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MariMar is a Philippine drama airing on GMA Network starring Marian Rivera, in the title role,[1] and Dingdong Dantes. It is a remake of the Mexican telenovela with the same title starring Thalia which was aired in 1994. It starts on August 13, 2007 as part of GMA Network weeknights primetime presentation, under the direction of movie directors Joyce E. Bernal and Mac Alejandre. On this remake, much liberty had been taken to provide back story to the characters, tweaking and twisting some plot elements to avoid it being too predictable, and adapting it to Philippine setting.

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1 Overview
1.1 1994 TV series
1.1.1 Popularity in the Philippines
1.2 2007 TV series
1.2.1 Casting Marimar
1.2.2 Production Crew
2 Plot synopsis
3 Series ratings
4 Episode guide (i’ll put in a separate entry next time)
5 Cast and characters
6 Guest cast
7 Changes from the Original
8 Marimar TV specials
9 Trivia

[edit] Overview

[edit] 1994 TV series
Main article: Marimar
Marimar was a Mexican TV telenovela that was first aired in 1994 on Televisa with singer-actress Thalía in the title role.

[edit] Popularity in the Philippines
The original Mexican telenovela was massive hit in the Philippines with ratings peaking on 46.5%, when it first aired on Radio Philippines Network (RPN) in 1996. The series’ success paved way to another Thalía telenovela Rosalinda which has the highest rating show ever recorded in the Philippine TV with a peak of 57.8% which aired on ABS-CBN. In April 2002, the original Marimar was re-aired on GMA as part of the Telebabad primetime block but was moved to a morning timeslot in June 2002. Maria la del Barrio also followed and re-aired on the same network.

[edit] 2007 TV series

[edit] Casting Marimar
GMA VP Wilma Galvante reveals it took some time to get the story rights of “Marimar” from Televisa, the owner of story rights of the Mexican Telenovela. Angel Locsin was the first choice to play the title role but she declined. The contract required that the Pinoy version be made before 2007 is over which prompted the network to give an auidition for the highly profiled role. GMA female artists such as Nadine Samonte, Katrina Halili, Jennylyn Mercado, Marian Rivera, Valerie Concepcion, Bianca King, Rhian Ramos, Glaiza de Castro, Jewel Mische and Karylle have all gone to the audition.

The role eventually went to Marian Rivera, who had 80% chance of winning the role,[2] beating her closest rival for the role Jennylyn Mercado.

[edit] Production Crew
This series is a comeback project for Joyce E. Bernal in TV and for GMA Network.[3]

Writers: Denoy Punio
Head Writer: Dode Cruz
Creative Consultants: Roy C. Iglesias
Executive Producer:
Production Manager: Redgynn S. Alba
Executive-in-charge of Creative: Anette Gozon-Abrogar
Executive-in-charge of Production: Wilma Galvante
Directed by: Joyce E. Bernal and Mac Alejandre

[edit] Plot synopsis
Gustavo marries Lupita despite his mother’s disapproval of their relationship. Things were further complicated when Lupita bore Gustavo a daughter – Marimar. Dolores, Gustavo’s mother, believes that Lupita married her son only for their wealth, and thus, will do everything to separate the two of them.

Dolores drugs Lupita and hires a man to make it look like that Lupita is having an affair. Gustavo is devastated to find Lupita sleeping with another man, which unknown to him, is a plot by his own mother. Dolores then demands Lupita to leave their property and never to come back into her son’s life.

It is too late, however, when Gustavo finds out the treachery of Dolores. He can no longer find Lupita or his daughter, who have gone into hiding. Lupita promises to her daughter that, one day, she, Marimar, will clear their names and claim what is rightfully hers.

Stricken with guilt, Gustavo leaves his parents and decides to live alone in Manila. He doesn’t lose hope that, one day, he will be able to find Lupita and Marimar.

Seven years had passed, but Gustavo’s efforts to locate the whereabouts of Lupita and Marimar remain fruitless. One day, Esperanza visits him, carrying with her the news of Gustavo’s parents’ fatal accident. Despite his ill feelings towards his mother, Gustavo went home to finally put closure to his past.

While visiting the grave of his parents, Silva came by to inform Gustavo the whereabouts of Lupita and Marimar. Gustavo doesn’t waste any time in rebuilding his family again. Lupita manages to forgive Gustavo, and Marimar is delighted to finally meet her father.

On their way back to Manila, the passenger plane on which they are crashes into the sea. The whole family is separated from each other, and Gustavo once again loses the family he has tried hard to rebuild. Lupita is later found, but is dead. However, Marimar was nowhere to be found.

Marimar is washed ashore to the next island. She is found by a childless couple, Cruz and Pancho, and upon discovering that Marimar suffers from amnesia, decide upon themselves to raise Marimar as their own grandaughter. Lola Cruz would eventually name her Marimar after seeing Marimar’s pendant necklace.

Marimar would then grow into an innocent naive young woman, whose innocence will be shattered by the world she thought was good to her.

