natutulog ba ang diyos? week 10

(source:  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 10 september 17-20

In a fit of rage, Bernardo tells Andrew that he and Patria are his real parents! This disturbs Andrew a lot, so he heads to Patria for a confrontation! Unfortunately for Patria, he begs her to tell him that Bernardo was lying, and that she’s not his real mother! This hurts Patria a lot, but she tells Andrew what he wants to hear. Satisfied, Andrew leaves the place, and gives her money, as he thinks that the only thing that they’re after!

On the other hand, Rose snoops in Andrew’s room while he’s gone, and he sees a ring Andrew’s supposed to give Gillian! She gets enraged by this, and confronts Andrew the minute he got home! As such, Andrew tries to cover up for this by saying that it’s a one-sided relationship, as Gillian is too focused on her studies to be bothered by romance. However, Rose warns him that she will personally send Gillian away if she finds out that two are having a relationship!

As such, Andrew tries to sneak out one day to have a little chat with Gillian. However, he sees her talking with Mark, making him stop dead in his tracks. Mark then comments how far the two have gone already, as he thinks Gillian and Andrew have been together since their trip to Baguio. Gillian says that it’s barely a year that they have been together, making Mark wonder! However, he soon gets a chance to talk to her afterwards, and blurts out that he has confirmed Patria’s sickness! This makes Gillian mad, as she thinks that as a boyfriend, Andrew shouldn’t have held anything from her! Soon, Mark arrives at Andrew’s house and angrily lunges at him, throwing both themselves in the pool.

Mark confronts Andrew about his relationship with Gillian, as it turned out that Andrew lied to him by saying that he and Gillian have been together since they got back from Baguio! As such Mark shoves Andrew in the pool, and Gillian learns the whole story! An angry Gillian then storms out, hurt that Andrew lied to her!

On the other hand, Tina leaves their house, and Patria runs after her! Soon Patria collapses, and has to be rushed to a nearby hospital! There, Bernardo discovers that Patria needs to undergo dialysis, which will cost them 25,000 pesos every week! However, Bernardo promises Patria that he will do something to make her well!

Meanwhile, Andrew tries his best to succceed in school, but fails miserably. He writes to Gillian, explaining his predicament regarding his identity, and places the ring alongside the letter. Soon, Gillian talks to him, and encourages him to be strong, and returns the ring, making it evident that she doesn’t want to be with him. Soon, hsi grades arrive, disappointing his parents. Gillian then explains that it’s due to Bernardo and Patria, as they claim to be Andrew’s real parents! As such, Rose heads to Patria’s house for a confrontation!

Gillian tells Rose and Mike that maybe the reason why Andrew flunked was because Bernardo told him that he and Patria are his real parents! This enrages both Mike and Rose, and Rose decides to confront Patria about it! There, she tells Patria how cold-hearted they are to play with Andrew’s mind just because they wanted to milk cash out of them! Rose then tells Patria about how Bernardo went to Andrew and told him that he is his real father, making Andrew doubt his identity as Rose and Mike’s son, which led to his low grades! This baffles Patria, and she cries as Rose leaves.

On the other hand, Mike gets ready to leave the house, and Bernardo gets in his way! Mike then lunges at him, blaming him for Andrew’s low grades, which was a result of his surprise visit days before. However, Bernardo insists that he’s not lying, and makes Mike realize that he switched Patria and Rose’s babies when they gave birth! This angers Mike, but at the same time, bothers him as well!

Soon Rose comes home from her confrontation with Patria, and sees Gillian, which angers her even more! As such, she lashes out on the poor Gillian, and tells her that she knows that Andrew is in love with her! She then adds that she never fails to remind her of Patria and Bernardo, so Gillian tells her that maybe it’s time for her to leave! Soon she gives money to Boy, and tells him that she can’t go home yet, as she can’t be of any help. This hurts Boy, and he heads home, leaving Gillian behind!

Meanwhile, Rose sees a disturbed Mike, who tells her that maybe Bernardo and Patria were not lying! Rose doesn’t believe a word he says, but then realizes that there may be a nugget of truth from it, as she and Patria both gave birth at the same time! As such, she rushes to Gillian’s house, only to find it empty! She then pours her feelings to Mike, and tells him that she couldn’t forgive herself if something happens to Gillian!

Andrew tells Mark about his problems, as he thinks that Mike’s is sending him away to the States, because he flunked all his subjects. Andrew then apologizes to Mark for the trouble he caused him! Andrew then asksk Mark if he still loves Gillian, bur Mark says such things shouldn’t be talked about, as he and Trish are together now.

Bernardo convinces his friend to go back to their badly wounded accomplice, so that they’ll have an idea what to tell his family! They soon find out that their friend Badong is already dead! Out of desperation, Bernardo heads to Rose and Mike’s house, and Mike proceeds to beat up Bernardo, who tells them that he’ll blame them for Patria’s death, as they didn’t lend him money!

Meanwhile, Boy sees Patria lying on the floor, and asks help from everyone! She then gets rushed to the hospital, through the help of their neighbors. Boy is then left alone, as Bernardo could’t be find anywhere! Soon, Boy learns that his mother is in good hands, but in order for her to get well, she should undergo dialysis immediately!

On the other hand, Gillian manages to call up Karla and finds shelter with her friend, while Rose mulls over the events that happened the night before. The couple then agree to have a DNA test for Andrew to prove that Bernardo was lying, but Mike insists that they will never give up on Andrew no matter what.

Soon, Andrew discovers that Gillian is missing, and shouts back at his parents because of it! Soon Andrew calls up Karla, but Gillian cancels his call! Gillian then tells Karla that she doesn’t want to talk to Andrew, because she doesn’t want to be the cause for more problems for his family! Karla then asks Gillian that maybe she doesn’t love Andrew enough to fight for him! Alone, Gillian admits that she really loves Andrew, but their families keep getting in the way!

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