INCOMPLETE maging sino ka man…celine’s point of view

== The Past ==

Celine had always been in love with JB Roxas-Berenguer. Back in her hometown Bacolod, the then 15-year old lass met JB, who was then vacationing with his mother Dona Corazon. JB was mourning in the beach, as his father died when they were sailing. Celine befriends him and a puppy love soon ensued.

Corazon later knew of the relationship and told JB she thought it was just sort of a “play”. Corazon hates Imelda, JB’s mother, for reasons believed to be becaused she was a bastard and a slut. (Imelda is Fidel’s sister. They have the same mother.) She believes that Celine was gonna be a slut too. And also because Imelda always teases Corazon of never getting Fidel to fall in love with her.

JB goes back to Manila and meets Jackie. Upon the prodding of Corazon, JB falls for Jackie and soon become boyfriend and girlfriend.

On Jackie’s 18th birthday, Celine, who is Jackie’s cousin and to whom she is very close to, goes to Manila and learns that JB is already in a relationship with Jackie. This is when she begins to become a playgirl and a slut.

She keeps a scrapbook of important events in her life, mostly involving JB, whom she is head over heels in love with.

== Part I: Bucolic Place ==

When Jackie died, being an events planner at that, she organized a get together, which turned out to be a party. JB was disgusted by it. But Celine told JB it was what Jackie would have wanted.

Celine later realizes that she is missing some sensitivity in what she had done, and goes to JB’s yacht to apologize. She later falls asleep and wakes up in the middle of the sea. JB and Celine soon become stranded. JB gets sick and Celine attends to him.

JB asks Celine to work for their company, much to the dismay of JB’s mother Dona Corazon Roxas Vda de Berenguer. It takes a while for Jb to admit his feelings for Celine, and when he does, Jackie returns.

== Part 2: Jackie’s Resurrection ==

Unable to tell Jackie, JB soon finds himself not being able to reject Jackie’s request, thus finding less and less time to spend with Celine. Celine got fed up and confronts JB. She arranges a dinner between the three of them, so that JB wouldn’t have any problem. During dinner, she insinuates that she and JB have something going on.

Celine and JB fight and JB tells her “I never said that I love you.” This was the final straw. JB realizes that she loves Celine and chooses her. But it was too late. Celine reluctantly sleeps with Kevin Romero to get the Romero account, and leaves “with a bang”!, as she puts it, and as Dona Corazon later emphasizes in a satiric manner upon the release of the sex video which happened in her company elevator.

== Part 3: Six Months Later ==

JB goes to Australia to study, Jackie goes to the States to have her head checked, Celine goes to Amsterdam and gets wasted…drugs and orgy. She was “extracted” by her mother to come back and eventually sent to the Haven, the owner being Brian Antonio, JB’s bestfriend.

JB and Celine meets for the first time in Imelda’s wedding to an American. They try to avoid each other but ends up kissing passionately.

== Part 4: The Plot Thickens ==

Many things happen in between and during an ocular at JB’s ancestral home (Jackie was supposed to do the landscaping), JB gets so jealous of Celine flirting with Eli.

Few days after, he goes to Celine’s house and makes love to her. JB told Celine that he had first wanted to punish himself by making this mistake, but realizes that he truly is in love with Celine.

They plan to tell Jackie but it never materializes. Dona Corazon commits suicide because she finds out that Don Fidel has gotten back with Monique. And because of this, JB was forced to propose to Jackie.

Jackie breaks up with JB because of Eli. And JB rushes to find Celine in The Haven, only to find out that she had married Brian already.

JB vows to himself that he will not be a loser anymore, and that Jackie must marry her. Celine continues to meddle with the Madrigals and Roxas-Berenguers, which ires her husband, provoking him to leave her.

== Part 5: Payback Time ==

Finding the Eli’s necklace in her backyard and realizing it was the one the Roxas Patriach (Don Roxas, father of Dona Corazon and Mamu G) was wearing in the photo at the ancestral house, she went to Corazon. She finds a sense of triumph in seeing Corazon beg as to who is the owner of the necklace, and supposes that Corazon might be Eli’s real mother, and that she (Corazon) is also CHEAP, a point Corazon never fails to emphasize to her (Celine) whenever they are together. Now, the both are. to be continued)

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