natutulog ba ang diyos? week 6

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it here.

week 6 august 20-23

Patria starts to tell Andrew the truth, but gets interrupted by Bernardo! As such, Andrew walks out, telling Bernardo that  he already knows the truth! This surprises Bernardo, but Andrew continues by telling him about Minerva’s blackmail! He angrily threatens Bernardo again, as his family became Minerva’s victims all because of them!

On the other hand, Mike and Rose get into a confrontation, and Mike ends up explaining that the woman in the picture is not his mistress, but only a one night stand, which happened more than fifteen years ago! Rose gets reassured, while Mike tells Andrew not to tell Rose that Patria’s in the picture, so as not to cause more trouble.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing within Patria’s family, as Tina voices out her hatred towards her mother, and adds that she will run away if given the chance! Also, Patria tells Bernardo how much she wants to reclaim Andrew, and grieves over the mess they got into. At their mansion, Mike tries to convince Andrew that hiding the identity of the woman in the picture from Rose, is the best thing to do, but Andrew remains unconvinced.

Mike and Rose finally patch things up, as Mike tells Rose that the girl in the picture was just a one night stand. However, he doesn’t tell her that it’s Patria, and requests Andrew not to tell his mother about it. He adds that he’s driving Patria and her whole family away, as he thinks that they’re the root of all his problems! Andrew pleads him not to, and asks him to think of Gillian’s welfare, but Mike just tells him that there’s nothing he can do, as it’s the only way for his family to have peace.

At the office, Emma pushes her son, Mark to attend her meeting with Mr. Crisostomo, even if Mark doesn’t want to. Meanwhile, Mike drops by the hospital to pay for Patria’s bills, and on the way, he tells Bernardo that he’s going to give Minerva what she wants, so that she can finally leave his family alone!

At the hospital, Mike voices out his doubts on Patria, even if Patria insists that she doesn’t have anything to do with her friend’s ploy! She then adds that she loves Mike, which Bernardo painfully overhears! Fifteen years ago, Mike and Patria met, and what was just a one night stand for Mike was an eye-opening realization for Patria, as she realized that she has fallen for him! However, since her prospects of ending up with him are slim, she goes for Bernardo instead, who more than willingly asks for her hand in marriage! Until now, however, Patria still harbors romantic feelings for Mike, which is something that until now, Bernardo wasn’t aware of.

Now that his business with Patria is done, Mike drops the bomb to Bernardo: he wants them to leave as soon as Patria gets out of the hospital!

Bernardo thinks that 50,000 is not enought to start a new life, so he decides to pay Minerva a visit, and demands that he get half of the five million she’s asking from Mike! However, he ends up getting beaten up, much to his dismay! Meanwhile, Andrew confides to Karla, and tells her that he was the one who paid 25,000 for Gillian, as he wants to make sure she’ll be able go home safe. Karla then asks him why he didn’t tell Gillian all about it, and he just replies that there are some things that should be kept as a secret.

On the other hand, Patria ponders on her life, and Gillian assures her that everything will be alright. At their home, Bernardo catches Tina stealing from him, and Tina eventually blurts out that she wants to run away from them, as her parents are too focused on their problems to actually care for their children! Bernardo then hugs his daughter, and promises her that soon, everything will work out fine.

Meanwhile, Minerva calls up Rose again, to tell her that she’s not done yet! As such, Rose gets mad, and asks her husband why hasn’t he reported Minerva yet to the police! What tricks does Minerva have on her sleeve?

Rose makes afuss, as Minerva gives her another call! She then confides to Andrew that she just wants the whole thing to end, and wonders whether they can just adopt Gillian instead. Andrew’s face lights up upon hearing this, but his happiness is just short-lived, as Rose tells him that they couldn’t do such a thing. On the other hand, Bernardo talks to a couple of goons, while Patria goes home, and is welcomed by Rose.

Everyone gathers in Rose’s house to eat, but they got interrupted by another phone call, this time from a bank, informing Rose of the withdrawn five million pesos from their account. Rose asks Mike for an explanation, but he lies to her instead. Soon, he contacts Minerva, and agrees to meet up with her to give her what she wants! On the other hand, Trish gets to talk to Mark, and informs him that she knows his mother is just pushing him to her! Soon, the two agree to be friends, and Trish promises Mark that she’ll be the first to avoid him if his mother forces him to be with her again.

Meanwhile, Bernardo tells Patria that Mike wants them out of his house immediately, so he won’t encounter prblems concerning them anymore! On the other hand, Gillian discovers that it was Andrew who gave her the stuffed toy!

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