coffee prince…a review (in comparison with goong and fullhouse)

i just had to write a review because i don’t want to loose the feeling. i’ve finished watching coffee prince for more than a week now and even though i’m busy and without an ergonomic keyboard, i feel the need to write. 


great story really. totally believable and can happen in real life. the pacing is the best out of all the dramas i’ve watched. there is ample time to show sweet scenes between the two leads, as opposed to my other favorites princess hours and full house, coffee prince, which ended abruptly and i was left asking for more “kilig” moments. (though this took the longest time to watch. i watched full house and goong in 4 days. this one maybe 6 days. probably because of it’s smooth. with full house and goong i was really left anticipating and had butterflies in my stomach i had to finish. coffee prince was more barable to delay. it is such a delight to watch it everyday.)

i also liked how they tackle sex. it was very natural, an important part of  a relationship. it further emphasized the fact that there are no more courtship nowadays. people fall in love and things just kind of fall into place. and it’s also realistic. one thing i particularly like is that there seems to be no clear scene where you can pinpoint that this was when one character liked another. it just seems  normal that feelings are added on their every encounter. (this is with regards to the relationship of han sung and eun chan and vice versa, and han gyul and eun chan and vice versa as well.) i also liked han sung’s line to han gyul that he didn’t give up new york solely because of eun chan, it’s also because he is also enjoying his work in coffee prince. i mean, han gyul is so head over heels in love with eun chan that he really could do it. but that’s not solely the reason and this reason is so realistic and not sugarcoated.

also i have noticed that most korean protagonists are becoming more and more career-oriented. for one eun chan, who up until the end, didn’t answer han gyul on his marriage proposal (although there’s clearly no doubt she loves him so). shin of princess hours thought chae gyung didn’t want him anymore because of her newfound independence and chance to pursue her fashion career. and yang soon ae of prince hours who became an official translator of the switzerland embassy, much to dismay of the left-behind  hoo.


yoon eun hye has improved a lot since princess hours. whereas before she had the lee da hae disease of overacting her character’s innocence and naivety, here she totally dealt with it in a natural way. the only problem i have is that, she doesn’t look like a boy no matter what. it is totally not believable that people mistake her for a guy. i liked the fact han gyul is totally fine with her masculine appearance and didn’t bother to change her. he loves her whether she’s a boy, girl or an alien. and he was true to those words. it is just totally refreshing to see a heroine out of the norm until the end. So unlike kim sam soon who wanted to get thin and go along the norm. nothing wrong with that though. but eun chan not changing to become feminine is more of an original concept.

gong yoo is such a charmer. cute. funny. the way he acts around his grandma and mama are really funny. he totally charms his way around them. and he is just so close with his cousin han sung hyung. they are totally like brothers looking out for each other. their conversations together are heartwarming. it’s totally hilarious the way he dealt with his suppression and outburst of feelings. i mean even going as far as hugging yoo ju just to prove  he’ s still a man and going to a pyschiatrist.lee something (hang sung) was such a cutie and his voice is such a come on. the subplot of han sung having to deal with yoo ju’s betrayal and his betrayal to yoo ju is totally a realistic show of life. i mean, it really happens, people stray without knowing it, even if it seems like a person doesn’t seem to have that tendency. now he knows that it really happens. i think knowing that kind of feeling helped him love yoo joo more. i also liked the evolution of how he developed his feelings for eun chan and their relationship toward each other at the end.

cha (the actress) was a perfect cast for the role. yoo ju is the total opposite of eun chan and cha clearly nailed playing yoo ju. i’ve read in some blogs that people hate yoo ju for leading on han gyul. i totally disagree. clearly, yoo ju and han sung knows that han gyul liked yoo ju, and han gyul knows that they both do. i don’t get the feeling that yoo ju is leading han gyul on. for the most part i think it was pretty clear that it was just friendship or brother-sister relationship that yoo ju can offer han gyul. and i think deep in han gyul’s heart (subconsciously) he knows that yoo ju was just a habit. well a relationship could materialize from han gyul’s end but not from yoo ju. i mean after all the years if she would have wanted to she would have had a relationship with han gyul. you can’t say she would consider han sung’s feelings. yoo ju is the girl who does what she wants. not that she doesn’t care about other people’ feelings.. but she’s just like that.

