yes veron was a prostitute, but at least, lena is her “probable” daughter, as opposed to jackie, who came from somebody else. the important point here is that making jackie not fidel’s biological child means that the plot of book 1 which made is so superb and great can be totally dismissed!

fourthly, lena the character seems poorly written and stupidly acted. how could he see joaquin in eli! there’s not even an ounce of similarity between derek ramsey and john lloyd. and there’s no foreshadowing that lena is crazy! even if it’s obsession, i don’t buy it! The character lena is so poorly written. (The young lena looks so much like lyka urgarte, the one who plays eleanor in prinsesa ng banyera). i’m looking forward to amang’s backstory though. very mysterious character. seems interesting. (tonight eli saw amang. he told jackie he seems richer than fidel, with the helicopter and all.) i also laud i laud rosanna roces. the role fits like a tee, and she is doing justice to the role!

lastly, i think celine is going to die! from the story and where it seems headed, and from what i’ve read in pep, toni gonzaga said that there will be no love triangle. there can only be no love triangle if celine is dead. and the star that toni is now, i don’t think she’d accept a role that would jeopardize her status as a leading lady! my God! this is totally not objective, but i think jb and celine’s love story is so much better than eli and jackie’s. so why kill her?!

besides, i love celine and corazon’s confrontation scenes, very intellectual!  i like corazon the character and the way chin chin portrays it! 

add to the fact that i look forward to seeing what anne curtis will be wearing. she’s the best dressed ever! kahit ata basahan magandang tignan sa kanya. even if bea is wearing something pretty, i know it would look so much better on anne! on another note, didn’t you notice that what john lloyd has been wearing doesn’t look good on him, and jb as well. it seems that they switched apparel. i know the character calls for it, knowing their status, but hindi bagay kay eli and jb ang mga sinusuot nila. dapat baligtad!  

i hope i am wrong with my forecasts. since it’s only been three episodes, i’d still give it another chance. it’s too early.

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  1. ahmm…

    i disagree…

    the reason why eli forgived fidel is because he loves jackie soo much and he knows what jackie would feel if she was parted from her mother…

    but i kind of agree with the other flaws…

  2. i agree, the moment i heard Monique say ” ako nga ang dapat magpasalamat kase minahal mo kami ni Jackie kahit alam nating pareho ang totoo” to Fidel i knew at once there’s something in those words.. it can only mean one thing, that one of them is not the real parent…. i’m leaning more towards Fidel though… because it can’t be that Monique is barren, and that Jackie inherited it from her because she never would have had Jackie in the first place ergo no more genetic transmission of infertility…. Yes Fidel is all evil at times but when it comes to his family he get’s soft, another thing is he love’s Monique so much that maybe it’s no longer an issue whether he’s the father or not because maybe he just wants to have a happy family… there are some glitches in the plot though and i agree… oh well let’s just let them get away with it after all even american tv series have flaws in their plot.. the show is still good…

  3. Fidel misterious disappearance was not real.he wasnt even there when Jacky was wedding,if Eli had really forgiven him then he ought to ave been in the wedding.i dont why it had to be Celine to die, celine is quite a good character and their love with jb has always bn well potrayed.since they dont get along well with Corazon, it would ave bn in the best position for Corazon to live and see celine and jb together for the rest of her life.

    Tomas and Corazon are they really meant for one another?they keep on quarrelling all their life time.

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