natutulog ba ang diyos? week 13

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 13 october 8-11 

Boy and Tina confront Patria about what they heard from Mike, and Patria tells them the truth: Andrew is their real sibling, and not Gillian! She adds that Bernardo switched the two babies at birth, and shares that she really didn’t want it at all. Tina walks out, and tells Patria that she wants to be alone. On the other hand, Rose asks Andrew if he’s really sure about his kidney donation, and he says that maybe his move will make Bernardo give Gillian back, as he loves her very much!

Bernardo lashes out at God, as Gillian says there can be many complications in regards to Patria’s kidney transplant. He then tells Gillian that he’s going to release her soon, and leaves Gillian behind. He calls up Andrew, and tells him to meet up with him at the hospital at twelve midnight. On the other hand, Tina tries to lead Patria out of the hospital, and mysteriously tells her mother that somebody’s waiting for her! It turns out that Bernardo is outside, hiding in the dark! Soon, Mark and Trish drop by Patria’s room, only to find it empty!

Outside, Bernardo explains himself, and tells them that he’s afraid to go to jail. He adds that he only did those things so that he can give his family a better future, and hopes that his children will see it in a positive light. Patria then tells him that they understand where he’s coming from, but his methods are wrong, as he involved a lot of innocent people. She adds that she’s undergoing a kidney transplant, as they already found a kidney donor, and pleads that Bernardo return Gillian to her rightful parents. Bernardo then apologizes to his kids, and asks them to tell Andrew that he’s sorry. He then leaves, as he thinks that Andrew isn’t prepared to meet him yet.

Soon, Andrew leaves for his meeting with Bernardo, while Mark calls up Mike, to tell him that Patria, Boy and Tina are not in Patria’s room! Mark and Trish then start to leave the hospital, and catch a glimpse of Bernardo on the run!


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natutulog ba ang diyos? week 12

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 12 october 1-4 

Andrew drags Gillian to his car, and shows her the results of the DNA test, and Gillian finds out that she is Rose and Mike’s real daughter! Andrew then pours out all his gut feelings towards her, making Gillian angry, as she thinks that he’s keeping things from her! Meanwhile, Bernardo makes up his mind: he will kidnap Gillian in order to milk money from Mike and Rose! As such, he leads his family out of their house, to a safe hiding place. Unfortunately, Gillian wasn’t around, so she goes home to an empty house once again. Bernardo then tells her that Patria got rushed to the hospital and that they need to attend to her immediately! Gillian at first, doubts him, but her sympathy gets the better of her so she tags along Bernardo as well! Bernardo then drags Gillian to a car, and Tina sees all of it!

Soon, it dawns on Gillian that she got kidnapped, and tries to escape! However, Bernardo threatens Gillian that he’s going to kill her real parents if ever she tries to escape! Meanwhile, Rose and Mike settle things with their lawyer, and Mike decides to head to Bernardo’s house with the police! On the other hand, Patria gets an attack, as she hasn’t taken her medicines yet. Unfortunately, she and Boy are locked inside a safehouse, so there’s no means of going out!

On the other hand, Andrew feels bad about everything, but Rose finally explains to him the reason why they took the DNA test: they want to prove that Bernardo was lying, when he told them that Andrew is his real child!  Andrew then feels that his whole life is a lie, but Rose assures him that they had always treated him as a son, and that feeling has always been real, and that they’ll do everything in their power to keep both him and Gillian under their wing. She then apologizes for keeping everything from Andrew at first, as they don’t know how to tell him the truth!

Soon, Mike calls up Rose to tell her that Bernardo has kidnapped Gillian! As such, Andrew volunteers himself to help out, as he knows Bernardo can’t hurt him, for he is his real son! He then asks help from Mark, and tells him about their dilemma, and that he is Bernardo and Patria’s real son! Soon, Boy rushes to their house to get Patria’s medicines, and finds himself surrounded by Mike and the police! Boy then tells Mike about Patria’s condition, and finds her lying on the floor! Rose then gets a call from Bernardo, telling her that he needs ten million pesos in exchange for Gillian’s freedom!


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