mskm book 2 ang pagbabalik: script seems flawed and some spoilers!

just like the many avid followers of maging sino ka man book 1, i was excitedly and enthusiastically looking forward to seeing the premier episode of ang pagbabalik!

three episodes after, it seems ang pagbabalik is a letdown, though not as seriously flawed as the ending of maging sino ka man book 1. The exit of Christopher de Leon (Fidel Madrigal) seriously messed up the main plot. I would have loved to see the ultimate pagtutunggali of Fidel and Eli. Worse is the stretched story due to popularity and ratings, which led to the meaningless and suspenseless ending ever. the first 3/4s of the story was the the best plot of a teleserye to date, beating pangako sayo and kay tagal kang hinintay.

okay, going back, after watching three episodes , i see plot flaws. first, how could you forgive someone who killed your adoptive father (dadoods) and made your brother (pong) go crazy, whom you loved so dearly? i cannot believe that fidel calls eli son and eli calls fidel dad now. and the worse is eli defending fidel’s personal reputation as if nothing major happened between them, aside from the fact that fidel was (and maybe still is) and asshole! isn’t that a bit mental?

secondly, the character gloria (glenda garcia) seems to be a miscast. i think the writers didn’t foresee that this character would progress after being catatonic, hence they casted glenda garcia, who, no offense meant, is not big enough of an actress. being the mother of eli, i think the character should be given more exposure and more weight. but since it’s only glenda garcia, they decided to make her take the backseat! i can’t even fathom how eli could live with fidel in one house and leave his long lost mother alone. just because it’s glenda garcia isn’t reason enough for the character not to grow. i think she should be given a chance. gloria’s fate is much like monique’s. they’re both on the sidelines. (monique by the way is portrayed by bing pimentel, mark gil’s ex-wife, sid lucero’s mom. i feel that the mark gil connection is all over, aside from bing, irene celebre, also mark’s ex, is in ysabella as lima’s boss, and then there’s andy eigenmann, mark’s daughter by jackylyn jose, and ira eigenmann who plays the young rosa in prinsesa ng banyera, also his daughter, but i don’t know if bing or irene is her mom.) 

thirdly, i think jackie is not fidel’s biological daughter. (more…)

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