marian rivera not fit for marimar? i did think so but now i don’t think so


i’ve recently heart, yet again, another tabloid columnist questioning marian rivera’s capability and star power to bring marimar to a constant success in terms of tv ratings. 

1.   SHE LOOKS TOO SPINTERISH.  i also thought so. oh the power of packaging. she doesn’t look so now.

2.  SHE’S TOO WHITE.  well, she has tanned to fit the role.  too bad valeen montenegro still looks too white and matte at that. even though she’s (valeen) fair-skinned, she could have put some glow (shimmer) on her face.

3.  SHE LOOKS LIKE A MOTHER AND HAS PLAYED A MOTHER ROLE.  that was as the super twins’ mom.  oh again, the power of repackaging.

i think she fits the role now. and judging from watching at least two episodes, she seems to act the role of a naive and uneducated provincial lass very well. 

marimar is number one in overall ratings and i hope it does well. marian seems to be level headed and dingdong seems to really have internalized his role as sergio seriously. kinareer niya talga. and he looks very trim and sexy.

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  1. dear GMA,
    can you pls. give/show in the internet the whole story of MARIMAR.

    your televiewer,

  2. mariane rivera is not too good as marimar

  3. please don’t judge marian.. may feelings din naman cya.. D pala fit sa kanya ang role ng pagiging marimar huh?.., nagtataka lng aq.. inggit ba kayo sa kanya?.. sorie prangka lang aq..

  4. inggit lang kayo sa kay marian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. marian s so beautiful,lyk wn i 1st wtchd marimar,sobra,i thot she was d twn of thalia cz dr r alot of similarities on their facial features nd also dingdong??wAaaah…he’s so hOoooot!!!! katrina halili? dnt like her,mata pObre!!! nd wats up wd d hair???she looks better if her hair is that long, short hair?sOoo not bagay..mArian is way beautiful than her,too way beautiful,bagay cla ni dingdong….

  6. hello poh ang ganda nio pong umakting ate marian sana buksan mo friendster ko………. just add………

  7. parang palaging bangag c marian pag nagdadrama…..

  8. spinterish? o spinsterish? u’re kinda spinning huh m..g..! well im glad GMA has finally removed the face of angel locsin in their channel, afterol, kakasawa naman ang ganda niya unlike with ms. marian rivera, habang tinititigan lalu gumaganda AT! wala siyang hemiparesis, hindi siya ngiwi gaya ni angel!

  9. hi ms.marian..i do lyk the way u act but plz. do not always repeat your sentence or words especially when u get mad..but over-all,i like ur tandem with bagay!!!

  10. hai naku..buti nalang wala na c angel..ayoko xa pagnagdadrama..bagay sa kanya mag action star nalang..marian is more attractive than angel and the best compared to angel..

  11. hi…………. how r u???

  12. hi……… mariane add u me ha

  13. I like Marriane, the way she act it’s just natural. Bagay na bagay sila ni Dingdong (sana sila na lang).

  14. i like mariane .. gusto ko sya pag umaakting lalo syang gumganda at pa walang make up! nkikita ang knyang 2nay n ganda!.. u take care,, mariane

  15. sana may art 2…

  16. thalia forever

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