[edit] Series ratings
Pilot episode of the Marimar remake last Monday, August 13, rated highly with more than 36.6 percent, which GMA Network wants to sustain until the series ends by January 2008.[4]

Mega Manila Ratings: N.B. Mega Manila ratings result is the ONLY acceptable piece of media research material for advertisers and broadcasters. Their business decisions are only based on what the Mega Manila ratings tell them.

Aug. 13: Marimar (Pilot) 36.6% vs. Deal or No Deal 26.5%
Aug. 14: Marimar 34% vs. Deal or No Deal 23.8%;
Aug. 15: Marimar 36.9% vs. Deal or No Deal 26%;

Cast and characters
Marian Rivera as MariMar Perez / Bella Aldama
Dingdong Dantes as Sergio Santibañez
Richard Gomez as Renato Santibañez
Buboy Garovillo as Padre Porres
Katrina Halili as Angelika Santibañez
Caridad Sanchez as Lola Cruz
Leo Martinez as Lolo Pancho
Jestoni Alarcon as Gustavo Aldama[5]
Bing Loyzaga as Esperanza
Bianca King as Natalia Montenegro
Manilyn Reynes as Corazon
Mike Tan as Choi
Nadine Samonte as Inocencia
Marky Lopez as Arturo
Mel Kimura as Perfecta
Gabby Eigenmann as Nicandro
Sheena Halili as Monica
Nigel (dog) as Fulgoso (Michael V. as voice)
Rufa Mae Quinto as Fifi (voice)

[edit] Guest cast
Ella Cruz as Young Marimar
Nicole Dulalia as Young Angelika
Rita Avila as Lupita Aldama
Jaime Fabregas as Don Augosto Aldama
Pilar Pilapil as Donya Dolores Aldama
Irma Idlawan as Silva
Leandro Baldemor as Brando

[edit] Changes from the Original
The theme song is changed yet keeps certain elements from the original.
MariMar’s dance will be incorporated into the show as a nod to the opening sequences of the original. In the original she dances in the opening credits but is not in essence a ‘dancer’ in the show itself.
Sergio is a pro NASCAR driver now, whereas in the original he was a professional soccer player.
A new character is introduced, Lupita Aldama – as MariMar’s mother, originally only seen in pictures. This is part of the flashback sequences that introduce MariMar’s childhood, loss of her parents and arrival at the Perez’s care.
Angelica is renamed to Angelika and is now MariMar’s childhood friend, whereas in the original she is a couple of years older. A new subplot is included wherein Sergio, who was her lover, refused to marry her and she then marries his father. Sergio uses MariMar to embarrass the family in revenge.
It appears that Inocencia, as Angelika’s sister was rewritten to be another character, the Santibanez’s secretary, which Angelika will use to distract Sergio.
It also appears that Natalia Montenegro won’t be MariMar’s future rival to Sergio’s heart in the big city but also be a new character, from rich girl to provincial lass. It was mentioned that she will harbor feelings for Choi, a trait originally displayed by Angelika’s sister, Antonietta. It remains to be seen if the subplot involving Bella Aldama (MariMar’s ‘rich girl’ alias), the Casino, and Fernado Montenegro (Natalia’s father and an ardent fan of ‘Bella Aldama’) will be played out as well.
Arturo (formerly Sergio’s teammate in the soccer team) was rewritten to be his driver.

[edit] Marimar TV specials
Marimar, Ang Pagbabalik – behind the scenes and the making of Marimar.

[edit] Trivia
This section contains a list of trivia items.

The section could be improved by integrating relevant items into the main text and removing inappropriate items.

This section has been tagged since August 2007.
This is the second part of the three part International remake of GMA Network. The first one was Lupin, which was loosely based on the anime Lupin III and French novel Arsène Lupin. The third one is going to be the remake of Metal Hero Uchuu Keiji Shaider, Shaider.
Marian Rivera bested other actresses who auditioned for the role. Among those who tried out for the role were Katrina Halili, Bianca King, Nadine Samonte, Jennylyn Mercado, Iza Calzado, Jewel Mische, Glaiza de Castro, Rica Peralejo, Angelica Panganiban and Karylle, Dingdong Dantes’s real-life girlfriend.
Bing Loyzaga was earlier tapped to play the main villain ‘Angelika’. She was given the role of Tia Esperenza.
Angel Locsin’s refusal to accept the lead role sparked the feud between the actress and her home studio GMA Network. Angel and her manager ‘Becky Aguila’ left the network and signed up to rival ABS-CBN.
A search for MariMar’s trusted canine friend, Fulgoso, was launched on GMA’s morning program “Sis”.
MariMar was Ines Rodena’s original story. Rodena was a popular Spanish writer who also wrote many successful Spanish telenovelas including “María Mercedes”, “Valentina”, and “Marina”, among others.
In 1996, when MariMar became a huge hit in the Philippines, 2,552 babies born that year were named after the hugely popular Mexican telenovela.
Dingdong Dantes wears an arial blue shirt in episode 5 of the series. This is strikingly similar in color to one of the jackets that the original Sergio, Eduardo Capetillo repeatedly wore in the original.

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