to love again…afterthoughts

(i made a detailed summary. see my previous entry.) 


i so love this movie. but i’ll save that for later. let’s start off with the things that bothered me.

first is the treatment of the suicide issue. i mean it’s a big deal, but i feel that enrico’s name was given more importance, that’s why raffy, and clarita particularly, want to settle all their debts. and imagine, you can still collect insurance pay-out even if the cause of death was suicide, something about the contestability clause that if you have been paying your premium for more than a certain number of years, you can still get a claim.


second is the shoot-out in the lumberyard. we have a young woman killing a person, it’s a good thing that they were outlaws, but still…you have a heroine that killed people.

and also the fact that in the end, clarita decided to marry charlie as well, even though she didn’t love him. she knows even before that he’s a good man who has loved her for more than 18 years 6 months and 5 days, but still, she didn’t need to marry him. it would have been more realistic if they go steady first.

there were also inconsistencies in my point of view, thank God it wasn’t the story, the pacing, and the reasons for the character’s decisions, because story is the most important, more than the acting and other technical aspects.

first is the casting of tony carreon as don alfonso and dante rivero. i don’t know if it’s because of the history books i read and stereotypes but, tony carreon looking (and i think full blooded) spanish, he looks more an old rich than dante rivero. (a pure business decision i think was casting suzanne gonzales in a minor if not negligible role. she was great in dear heart, and her character as sharon cuneta’s cool yaya was indeed major.)

another is raffy the character working in a remote lumberyard full of men, and her coming from a prominent and rich family. i couldn’t say it’s impossible and unbelievable…but oh the guts!!! and also, raffy goes to dinner with a “total stranger” and goes to an excursion with bullet without really having known bullet in a significant period of time. i guess times have changed. now it’s more dangerous. then were better times.


there were bad dissolvings and switch into and out of the scenes as well. and the infirmary, they posted an amateur banner on the door, it didn’t look nice at all. but all these are forgivable, considering the technical limitations and limited cinematographic know-how back then. (some scenes are in green, maybe because the film is old and it’s only been transfered to dvd recently.)

oh the lifestyle of the rich! i mean they were talking about 7mil, 36mil, 15mil pesoses back in the 1980s. i guess this is really a story of the ultra-rich. and are the people richer back then!?! to get in and out of raffy’s province…chartered plane. to get into the lumberyard…chartered plane.

so now we get into why i love this movie.

if you think the song is great, the modified to love again instrumental (slower) was even better.


at first i thought why the title was to love again, and it became apparent until after half that raffy hasn’t fallen in love with anyone yet. but God i loved the twist, that she once fell in love, but he died, and that it was her father. i think that was cute, and very touching.

i also liked the approach to the concept marrying the one you love didn’t sound so “righteous”, that that should be done because it’s right. the approach was also not romantic nor idealistic. it was…no fuzz.


also, the fact that you only see miguel rodriguez significantly during approximately the last 30-40 minutes doesn’t take away the good pacing of the story. i only wish the “kilig moments” were more lengthy. and for a 1980s movie, it is realistic and not soap-ish. bullet went along with his parents to meet raffy such that if he gets to like her, he marries her. and also, i thought it would be impossible for raffy not to recognize bullet’s back. but, he was standing at a cement post “pala”. i guess i didn’t see this used in recent tv and film offerings. the cement post was not a familiar guise to me. the characters are way too honest are forward too, especially don ramon. the fact that he told clarita off that he didn’t go to enrico’s funeral because clarita should know how he feels for enrico is so forward. and also his conversation with raffy. he even called her a dirty rat, “not” to her dismay. she even liked him for his frankness. i like that the use of the word “gago” and “a dirty rat” weren’t taken as something offensive.


and the best part are the witty lines and witty exchange of lines, especially between the two main characters. raffy is smart. and bullet the character is way to cool. he doesn’t get jealous and hardly reacts violently to raffy’s “bara(s)”! he’s casual and nonchalant, but even so it is still evident as to how he feels. it still works even though the main characters do not confide their feelings to somebody. (unlike now where there’s usually a bestfriend or bestfriend persona that the lead characters confide their feelings. a literary maneuver in order for the viewers to know their feelings without talking to themselves outloud. i think talking to one’s self is the most stupid way to show that. i mean how many people in the world talk to themselves out loud?) and also despite his casualness and nonchalance, he’s sweet without being cheesy.

