the buzz and its hosts…a commentary

i love ruffa gutierrez when she hosts. although she doesn’t probe that much and despite her personal problems, she’s light and fun.

i loved kris aquino when she was still there. tsismosa kasi siya, especially about her guests’ relationship.

boy abunda i love the most. as a host, he’s very objective, but with a heart.  he gets the job done during hard interviews because he knows how to ask sensitive questions in a non-offending manner.  he’s intelligent but he can go up and down depending on her interviewee’s intellect. he probes well and is almost thorough. almost because i think there were unaswered points in her interview with angel locsin. first is did angel’s dad impregnated her mom while her mom was working as a maid for her dad. and second is why she was unhappy at gma. (see my commentary at the article entry entitled angel locsin answers all issues thrown at her.)

as a writer unfortanately, i feel that his articles in the philippine star are advertorial and pr-like. parang laging may binenbentang produkto at ineendorsong artista o kung anuman.

unlike boy abunda, cristy fermin is biased. she’s really all out nice to the people she likes like cogie domingo and piolo pascual. parang walang maipintas. but she’s really not to the people she doesn’t. and i feel she’s a bit balimbing. years ago when let the love begin surprising raked millions, i was driving and tuned into showbiz mismo, and she was lambasting angel locsin, something like sino ba yang angel locsin na yan, eh sumikat lang nung mamatay si miko. well the latter part of the sentence is true but that’s beside the point. but now that angel locsin is a kapamilya…switch gears.

like the buzz interview with becky, ginagatungan pa niya. she’s insinuating that it was all GMA’s fault that angel moved. c’mon! sa away laging may mali ang dalawang panig, depende lang kung sino ang mas may mali. her questions were all very and obviously leading and malicious, very ill-intended questions and side comments. boy abunda kasi doesn’t make gatong. he understands situations and sees good in people.

jobert sucaldito…oh he’s even more biased and malicious minded than cristy. no wonder he and kris had a rift!

phoemela barranda is so so. she’s not great and doesn’t seem to be improving to be great. i guess it’s because she’s not naturally tsismosa. though such, she seems like a good-hearted person.

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  1. thank you for the opportunity to give our comments.
    I agree with you. Its only Boy Abunda who is doing
    good in the Buzz. Is Abs-Cbn aware that many
    viewers don’t like Cristy Firmin and the rest
    of the group. I hope a Bianca Gonzales and Toni
    Gonzaga can be with Boy instead. Even the way they
    talk – Raffa is good, but she talk like ma-arte. I know she doesn’t mean it, pero mukhang high class ang style niya. Socaldito, I know he is Boy’s friend pero as you said is so biased and Phoemela, she is fine but quite lifeless – si Bianca, hindi rin forceful mag deliver pero maydating and I like Toni, siguro hinasa na rin siya sa Wazzup, may diin at balita lang ang ibinibigay.

  2. hi albert! i love bianca, she’s a very intelligent girl. i haven’t seen bianca, mariel and toni’s chismis show because i always watch startalk and i always forget to switch channels. anyway, i’m basing my comments as to how i know them. bianca is too civil and straight. feeling ko bagay sa kanya medyo serious topics pero pangbata, like yun ngang y speak. si toni and mariel naman, masayahin sila. i like them because of their cheerful and optimistic attitude. kaya lang pareho silang medyo slow and “duh”. so feeling ko si boy talga ang the best chismis show host. matalino yet fits in the showbiz world. kahit si boy lang at walang co-host ok na.

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