natutulog ba ang diyos? week 5 minerva blackmails mike

(source:ย  abs-cbn website) i just thought of copying it here so that when they decide to put it down people can still view it.

week 5 august 13-16

Patria preps up for her surgery, and Rose helps the whole family out by letting her transfer to a private room. On the other hand, Mike helps Gillian out in his own way, by closing Minerva’s night club, as he’s aware that Gillian was sent by Patria to the said place to become a dancer!

Minerva of course, throws a fit, but eventually discovers that Mike had a fling with Patria! As such, she decides to close the bar, and just get money from Mike by blackmailing him! Soon, her daughter Karla comes home, as she thinks that Minerva’s been imprisoned due to the recent raid at the nightclub! Minerva then gets the ball rolling by calling up Rose, and hints that Mike is hiding something from her!

Meanwhile, Patria’s being sent in the operating room, and Mark pays them a visit. With him is Trish, Mike’s wealthy client’s daughter, whom Gillian mistakes as his girlfriend! Will she stop seeing Mark because of Trish?

Minerva keeps making mysterious calls to Rose, disturbing Mike’s wife by the second. After all, Minerva keeps dropping hints about Mike’s “secret past”, making Rose worried. As such, she confronts Mike about it, but he assures her that he’s not hiding anything from her. This doesn’t seem to convince her though, and she refuses to go with Mike for his celebratory dinner for winning a client back.

Soon, Andrew comes to his mother’s aid, and eventually convinces her to go to the dinner. On the way out, Andrew notices a picture by the car, and sees that his dad is in it, with another woman!

He prefers not to tells this to Rose, who charms her way to Mike’s new client, much to Mike’s joy. A happy Mike proposes a grand Europe tour for his family, something which Andrew has reservations for, since he know his dad’s secret already.

Soon, Andrew kids around with Gillian, but eventually invites Mark over, and in turn, leaves the two. Is Andrew getting jealous of Mark again?

Andrew and Gillian happily kid around, and soon, Mark enters the scene. He sees the two happy so he starts to leave, but Andrew notices him and invites him over instead. Soon, Andrew leaves the two, and Mark helps Gillian around with her chores. However, Mark’s mother, Emma, manages to find him there, and not only does she insult Boy and Gillian, she also drags Mark away from them, and forces him to have lunch with Trish, instead!

Meanwhile, Patria comes home, and humbly apologizes to Rose for everything she’s done, and thanks her profusely for all her help. However, her attitudes towards Gillian doesn’t change a bit, even if Gillian spends most of her time taking good care of her! On the other hand, Karla and Andrew meet up, and Karla tells Andrew about her mother’s plan to blackmail Andrew’s father, Mike. Andrew then shows her the picture of Mike and Patria, but the two agree that whatever relationship Mike and Patria had, is already buried in history. However, Andrew tells Karla that his mother won’t probably be happy with Mike’s secret, especially since Patria is just living in their backyard!

Rose, who’s been receiving mysterious phone calls from Minerva, gets more uncomfortable by the minute, and nearly decides to have her husband investigated, but backs down at the last minute! She then confides to Gillian how weak she is, and Gillian ends encouraging her instead! On the other hand, Minerva pays Mike a visit, and demands five million pesos in exchange for his silence! Mike eventually blames it on Bernardo, who in turn, angrily tells Minerva that Mike won’t hand her a single penny! A determined Mike decides not to let anything ruin his marriage, and tries to make it up to Rose one day, by taking a day off work and spending it with her. However, Andrew ruins the mood by implying that he knows Mike’s secret, and the two end up in an argument!

Andrew and Mike start to argue, but gets interrupted as Minerva calls up Rose again, and tells her that if she wants to know the truth, she must go to their office’s parking lot that night. Soon, Patria tries to reach out to her son, Andrew, who ends up confronting her about the picture that Minerva sent! She tells him that it was all Minerva’s doing, but Andrew doesn’t buy it, and tells her that he will not let her harm Rose!

Meanwhile, Karla tries to dissuade her mother, Minerva, from her vengeful plans against Mike, but Minerva insists that he deserves it, since he closed down her club! That night, Rose leaves to meet Minerva, much to everyone’s worry! Bernardo decides to confront Minerva again, but ends up getting beaten up by Minerva’s goon! Mike tries to contact Rose, who doesn’t respond, and Andrew confronts him about the picture, as he already knows about it! Mike explains that his thing with Patria was just a one night stand, and that he has always been faithful to Rose! In anger, Mike confronts Patria, who just drove Gillian away!

An angry Mike leaves Patria with a threat, and she is left to contemplate the day’s events with tears: how Andrew threatened her, how Gillian asked her why is she treating her badly, and Mike’s anger! Soon, she loses consciousness, and it is in this state that Gillian sees her! As such, she asks for Andrew’s help to rush Patria to the hospital!

Meanwhile, Rose snoops around Mike’s desk, and finds a five million check in his drawer! Soon, she gets her hands on Mike’s picture with another woman, just as Mike arrives at the office parking lot to look for her! On the other hand, Patria gets recued by the doctors, and starts to tell Andrew his real identity! Will she be able to tell him that they’re his real parents? How will Andrew take it?

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  1. hi! thanks for the link up ๐Ÿ™‚
    btw, i love NBAD too! kinikilig ako kina Jake at Roxanne ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    p.s. pakidelete na lang iyong first comment ko, i made a mistake. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. your welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ i read your blog re ysabella. i hardly catch it kasi.

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