la venganza (helena rojo)…the first mexican version of marimar


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La venganza is a 1977 Mexican telenovela made by Televisa, produced by Valentin Pimstein and directed by Rafael Banquells, starring Helena Rojo and Enrique Lizalde. Writing credits belong to Ines Rodena (original story), Maria Teresa Madero (adaptation) and Tere Medina (adaptation). La venganza is a romantic heroine story, combining elements of Charles Perrault’s Cinderella, George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion and William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew.

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[edit] Plot
María Olivares (Helena Rojo) is a beautiful but poor young provincial woman. Never having known her father and orphaned at a young age, she is raised by her maternal grandfather, Don Maximiliano (José Luis Jiménez). Her grandfather is a peasant farmer living in a hut on the grounds of his employers’land, a wealthy family, owners of Hacienda Narváez.

Javier Narvaez (Enrique Lizalde) is the handsome son and heir to half the Narvaez family fortune, who is visiting his brother Rafael (Javier Marc) and sister-in-law Carmen (Beatriz Sheridan). Javier is an independent young man and also a successful airline pilot. Rafael and Carmen meanwhile live on the Hacienda and operate the family business, viewing Javier as a sort of prodigal son, undeserving of his share of the family wealth.

María meets and falls in love with Javier during his visit to the Hacienda. María is captivated by Javier, who despite his wealth -and unlike his family- has a good soul and is unconcerned by social standings. Javier in turn, falls in love with María, realizing that her nature is even more attractive than her physical beauty.

However, Carmen and Rafael are against the relationship because Maria is poor. Carmen constantly humiliates Maria, at one point throwing a bracelet into the mud and forcing Maria to retrieve it with her teeth. Later, Carmen sets María’s house on fire, hoping to force her to move away. Tragically, María’s grandfather dies when her home burns down. María realizes it was an intentional act and bitterly vows to take a revenge against all the Narvaez. Meanwhile, Javier is unaware of Carmen’s actions and believes María has left him.

Now homeless and pregnant, María escapes to Mexico City. She arrives at the home of Alexander Balsameda (Roberto Cañedo), a sick elderly man, where she takes a job as his caretaker. Balsameda offers her protection not knowing that María is his long-lost daughter, yet he feels strangely drawn to her with fatherly concern. Once upon a time, Alexsander had also been forced to give up true love by his wealthy hotelier family more concerned with social standings. Now, when that same fate is being repeated with María and after many years of searching for her, destiny has intervened to bring father and daughter together.

After a confused incident, the truth of María’s heritage is discovered. Having lost her mother and grandfather, María realizes she still has family in this world. Unfortunately, Alexander soon dies from a heart attack, leaving María the Hotel of Santo Angelo.

Now an heiress, María takes on her rightful birth name, Alejandra Balsameda. She also proves to be a capable businesswoman managing her father’s hotel and fortune. Alejandra manages the hotel and has to confront new obstacles when she discovers that her father’s business associate, Dupré (Tony Carbajal) and his lover Andrea (Nelly Meden) are stealing from her.

With a new name, nice clothes and wealth, few people recognize her from her past life. Yet her life is still full of hatred and the desire for revenge. Now that she has inherited Alexsander’s wealth, María sees it as destiny’s way to help her achieve her revenge on the Narvaez family.

Fate seems to set circumstances in María’s (now Alejandra) favor to accomplish her revenge. To Alejandra’s surprise, the airline has placed employees as permanent residents in her hotel: Javier Narváez, Eduardo (Raymundo Capetillo) and flight attendant Sonia (Marcela Rubiales). Later, at a hotel party, Alejandra encounters Javier. He’s struck by the resemblance with María Olivares, but thinks he’s mistaken because Alejandra is a refined and elegant woman.

At the party, the Governor of San Angelo (Germán Robles) falls in love with Alejandra, while his daughter Lucy (Karina Duprez) becomes engaged to Javier. Alejandra’s beauty also attracts new arrival to San Angelo, the Sultan de Oman (Rogelio Guerra) is also madly in love with Alejandra. However, despite her wealth, refinement and the interest of other men, Alejandra’s desire for revenge continues to blind her to opportunities for happiness. Meanwhile, Rafael and his wife Carmen leave Hacienda Narváez to live in San Angelo.

