marimar (thalia)…the second mexican version

(source: wikipedia, but i made necessary corrections)

Marimar is a Mexican TV telenovela that was originally broadcast in 1994 on Televisa. Marimar is a remake of the telenovela La venganza, which aired on Televisa in 1977 and starred Helena Rojo and Enrique Lizalde.

It is very popular in Latin America, Brazil, the United States, among French Overseas Network viewers in the French overseas departments and territories and Portuguese-speaking countries (via Brazil) in Africa and one of the most viewed soap opera in the Philippines and Indonesia. According to the daily Ivoir ‘Soir, “At 7.30 p.m. precisely, Marimar begins and life grinds to a halt in Côte d’Ivoire.” Singer Thalía is the soap’s major star.

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1 Cast
2 Storyline
3 Philippine remake

[edit] Cast
Thalía as MariMar Pérez/María del Mar Aldama Pérez alias “Bella Aldama”
Eduardo Capetillo as Sergio Santibáñez
Miguel Palmer as Gustavo Aldama
Alfonso Iturralde as Renato Santibáñez
René Muñoz as Padre Sito Porres
Chantal Andere as Angélica de Santibáñez
Ada Carrasco as Mamá la Cruz
Tito Guízar as Papá Pancho
Pituka de Foronda as Tía Esperanza
Ricardo Blume as Fernando Montenegro
Guillermo García Cantú as Bernando Duarte
Frances Ondiviela as Brenda Icaza
Amairani as Natalia Montenegro
Patricia Navidad as Isabel
Fernando Colunga as Adrian Rosales

[edit] Storyline
Marimar is a poor, innocent girl who lives with her grandparents in a hut on the beach, in “San Martín de la Costa”, by the ocean. She falls in love with Sergio, a soccer player and the son of a wealthy man who has beachfront property. To spite his father and his young stepmother, Sergio marries Marimar; however, he falls deeply in love with her.

Sergio’s stepmother, Angélica, despises Marimar because of her poverty, naïveté and innocence. She cruelly embarrasses Marimar, often demeaning her as an individual in front of her friends and guests. Sergio decides to go away to earn enough money to take Marimar away from his father’s house. After leaving Marimar alone with his family, Angélica frames Marimar and tells the cops that she stole a bracelet from her. Marimar is sent to jail.

While Marimar is in jail, Angélica orders one of her servants to burn down her grandparents’ hut with them inside, killing them both. She then forges Sergio’s handwriting and writes a letter to Marimar stating that he never loved her and wants a divorce. At this moment, Marimar decides that she will exact revenge from Sergio, his father, and Angélica.

With nothing left for her in San Martín de la Costa, Marimar relocates to Mexico City after her release from jail. She is offered a housekeeping position at the home of a wealthy older man, Gustavo Aldama, who takes a liking to Marimar and decides to train her to be an educated young lady. Marimar then assumes the identity of “Bella Aldama” and discovers that she is actually Gustavo Aldama’s daughter.

To show off her transformation to the world, Gustavo Aldama decides to take her into town, to the same places where, coincidentally, Sergio and his friends are. Fueled by revenge, “Bella” uses every opportunity to seduce Sergio, then reject his advances in order to spite him. (TRIVIA: she was pregnant all the while. nobody noticed until the end.) After her father’s death, Marimar inherits his wealth. Still fueled by revenge, she hatches an elaborate plot to bankrupt Sergio’s father and humiliate his stepmother Angélica, leaving them virtually homeless while Marimar becomes the proud owner of all their former properties. There is this famous scene where marimar asked angelica to pick up something in the mud with her mouth.

After Sergio divorces Marimar (though he is still secretly in love with her), Angélica is badly burned in a car accident and dies. In dire straits, Sergio marries a rich young woman, Innocencia, the owner of the next door hacienda. Innocencia later learns that she has a brain tumor, and after her surgery, she is so happy to be alive that she divorces Sergio so he can be free to marry Marimar. They finally marry.

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  1. salut

    je m’appelle nathalie j’aimerai avoir les news de thalia et si on est peut pas nous faire un site en francais.

    merci votre fan club depuis la republique democratique du congo ex zaire

    i lve you thalia

  2. oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur telenovela is very very very evry very successful and its very very nice keep up the good work………ur our fans here in the philippines all the people want to see u again in the tv we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. imadom a vilmeid fantasztikus ez a marimar sorozat:)

  5. hi Marimar and sergio when I was watching your Movie I thing you sre the sweetest guy on the hold world around you I like you sergio I love you so much
    from Maria Jannica Bonzon
    where do you live in the Philipines
    I from Christchurch

    See you soon oky

  6. o my god i grew up watching that show with many more rosalineda and many many more. there just so damm cute. when i was little in french gayana the whole family will stop everything 1 o’clok to watch it. And when it was over they’ll start it again. i’ve watch those entire series more like maybe 5 times.

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