natutulog ba ang diyos? week 8

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 7 september 3-6

Patria drives Gillian away, as she knows that she’s better off with her real parents! Gillian then wonders about this and talks to Andrew, thinking that maybe she’s not Patria and Bernardo’s real daughter!

Meanwhile, an angry Rose attends to Mike’s needs, who pleads her to trust him, which she doesn’t agree to, out of anger. Bernardo then asks his friend, Raul, to help him get back Mike’s five million from the goons he hired before, but Patria asks him to stop, and the two end up fighting.

Mike soon goes home, and Gillian welcomes them. However, Rose treats her coldly! On the other hand, Bernardo gives Patria a fishball stand, but Tina treats her harshly, while Boy applies for a carwash job! Rose then goes to lunch with Emma, and Emma tells her it’s okay to treat Gillian harshly, even if Rose tells her that she’s feeling guilty already.

Mike also tells Gillian to be patient with Rose, and a kind-hearted Gillian tells him that it’s okay with her. Tina then hurls insults at Patria, hurting Patria! Soon Boy pays Gillian a visit to happily tell her that Patria drove her away so that she will have a good life!

Rose finally agrees to let Gillian study until college, but coldly tells Gillian that she should get a job once she graduates, as she doesn’t want to have Gillian as extra baggage forever! Gillian happily agrees, and Andrew also gladly gets her forms for registration. Mark also drops by to give her a bag, as he heard she’s going to the same school as him and Andrew, but their talk gets interrupted by Emma, Mark’s mother!

Mark rushes to his mother’s side, who gets hysterical because of his father, and Mark promises to be by her side forever. Soon, Emma gets a major deal in Baguio, and informs everyone that she will be heading it, and Mark is coming along with her! As such, Mark decides to profess his feelings to Gillian, but Gillian instead tells him that he and Andrew are her special friends! Andrew overhears this, and makes a way for them to spend time alone, even if it hurts him a lot!

Meanwhile, Bernardo hears that Minerva got caught, and gets more paranoid, making Tina think that he had some part in Mike’s shooting! Also, Karla, Minerva’s daughter seeks refuge in Gillian’s home for a while, as she doesn’t have anyone to turn to!


Gillian and Andrew head for Baguio for an errand, and the two see Trish hanging out in Mark’s pad! This causes an uneasy silence between the four, which is broken by Emma’s welcome greetings for Andrew. Emma then treats Gillian as a maid, and makes her feel worse by telling her that Trish and Mark have been together for three months! As such, Gillian tries her best to avoid Mark, puzzling him. As Gillian and Andrew leave for Manila, Trish tells Mark that his mother told her about her little lie to Gillian, making Mark confront his mother!

On their way home, Andrew asks Gillian if she’s in love with Mark, but she refuses to answer. Meanwhile, Mike and Rose finally iron things out, while chaos against meet Bernardo and Patria’s household, as their financial and personal problems pile up. Andrew asks again Gillian if she’s in love with Mark, irritating her! As such, she demands to know why, and Andrew finally tells her that he’s in love with her, and kisses her on the lips! This surprises Gillian, and Mark, who sees it all!

Andrew kisses Gillian, and Mark sees it! This surprises Gillian, and Andrew apologizes, and walks out. He then sees Mark, who asks him whether he’s with Gillian now, and Andrew surprisingly says yes! Mark then leaves, and tells Andrew to take care of her. In Baguio, Trish tries to win his heart, but unfortunately fails. after two years, they all graduate, and Trish leaves for the States. However Mark tells her not to go, as he needs her! Also, Gillian finally says her “yes” to Andrew, and the two officially become a couple!

Things head a turn for the worse as Patria discovers she has lupus, and needs to undergo dialysis or a kidney transplant immediately in order to live! As such, Bernardo gets desperate and tries to steal from his boss, but ends up getting beaten up! He then turns to Mike for help, but Mike,w ho’s had enough of him an dhis wife, turns him down! Bernardo then turns to Andrew, who in anger, insults him and Patria! Unable to take it in anymore, Bernardo tells Andrew the truth: that Patria is his real mother!

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