natutulog ba ang diyos? week 11

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 11 september 24-27 

Bernardo falls asleep on Raul’s couch, after a night’s worth of drinking, unaware that Patria has already collapsed! Meanwhile, Gillian goes to Karla, who tells her that her mother is getting transferred to the city jail, as Rose and Mike pushed through with the case against her! They soon pay a visit to Minerva in jail, and Minerva tells Gillian her apologies, as they got dragged in the mess she created! On the other hand, Bernardo goes to the hospital to find Patria weak. As such, Boy tries to find a way to get 25,000 pesos for his mother’s dialysis! As luck would have it, he bumps into Andrew, and he lashes at him!

Boy then goes to a 5-6, to try to borrow 25,000 pesos! However, he gets turned down, as his capacity to pay is quite doubtful! Soon Boy heads to the hospital in tears, and Andrew follows him. On the other hand, Mike tells Rose that they’re going to push through with the DNA test, and he assures his wife that they’ll never give up Andrew that easily, and he’ll make Bernardo pay for what they did to Gillian, if ever she turns out to be their real child!

Soon, Boy tells her mother a lie, saying that she’s going to get better, and Andrew overhears this. Patria then tells Boy to give up, as she feels that her body is about to give. Andrew then goes home, and talks with his mother, and apologizes for being rude, as he got shocked by Gillian’s disappearance! Rose then tells her that Gillian’s disappearance is making her uncomfortable, and she feels really guilty for everything.

At the hospital, Boy and Patria discover that a mysterious benefactor paid for her dialysis, much to their surprise, and joy! One night, Bernardo and his friend Raul drink, and Raul tells him that they should use force on Mike, so they can get what they want! Soon, Andrew celebrates his birthday, and sadly remembers Gillian, who’s supposed to celebrate her birthday as well! Mike then arrives, and hands them their plane tickets to the States, and tells Rose and Andrew that they’re leaving for the States the following day!

Mike informs his family that they’ll be leaving for the States right away, while Gillian goes to school to refund her tuition fee! Karla asks her if she’s sure about it, but Gillian just gives her silence as a response. On the other hand, Mark greets Andrew a happy birthday, and Andrew asks him a favor, as he informs his best friend that Gillian is missing! Also, Gillian tells Karla that she’ll be going to her family, to give the money she refunded so she can help them out. She then heads home, and she learns that Patria got rushed to the hospital! Gillian then bumps into an angry Boy, who demands what she’s doing there! He then lashes out at Gillian for leaving! Gillian then explains her side, as she left to look for money! She then shows him the money she refunded, and assures her little brother that they’ll eventually find a way, somehow.

On the other hand, Mark and Andrew head to the hospital where Patria is confined to look for Gillian, but they bump into Bernardo instead! Bernardo then again insists that Patria is Andrew’s mother, much to Mark’s shock! Gillian then calls Rose up, to let her know that she refunded her tuition fee, to help out with Patria’s medical bills. Rose then softens her heart to Gillian, and asks her to stay with them instead. However, Gillian says no, as she thinks Rose and Mike have helped her a lot already, and that her family needs her more than ever right now!

Rose then pleads Mike not to leave for the States, as she doesn’t want to leave Gillian alone. She then explains that maybe, just maybe, they are Gillian’s real parents! On the other hand, Andrew tells Mark about Bernardo, telling him that he is their real son, which bothers him a lot. Mark then asks him that what if he and Bernardo and Patria’s real son, and an astonished Andrew stares back at him in silence, as maybe, Gillian is Rose and Mike’s real daughter after all! Mark also asks Andrew if Gillian knows, and his best friend says no. He then wonders whether Gillian may be at home, but as they prepare to go, Mark’s mother calls him up for an emergency!

Soon, Tina comes home, arguing with a guy who demands her to pay her debts! Boy then defends her, and the guy backs out. That night, Boy gives Gillian a gift for her birthday, who asks her to wish for something through it! She then tells him that she wished that their family will stick together no matter what, which Tina overhears! Meanwhile, Mark arrives at home, with a bracelet engraved with Gillian’s name on it. Emma insists that it was for Trish, and opens it for her, only to find out that it has Gillian’s name on it, Trish walks out, hurt, even if Mark explains that it’s his birthday gift for Gillian! Soon, Gillian hears somebody knocking on their door, and to her surprise, it’s Andrew! What will happen to them now? Find out in Sineserye Presents Natutulog ba ang Diyos!

Andrew rushes to hug Gillian, happy that she’s safe, but Gillian responds to him coldly. Andrew tells her that they will be leaving for the States the following day, but Gillian pretends not to be affected by it. Andrew then professes his love for her, and tells her that they should fight for their love. However, Gillian tells him that they should focus on their respective families first, and that it hurts her to stop loving him!

Emma then lashes at Mark for forgetting his anniversarry with Trish, and a fed up Mark tells her to stop pushing him to Trish, as he loves Gillian more! Mark then Andrew meet up, and Andrew tells him that everything’s over between him and Gillian! Mark then tells him that he’s having problems with Trish, as he got Gillian a gift, which Trish thought was for her! Andrew then gets irritated as he sees the bracelet with Gillian’s name on it, and Mark tells Andrew that he’s still in love with Gillian!

Mark then apologizes to Trish, who asks him if he still loves Gillian! Mark then tells her he still loves Gillian, while Andrew, Mike and Rose finally arrive in the States. Andrew then tells Rose that he thinks the reason why they’re having a check up is because they want to leave him behind! Rose of course says no, and she assures him of their love for him as parents! On the other hand, Gillian finally shows herself to Patria, who offers their home for her! Unfortunately, an irate Bernardo comes in, and demands an explanation from Gillian!


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