where do rain, song hye kyo and other k-stars live?


(source: popseoul)

this article was about korean stars displaying flags outside their homes and liberation day but to quote popseoul…

“it is interesting to see where the stars live! Rain and Ms. Song must be raking it in to live in a house in one of Korea’s most expensive neighborhoods -Samsong-dong. Similarly, Han Chae-young lives in an luxury condo in Samsong-dong. Close by in Nonhyun-dong is Kim Hee-sun and Jeon Do-yeon in Apk-jong. Perhaps this explains why I spotted her waltzing in Krispy Kremes at Apku station!”

Image: Sportseoul


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  1. i love you
    kiss you lee young-ae
    i love you

  2. I am so happy to know Song Hye Kyo, my dream girl
    lives in a good neighborhood. However, I hope she does not go out often, as Rain seems lives in the
    same area and I hate it – I am jealous.

  3. lee young ae

  4. i want Rain fall love with Hyekyo bec they look like really couple in the future.please have a new movies that have Rain Hyekyo

  5. Love this couple so much, Rain and Hyekyo.You’re right together. Wish to hear their good news in the future.

  6. i love song hye kyo and bi and i hope that they would announce their wedding soon! but first they have to admit that they are lovers… it is so obvious but they just won’t admit it…

  7. rain and song hye kyo look good together.i want to see them again working in another movie/tv series. i hope in real life they are together! =)

  8. i dont know about rain. but i know about Song Hye kyo and Song Seung-heon. i just luurrrveee them. they look so cute together. will anyone post some info about the two of em? after watching autumn tale im having this craze to watch korean dramas. its really just too good.Autumn tale is the most most beautiful and touching drama ive ever seen. pls some one tell me about this couple. 😀

  9. i really like rain & song hye kyo.. they look so good together, i loved their tv series full house & i wish they could do another film or tv series again. well, much better if they were really sweet hearts for real!!!

  10. I LOVE THE KOREA NOVELA full house,i ask something??????bi rain and song hye kyo is a couple i hope that in real life both of them are together……

  11. bi rain and song hye kyo is a perfect couple…..hehehe…i really really loved the song of full house….

  12. bi and hye kyo, can you both love each other,ok?

  13. i hope that full house will have season 2 and so on…
    song hye kyo and bi rain is a very perfect couple
    i wish they are soulmates

  14. i thought i saw them in the internet with two children.
    (boy and girl)
    they are wearing red clothes

  15. Поставьте Akismet

  16. common rain now you will have to declare your girlfriend in front of media b’coz every asian girl is getting curious and due to this curiosity and jealousy tyey are getting fever but not more than me i love you rain all the very best in your upcoming life

  17. Сейчас кроме нашей основной деятельности не стоит забывать о регулярной антикризисной медитации

  18. а я больше всётаки по части тюнинга…

  19. song hye kyo deserves to have a nice home. She is really nice.

  20. I want to see her more often. Please publish more about her.

  21. song hye kyo looks like a barbie doll

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