ha rim is my personal favorite. the characterization of a guy whose the opposite of the archetype of tall, dark, and handsome, but is a playboy is certainly a riot. i like his being “makulit!” (no word for this english!!!).  i like how he influences and opens up eun chan’s mind about guy stuff. you know when he says that eun chan doesn’t know what han gyul hyung is feeling that she’s only giving him her lips. and when han gyul hears the conversation he is so embarassed, and so is eun chan!

sun ki is such a hottie. but for a smart guy i don’t know how he can be sto stupidly chasing around a girl who clearly doesn’t want him.

min yeob is so stupid but still a lovable character. i liked the way his character progressed. and that at the end, he didn’t become a big model all of a sudden.

eun sae reminds me of song hye kyo in full house. the actress and hye kyo look the same. and the characters seem the same too. save for the fact that eun sae is pretty smart and ji eun is a little slow. 


actually, since the material itself was good, i feel it didn’t need a solid soundtrack. so the soundtrack was just so so in the sense that you would not remember (to hum) the songs played. (full house and princess hour’s main songs were so damn good!)


i find myself yearning to watch this again. and this week i had the time to watch snippets of the scenes i wanted. since i watched it in low volume (roommate considerations!) and in a small tv (my media player can’t play the disc), i realized that there are many things i ought to know about. well, there are also “kilig” scenes that i really like watching again and again. for one the scene where han gyul asks eun chan what kind of proposal she wants in episode 15. and she jokingly answers a big diamond ring, 100 roses, etc. han gyul jokingly showed he was pissed (a little bit perhaps coz he really wanted to marry her), and the way eun chan charmed her way to make him “unmad” was just so sweet. also, the scene in ep 17 where ha rim suggestively asks the two if they’ve slept together is totally hilarious. i could go on and on but i have time constraints!


five stars for tweaking and telling a common story in an original, natural and totally believable manner.

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  1. sorry but as opposed to what you said…. it’s not REALISTIC at all and by the end it got boring and desperate

  2. ive watched goong, full house and coffee prince and personally ai always fast forwarded when watching goong because it can be boring at times with the same feeling i get from the actors, in full house although the story is obviously unrealistic and impossible i loved it soo much and got hooked up because of the way the actors played the part which made the whole story alive and i can watsh it 100 times without getting tured… prince………..— umm i did watsh it without fasforwarding but i dnt think its rewatchable because i dnt even want to watsh it again…….

  3. Thanks for your review. I have just watched it … and totally agree with you!

  4. i feel great watching coffee prince! it was really cool to tackle social issues like about homosexuals.. it wasnt discussed directly, but the point of fighting for ur feelings against all odds seem to advocate acceptance for the third sex. at least as what i have seen.. 😀 i hope they will make a sequel..

  5. I agree to you also,..i often watch korean drama series,but coffee prince is different from the others,it mix beetwen commedy and sad romance but unusual story. Even it won’t be happened in a reality life,but it turns so natural. i felt watching this,without any pressure,and never know the next happened it will the end,.for me,love scene btween Eunchan and Gong Yoo si more powerfull than anything.tx for ur reviews.reminds me everthing of it.

  6. heheh mas yadong nkaka kilig ang coffe prince ..gusto kungang eriwind plage….grabe ang ganda tlaga ng story……

  7. san makapunta cla dito no..lalong lalo na c ANDIE GO …heheh..wish ko lang…

  8. arthur punta ka naman dito sa pilipinas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. wonder if yoon eun hye is still a virgin…

  10. I totally agree with this review and I totally disagree with the 1st person who commented. It was such a refreshing and loveable drama. Despite the weird storyline, CP to me felt the most realistic in all the dramAs I’ve watched. I fell head over heels for this drama and I don’t even know why. I would watch it again, but maybe in a year or so..

