natutulog ba ang diyos? week 13

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 13 october 8-11 

Boy and Tina confront Patria about what they heard from Mike, and Patria tells them the truth: Andrew is their real sibling, and not Gillian! She adds that Bernardo switched the two babies at birth, and shares that she really didn’t want it at all. Tina walks out, and tells Patria that she wants to be alone. On the other hand, Rose asks Andrew if he’s really sure about his kidney donation, and he says that maybe his move will make Bernardo give Gillian back, as he loves her very much!

Bernardo lashes out at God, as Gillian says there can be many complications in regards to Patria’s kidney transplant. He then tells Gillian that he’s going to release her soon, and leaves Gillian behind. He calls up Andrew, and tells him to meet up with him at the hospital at twelve midnight. On the other hand, Tina tries to lead Patria out of the hospital, and mysteriously tells her mother that somebody’s waiting for her! It turns out that Bernardo is outside, hiding in the dark! Soon, Mark and Trish drop by Patria’s room, only to find it empty!

Outside, Bernardo explains himself, and tells them that he’s afraid to go to jail. He adds that he only did those things so that he can give his family a better future, and hopes that his children will see it in a positive light. Patria then tells him that they understand where he’s coming from, but his methods are wrong, as he involved a lot of innocent people. She adds that she’s undergoing a kidney transplant, as they already found a kidney donor, and pleads that Bernardo return Gillian to her rightful parents. Bernardo then apologizes to his kids, and asks them to tell Andrew that he’s sorry. He then leaves, as he thinks that Andrew isn’t prepared to meet him yet.

Soon, Andrew leaves for his meeting with Bernardo, while Mark calls up Mike, to tell him that Patria, Boy and Tina are not in Patria’s room! Mark and Trish then start to leave the hospital, and catch a glimpse of Bernardo on the run!


Bernardo tries to make amends with Gillian, and he tells her that she’s free to go back to her parents! Soon, the two patch things up, and Bernardo goes a bit emotional on Gillian, as he tells her that he may not see her again. Gillian tells him not to say such things, as she will plead for his freedom, but Bernardo tells her that her parents are already set on having him sent to jail, so there’s nothing he can do.

They make their way downstairs, each step leading to Gillian’s freedom. However, they stop short as Raul, Bernardo’s greedy accomplice, appears out of nowhere to threaten the two! As such, Bernardo rushes to Gillian’s aid, and shoos Raul away. Pissed, Raul heads over to Mike, and tells him that he’s willing to tell him where Bernardo’s hideout is, if Mike will give him two million pesos in exchange for it!

Meanwhile, Bernardo lets Gillian talk to Rose, and Gillian tells her that Bernardo will personally return her, and that there’s no need to pay a ransom anymore. However, Andrew also receives a call from Mike shortly after, telling him that they’re on their way to Bernardo’s hideout! Andrew tells him not to push through anymore, as Gillian’s going to be returned anyway, but Mike, consumed by anger, has already decided to get back at Bernardo.

As such, Mike, Raul, and the police all head to Bernardo’s hideout, as Bernardo and Gillian make their way out. Raul tells Mike that he should go first, so that it won’t look suspicious. However, it turns out that Raul is the bad guy, as he aims a gun at Gillian and Bernardo the minute he steps inside the hideout. Bernardo and Gillian then make a mad dash for safety, but Raul catches up to them, and eventually fires two gun shots at Bernardo, and another at Gillian! Soon, they get rushed to the hospital, but while Gillian is finally out of harm’s way, Bernardo, on the other hand, is in critical condition.


Andrew then lets his siblings know about their father’s condition, shortly after Boy tells Patria that Andrew is donating his kidney for her!

The saga of Gillian, Andrew and Mark will come to an end tonight on Sineserye Presents Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos. The series everyone has followed for almost three months will be having its breath taking conclusion one surely shouldn’t miss!

Despite the medical team’s efforts, Bernardo dies. But it was not all in vain for his kidneys will be donated to Patria, his wife. Andrew speaks to his father’s lifeless body inside the morgue and apologizes for not giving Bernardo the respect he deserved. Rose informs Andrew’s siblings of their father’s mishap. Boy and Tina soon joins Andrew in mourning for their dad.


Meanwhile, Patria finally learns that Andrew is her kidney donor, and tells the doctor that she won’t push through with the transplant anymore. However, Andrew tells her that he’s not her kidney donor anymore, as somebody else wished to give his kidney to Patria.


Mike blames himself for Bernardo’s death and Gillian’s injury. He prays to God for forgiveness, as he wishes to adopt all of Bernardo’s children. Soon, Patria goes under the knife, as she pushes through with the kidney transplant. Sedated, she sees her husband in a dream, telling her how much he loves her.


During Bernardo’s funeral, Mike tells his daughter that things would have been better if he just paid ransom, but Gillian tells him not to blame himself. Bernardo knew of the consequences of his actions and one of those was that he won’t be able to spend time with his family any longer. As the eldest now of his brood, Andrew has took it upon himself to tell Patria the truth after the operation. Soon enough, Patria was on her feet to see Bernardo for herself. All Patria could do was cry with her children as she viewed her husband inside the casket, mourning for the fate they have all succumbed into.


The two are now in their rightful places but what is to become of Gillian and Andrew’s new lives? This is the episode we have all been waiting for so don’t miss Sineserye Presents Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos: Ang Pagtatapos on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida right after Ysabella.

Everyone gathers around to say their final good-byes to Bernardo, and Andrew vows to give their family the life Bernardo wanted. Soon, his casket is lowered, and tears stream down everybody’s faces. Rose offers Patria’s family a place to stay but Andrew says that it will be better if they live on their own. Meanwhile, Patria kneels in front of Gillian to apologize, but the kind-hearted girl tells her that there’s no need to feel remorseful about the past.

Gillian then goes home to Rose and Mike’s house for the first time as their daughter, and not as their maid. Mark and Gillian soon reminisce the past, and Mark notices how much Gillian misses Andrew, as he’s not around anymore! Mark then tells Gillian that he should have given up his for feelings for her, as he knows that she will always have Andrew in her heart. However, he assures Gillian that they will always remain friends, no matter what. On the other hand, Andrew drops by Mike and Rose’s house to return the car Mike bought for him, and he tells them that his family needs him right now, so he must leave the house right away. Andrew then goes home to his real family, with a smile on his face. Mike, Rose and Gillian soon pay Patria a visit, to patch things up.

Andrew and Gillian then finally get to talk to each other, and Andrew tells her that he still has a lot of things to fix in his life. However, Gillian tells her that she doesn’t want to live without him, and the two lock themselves in a warm embrace! Years pass and Gillian walks down the aisle, making her way to her groom, Andrew! Finally, the two families find true happiness, and have surpassed all the trials that came their way.

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  1. pwedeng ipalabas ulit ang sineserye present, Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos??its a beautiful and more lesson i learned or alagay s CD or DVD..i like the love team of jake cuenca and roxan guinoo.tnx

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