there was a comment in youtube that sharon’s hair looked good here. (oh you can watch bits and parts of the movie in youtube. use keywords to love again miguel rodriguez.) i couldn’t agree more. and i love miguel rodriguez. he looked handsome. our household help told me he used to be very popular. i guess i didn’t get to see that because “noong nagkaroon ako ng kamulatan ay paalis na si miguel rodriguez sa palibhasa lalake”. and i used to see him in secondary roles such as always and forever (pops and martin) and a vilma movie (where she portrayed a woman impregnated by the ungknowing gary valenciano, bastardized by miguel rodriguez, loved by friend eric quizon as emil, and married by the rich eddie garcia. he’s quite too handsome for secondary roles and he can definitely act. so sad he had already passed away because of “bangungot”. there were rumors though that tingting cojuangco (mikee cojuangco’s mom and kris aquino’s aunt) had an affair with him and peping cojuangco had him killed.

i don’t know if i’d like to get this remade. i mean it’s pretty much great already except for the one i mentioned that i liked the “kilig” scenes to be more lengthy. and i don’t think anybody could fill in the place of sharon cuneta and miguel rodriguez. also, i’m afraid they might butcher any aspect like they did “may minamahal”. (the movie was definitely better. bad casting of oyo boy sotto who didn’t look like a conventional good son because of his goatee. he looked like a “siga” to me. the gay character in the movie, ogie diaz, was waaay better.) although on second thought, i wouldn’t mind roxanne guinoo and jake cuenca doing it. call it i am going “gaga” over “natutulog ba ang diyos?” phase.

i’ve got dear heart, p.s. i love you and cross my heart in line. gabby concepcion is definitely a darling to look at.

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  1. Oh, I just watched this on cable last night and I super loved it too! Where did you get the DVD?? I love Raffy and Bullet’s exchanges!

    Are you familiar with Hana Yori Dango? It’s being shown on GMA7. Miguel Rodriguez looks a lot like the guy lead there – Matsumoto Jun! (^^)

  2. hi zephie! i bought mine in odyssey! it’s a 2 in 1 dvd, the other one is the not so good movie together with richard gomez, the title i forgot! i got a glimpse of hana yori dango before in a commercial. and yeah you’re right, “may hawig!”

  3. I am obssessing over the pairing of the late “hunk of buring love” Miguel Rodriguez and Sharon Cuneta. They have such chemisty together. It is too bad that Miguel and Sharon never made another film together! This film is sooo romantic. The white formal dress Sharon wore to her dinner date with Miguel made her look so elegant. Miguel looked like royalty and if I were not married, I would date a nice guy like Miguel’s character in the film. I would not date him for the money,but for his great personality and also because he is so handsome.

  4. Someone should start a memorial website for Miguel! He still is the man of my dreams! I am in America right now and married to an American guy but I have dreams of seeing a Miguel Rodriguez look alike in real life! He is sooo fine!

  5. Hello out there everyone! Are there any die hard fans of Miguel Rodriguez? Like said earlier, I am looking for references and old articles of Miguel Rodriguez together with other photos of him and Sharon together! I have just finished watching To Love Again on Youtube for the literal 101st time. I just cannot get over this movie! It is great! If it were legal, I would have a public showing of this film for all the world to see. I would charge no money for this.

  6. I just finished watching my favorite scene where Bullet and Raffy have dinner at his mansion. The decorations looked so beautiful and Sharon should have given in to Miguel’s offer when he asked the question,”What do we do after dinner,there’s a fireplace and the night is cold.” I believe Sharon should have gotten cozy with Miguel without having sex with him. It is possible to be cozy with a man without any sex involved. They could have at least kissed at the fireplace. This would have made it more romantic.

  7. Hello again! I forgot to comment on the fact that Raffy was smart enough to escape Leo de Gracia,her boss at the logging camp. Thanks to a little help from the drunk doctor at the camp and also his wife.I could not stop laughing at this particular scene. Very entertaining! I love it!

  8. Hello out there,everyone. Good Morning to all of you! I am watching the scene where Bullet sees Raffy for the first time. I have a question for all of you “To Love Again” fans. How did Bullet know that it was Raffy at the bar? She never introduced herself to him. He saw her and followed her to the ladies comfort room. When Bullet caught up with Raffy at her apartment,he asked her what had happened to her because he waited for her for three hours. I have a feeling that Bullet knew all along who she was without her saying anything.

  9. I was just watching the scene where Bullet finally meets Raffy. How romantic! She did not have to be so angry with Bullet! I think Bullet should have given Raffy his real name which was Alberto Alcantara not Joseph Crisologo.

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