    I love this drama more than goong. To me goong was good the first 1/2, and got draggy and desperate in the middle. There was too much drama for me. I only finished it because of the main lead actor (the prince)because he charmed me over. It was pretty predictable, but is STILL a good drama. the ending was much better than I thought it would.

    I love Full House, who couldn’t. It’s a classic. The story was so cute and funny. and the on screen romance was wonderful. It had really good soundtrack and is totally a rewatchable drama… I don’t know what else I could say about it. 🙂

    yep full house and Cp would be in my top 3 dramas along with my girl

  11. and then maybe goong would come in 4th or 5th..

  12. nonetheless goong is still a must watch, if you can bear 3/4 episodes in the middle and not punch your tv/computer screen because of the annoying/evil people

    and thinking about it again it wasn’t just the prince that kept me watching…

  13. i don’t know why, but i like Coffee Prince more after watching it the second time. i guess it’s partly because i had to get over YEH’s character first in Goong.

  14. i totally agree wid your review.coffe prince is realie a refreshing and sweet drama.i loved the characters…esp eun chan.i fell in love with han gyul. i can watch it 100 times…i realie luved it.the scencs between han gyul and eun chan is simply soooooo chweet i feel like watching it over and over.
    i’ve watched full house as well and song hye kyo and rain are so great together.well full house is my most favourite k-drama.after it comes this coffee prince

  15. hi! i enjoyed reading this hahaha.. since i’m a
    yoon eun hye lover ^_^

    hope you could also make a category about lee yeon hee
    and her movies and dramas…. specially “a millionaire’s first love”

    hope this’ll be an active blog ^_^
    onti nlng kse mga pinoy na may gn2 haha…

  16. I regret every second I wasted it in watching this drama, It really doesn’t need that much of episodes and the story isn’t unique nor new.the beginning was good but then… mmm
    BORING is the word would fit, I fast forwarded most of the episodes.
    sorry but a lot of Korean dramas is much better than this one.

  17. I agree with [lovelymix].

    I’m at Episode 11 now and I find myself fast forwarding most of the scenes because it’s irritating how Han Kyul keeps blowing hot and cold on Eun Chan. The parts I really like are the parts with Eun Chan and Han Sung, and the parts with Ha Rim, Min Yeop, Sun Ki and Hong. Like Lovelymix said, this show doesn’t need that many episodes. Relationship building is fine, but too much and it becomes too draggy. The first part was awesome though, when it still had a light and fun mood. 🙂

    • I agree with you! It does become draggy!! I’m doing the same thing as you! I watched till episode 7 and i just skipped to he last episode! The stoyline is pretty repetative …

    I could watch this drama a million times.
    sooo cute~

    Unlike hana yori dango, boys over flowers, all the ones where they act stupid and unrealistic..
    this one is so much better ❤

  19. To me, I only watched till episode 7 and it’s a little bit odd, but it’s really addicting. The only thing is that the the whole story is just around the same group of actors for 17 episodes! I rather like Hana Kimi (taiwan version), kinda similar with gender, but it’s really addicting in a good way, it’s not as boring.

  20. This is actually just my second K-Drama to watch. It clicked for me. Honestly, I found it very awkward sometimes during the supposedly guy-to-guy romantic scenes but I managed to bear through it all just by simply focusing on Eu Chan’s angelic face w/c made me forget the concept of her being a guy. It was a good series for me period. I wont go into details and pretend I know a lot about disecting the anatomies of movies and etc. But as a normal average viewer, this K-Drama was very interesting from the beggining and will make you fall in love with the story towards the last chapters. Its a love story all of us would always want to happen in our lives. It not an original concept but it still gave me a good feeling everytime I think about all the characters and some selected scenes.

  21. I just watched the first episode and I was really bored, the story was too slow.. I hope it get better with the follow caps :/

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