Now that Alejandra has gotten restitution from Dupré and she is 100% owner of the hotel, Andrea becomes her employee, ally and confidant. Alejandra begins to plan her revenge with Andrea’s help. During a visit to the hotel, Rafael meets Andrea and falls in love with her. Andrea gets Rafael drunk and takes to the hotel’s casino every night.

Eventually, Rafael becomes addicted to gambling and alcohol, loses all his money and Andrea – following Alejandra’s orders – makes him sign an IOU with the Hacienda Narvaez as collateral, which he also loses. With Rafael’s great debt to the hotel, Alejandra demands payment, otherwise she will take possession of Hacienda Narvaez.

When Carmen finds out her husband’s predicament, she begs for mercy from Alejandra. Alejandra tells her to show up at the hotel the following day, where she will give her back the IOU. Before Carmen arrives, Alejandra orders a mud pit be built at the hotel and invites the governador, his daughter and Javier as witnesses. When Carmen arrives, Alejandra tells her in front of everyone that she will give her the IOU and forgive the debt if Carmen picks up the document from the mudpit with her teeth. Deperate and crying, Carmen throws herself toward the mudpit. However, Alejandra reaches for the IOU and retrieves it before Carmen humiliates herself, explaining that she cannot be as cruel as Carmen had been with her years before. Now that her identity has been revealed, everyone realizes that Maria and Alejandra are one and the same.

Javier wants to reestablish his relationship with Alejandra, but she says no. Javier decides to marry Sofía (Luz Adriana), who owns the lands next to his property at Hacienda Narvaez. Alejandra, utilizing a middleman buyer(Estela Chacón), makes an offer to Rafael Narváez for the Hacienda, which he accepts to avoid bankruptcy caused by his addictions. Carmen dies run over by a car, Rafael becomes an alcoholic and Alejandra returns as owner of Hacienda Narváez. Finally, Javier se divorces Sofía, begs Alejandra’s forgiveness and they marry.

[edit] CAST
Helena Rojo as María Olivares / Alejandra Balmaseda
Enrique Lizalde as Javier Narvaez
José Luis Jimenez as Maximiliano
Azucena Rodríguez as Rosa
Raymundo Capetillo as Eduardo
Aurora Cortes as Santa
Luz Adriana as Sofia
Nelly Meden as Andrea
Beatriz Sheridan as Carmen Narvaez
Tony Carbajal as Dupre
Javier Marc as Rafael Narvaez
Karina Duprez as Lucy
Patricia Davalos as Isabel
German Robles as Gobernador de St Angelo
Rogelio Guerra as Sultán de Omán
René Muñoz as Mohamed
Eugenia D’Asil as Esther
Miguel Angel Ferriz as José Luis
Roberto Cañedo as Alejandro Balmaseda
Héctor Gómez as Victor
Laura Zapata as Violeta
Odiseo Bichir as Caleta
Hector Cruz as Nazario
Marcela Rubiales as Sonia
Otto Sirgo as Alfonso
Magda Haller as Doña Clementina
Rebeca Silva Graciela Bernardos as Daniela
Jorge Fink as Padre Julian

[edit] Other Versions/Remakes
La indomable, 1974 original version made in Venezuela, starring Marina Baura and Elio Rubens.
Rosa Salvaje, 1987 remake, starring Veronica Castro, as well as Laura Zapata, who also appeared in La Venganza.
Marimar, 1994 remake by Televisa in Mexico, starring Thalia and Eduardo Capetillo.
Marimar, 2007 remake by GMA 7,starring Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes.

[edit] External links
Alma Latina: Mexican Telenovela Database [1

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  1. amazing naman at tama lahat ang infos mo sa blogs mo…keep it up!

  2. btw helena rojo sya naman ang kontrabida sa remake ng maria mercedes na Inocente de ti starring camila sodi the pamangking of thalia na orig marimar…galing naman mag kaka link link sila….

    and share ko lang na yung kontrabida naman sa Rosalinda na si Valeria Altamirano or Lupita ferrer ay nag bida naman sa pinag gayahan ng Maria La Del Barrio….4got the title but si lupita ang bida tlga.

    Soon siguru magiging villain na din si Thalia sa mga telenovelas.

  3. MariMar — both Mexican and Philippine versions are really loved by Filipinos. Thanks to Inez Rodena, the writer behind these successful teledramas.

  4. a donde puedo encontrar una copia para poder ver esta telenovela.Where can I get a copy of this novela so I can watch it.

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