natutulog ba ang diyos? week 9

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 9 september 10-13

Bernardo tells Andrew that he is his real father, and Patria is his biological mother! This takes Andrew off guard, and he begins to doubt his identity as Rose and Mike’s son. Things head a turn for the worse as Andrew’s grades drop, and an angry Mike wonders out loud from whom exactly he got his grades, as he and Rose were good students before. Unable to take it anymore, Andrew tells Mike that maybe he’s not their son, and walks out.

Soon, Rose goes to his son’s room, and he asks her whether he’s adopted. Rose of course, debunks this, and assures his son that he’s their child. Rose talks to Mike about this, and her husbnad mentions that Bernardo dropped by their house to ask for help, as Patria’s condition is getting worse. Rose then wonders whether Bernardo and Patria are glued to their lives forever.

Andrew gets into a fight with his friends, as they make fun of Gillian, as she’s a maid. However, that doesn’t change his feelings for Gillian a bit.

Emma hints to Rose that maybe Andrew and Gillian are more than just friends, and Rose begins to snoop around for a confirmation. After all, she’s still bothered that Gillian will follow Patria’s footsteps, as she’s still not over Patria and Mike’s one night stand that nearly caused their marriage!

However, Rose doesn’t confirm anything, and decides to confront Andrew instead. It so happened that Andrew and Gillian were having a fight that time, as Andrew was mad about the dean’s decision not to give him another chance, as he hit one of his friends while trying to defend Gillian. Rose sees the two fighting and asks about it, and threatens her son that she will personally send him over to the States if ever she confirms the two having a relationship!

Meanwhile, Trish and Mark decide to enroll in Andrew’s university, where Gillian is also studying. One day, Gillian decides to talk to their dean to plead for Andrew’s behalf, as he got into trouble because of her! On her way, she bumps into Mark and hugs him, as Trish enters the picture. Gillian then explains that they’re just like siblings, and nothing more. However, Trish gets mad at Mark for looking so hurt when Gillian said that. Andrew sees all of this also, and gets jealous!

As such, he confronts Gillian, who was just on her way out of the dean’s office. This angers Gillian, who walks away, and Andrew ends up getting called by the dean, to let him know that he can take the remedial exams again all because of Gillian! At home, Rose confronts Gillian about Andrew getting into trouble because of her, and lets her know that she should never forget her place in Rose’s house!

What will Gillian do now? Will she break up with Andrew now that Rose is keeping a watchful eye on them? Will Andrew keep doubting his identity as Rose and Mike’s son? Find out tonight, in Sineserye Presents Natutulog ba ang Diyos, only here on your Kapamilya Primetime Bida!

The dean talks to Andrew, to let him know that Gillian pleaded for his behalf, convincing the dean to give Andrew another chance. Gillian on the other hand, gets confronted by Rose, reminding her to know her place in their house. As such, Gillian tries to make a conscious effort to avoid Andrew, as things head a turn for the worse. Andrew then gets confused, and sad at the same time, as Gillian seems to brush him off nowadays.

Soon Andrew overhears Mike and Rose aruing about him, and he interrupts them, telling them that if not for Gillian, the deanw ouldn’t have given him another chance. This gets the couple thinking, as Rose feels guilty for being harsh on Gillian because of Patria and Mike’s one night stand, while Mike thinks that maybe he’s being too hard on Andrew. Rose then admits that the reason he doesn’t want Andrew and Gillian to be together is that she wants Bernardo and Patria cut off from their lives!

Meanwhile, Emma talks to Mark about Trish, whom she found crying. Mark explains that he didn’t mean to hurt Tirsh, and he apologzied to her tons of times already. Emma then calls Gillian names, and an angry Mark snaps, and tells his mother that he’s just a mere son who has to follow everything his mother says!

Soon Mike tells Gillian about Bernardo’s little visit, and Gillian gets alarmed at the news of Patria getting sick! Also, Andrew pays Patria a visit much to her joy, to confront her whether he is really their son!

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