natutulog ba ang diyos? week 7

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 7 august 27-30

Patria finally softens up to Gillian, and offers her to go to school! On the other hand, Mark finds doing the commercial difficult, and Trish advises him to think of the woman he loves, so as to do a good job! Meanwhile, Gillian notices that Mark hasn’t been around lately, while Mark ends up doing a great performance!

Meanwhile, Bernardo calls up his goons and tells them about Mike’s meeting with Minerva, as he’s about to give her five million pesos in a certain warehouse! At home, Bernardo tells Patria about his plans, that he’s going to get his share of Minerva’s five million pesos as well! Patria prohibits him to go, but Bernardo leaves, and he and Mike go on their way. Soon, Bernardo’s goons act out, and Mike ends up getting shot!

Rose gets worried about Mike, and a fidgety Andrew ends up telling her the truth! Soon, Bernardo calls up Rose, to tell her that Mike got shot! Patria sends Gillian to Mike’s house to ask about Bernardo and Mike, and a tearful Rose tells her that Mike got shot! Karla also heads straight to Gillian, to tell her everything! At the hospital, a doctor informs Rose that Mike is in a 50-50 condition! An angry Andrew confronts Bernardo, and tells him that he should be the one who got shot instead of Mike! Meanwhile, Rose asks Andrew if ther’s something that his father is still hiding from her!

Mike gets shot all because of Bernardo, so when the police arrive at the hospital to investigate, he makes a beeline to the exit, to avoid suspicion! However, Mike, who’s now out of danger, decides not to press any charges against anyone, much to the police’s dismay. Meanwhile, Karla heads to Gillian’s house, and tells Patria that Mike got shot! It then dawns on Patria that this is all Bernardo’s doing, and she cries in anguish!

On the other hand, Gillian tells Karla how pissed she is at Andrew, as she recently discovered that it was he who gave her the stuffed toy. Karla then tells her that Andrew has his own reasons, but she’s sure that he didn’t want her to be put in any danger. She even adds that it was Andrew who paid a man 25,000 pesos at the club, so Gillian will be able to go home safely! As such, Gillian heads to the hospital to patch things up with Andrew, much to his joy!

A wounded Mike tells Rose that Patria was the woman in the picture, and an angry Rose drives  them away, thinking that Patria and Mike are having an affair! Andrew tries to tell her that it’s not the case, but Rose refuses to believe every word he says! As such, Patria, Bernardo, Tina and Boy leave Rose’s mansion, leaving Gillian behind, who’s at the hospital, visiting Mike! Bernardo tells his family that they should leave immediately, as he’s on the brink of getting imprisoned! To make things worse, his goons split the five million among themselves, leaving Bernardo with nothing!

Andrew and Rose decide to go out, but Minerva goes wild, and points a gun at their heads, saying that she didn’t get her five million! She then threatens to make Rose as a hostage, if Mike wouldn’t give her what she wants! What will happen to them now? No doubt, things get more interesting in Sineserye Presents Natutulog ba ang Diyos, so better not miss an episode!

Minerva arrives at the scene, and plans to take Rose as hostage! Fortunately for them, Gillian arrives at the scene as well, and proceeds to hit Minerva, saving them all from harm! An angry Rose then vows to have Minerva imprisoned, while Bernardo and Patria mull over Andrew. Bernardo then thinks of a plan to get the five million pesos from the goons he contacted before. Patria then tells him not to go after the money anymore, or else she will leave him.

Meanhwile, Emma talks to Rose, and relays how she was hurt when her husband left her for his secretary. She then manipulates Rose to fight for her man. At their new home, Boy notices Patria crying, and thinks that she was missing Gillian. On the other hand Rose coldly talks to Gillian, who decides to look for her parents. Boy finds her and brings her to their new home, thinking that Patria was longing for her. However, Patria drives her away, much to Gillian’s despair, and Boy’s shock!

Gillian then has no choice but to go back to Rose’s mansion, while Boy confronts Patria about her actions!

Patria drives Gillian away, as she knows that she’s better off with her real parents! Gillian then wonders about this and talks to Andrew, thinking that maybe she’s not Patria and Bernardo’s real daughter!

Meanwhile, an angry Rose attends to Mike’s needs, who pleads her to trust him, which she doesn’t agree to, out of anger. Bernardo then asks his friend, Raul, to help him get back Mike’s five million from the goons he hired before, but Patria asks him to stop, and the two end up fighting.

Mike soon goes home, and Gillian welcomes them. However, Rose treats her coldly! On the other hand, Bernardo gives Patria a fishball stand, but Tina treats her harshly, while Boy applies for a carwash job! Rose then goes to lunch with Emma, and Emma tells her it’s okay to treat Gillian harshly, even if Rose tells her that she’s feeling guilty already.

Mike also tells Gillian to be patient with Rose, and a kind-hearted Gillian tells him that it’s okay with her. Tina then hurls insults at Patria, hurting Patria! Soon Boy pays Gillian a visit to happily tell her that Patria drove her away so that she will have a good life!

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