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Walang Kapalit (in English, Irreplaceable) is a Philippine television series of ABS-CBN. It premiered April 23, 2007 on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.

A riveting story coupled by an equally riveting cast. These are the ingredients to, “Walang Kapalit”. Boasting an ensemble cast and a story that will keep you on the edge of your toes, Walang Kapalit will surely keep you hooked to the very end.

Walang Kapalit is based on Mike De Leon’s 1985 drama Hindi Nahahati Ang Langit, an adaptation from an earlier komiks version of the same title by Nerissa Cabral.


This drama takes us to Melanie (Claudine Baretto) and Noel’s (Piolo Pascual) story, stepsiblings who unexpectedly fall for each other. “Will they fight for their love that’s considered wrong, or will they just let it go and resign to fate?”


  • Claudine Barretto as Melanie Santillian, the young stepsister of Noel. She has always wanted an older brother to protect her, but ended up with Noel, who seems to harbor an inexplicable hate towards her. She tends to get hurt easily, but will also put a good fight when challenged. Her life changes forever when she unexpectedly falls in love with Noel.
  • Piolo Pascual as Noel Borromeo, the straight-laced stepbrother of Melanie. Raised by his father’s iron hand, he tends to be rigid, and wants nothing but to achieve his father’s high expectations from him. Still grieving from his mother’s unexpected demise, he hates Melanie to the core, thinking that she and her mother, Agnes snatched Noel’s mother’s place in Ariston’s heart. But what will he do when his hate is replaced by love, and Melanie takes a space in his own heart?
  • Edu Manzano as Ariston Borromeo, Noel’s adoptive father, later revealed, Noel’s brother. He is rather strict with Noel, and seems to favor Melanie all the time, fueling his son’s anger towards Melanie more.
  • Dina Bonnevie as Agnes Borromeo, Melanie’s biological mother, and Ariston’s second wife. Sensing the tension between Noel and Ariston, she tries to make it up by taking Noel’s side, and encouraging him whenever she has the chance, as she wants nothing more than to patch things up between Noel and her daughter, Melanie.
  • Amy Austria as Ceding, Ariston’s loyal maid. She showered Noel lots of love, something which his father lacked. Often playing as the arbiter between Noel and Melanie, she holds the secret to Noel’s real identity.
  • Jodi Sta. Maria as Cynthia Borromeo/Bermudez. She is Noel’s bestfriend’s (Brian) bipolar sister, who’s been in love with Noel ever since they were little, and is more than willing to marry him even though she knows that he doesn’t love her back. She marry Noel and she is now Noel’s ex-wife.
  • Bobby Andrews as Ronald Santillian, who pants after Melanie. He’s used to getting everything he wants, and knowing that Melanie doesn’t love him back poses a big challenge for him.
  • Nikki Valdes as Ressi, Melanie’s wacky best friend, who oftentimes leads Melanie to trouble without meaning to. She is Ronald’s cousin, and the bridge to Ronald and Melanie.
    Deejay Durano as Bryan Bermudez, Noel’s best friend and Cythia’s older brother. He wants nothing but the best for his little sister.
  • Candy Pangilinan as Moody, Ariston’s new maid, who likes to dabble in other people’s problems. Despite that, Ceding always turns to her whenever problems arise.
  • Lloyd Samartino as Arnold Santillian, the rich father of Ronald. He’s more than willing to do everything for his children, and will go as far as cover up their mistakes.
  • Susan Africa as Elaine Santillian, Arnold’s wife and Ronald’s mother. She doesn’t have a mind of her own, and just goes along with what her husband wants.
  • Eda Nolan as Vanessa Santillian, Ronald’s younger sister. Known as the “campus bad girl”, she doesn’t care what other people think of her, and always gets into fights with her older brother, Roland.
  • Victor Basa as Miguel, Ceding’s nephew. He grew up in the province and is very conservative. However, he unwittingly falls for Vanessa, even if they are worlds apart.
  • Joem Bascon as Anton, the “campus hearthrob” and Vanessa’s boyfriend. His immaturity always leads him into fights with his girlfriend.
  • TJ Trinidad as Dr. Victor Hizon, Cynthia’s psychiatrist, who will do everything to make Cynthia reciprocate his feelings for her.
  • Sam Concepcion as Young Noel, who never seems to run out of ways to torture his stepsister, Melanie.
  • Julia Barretto Padilla as Young Melanie, who tries hard to gain her stepbrother’s love.


  • In 2003, a movie was also made with the same title. It stars Sharon Cuneta and Richard Gomez and was produced by Viva Films. [[[Bobby Andrews also starred there as Cid, Sharon Cuneta’s gay’s bestfriend ~ DRAMAVILLE]]] 
  • This series is directed by Wenn Deramas, who had earlier directed Kampanerang Kuba. 
  • This is the first primetime teleserye featuring both Piolo Pascual and Claudine Barretto in the lead roles.
  • Julia Baretto Padilla, who portrayed the role of young Melanie, is Claudine Baretto’s niece. Claudine is currently portraying the role of the grown-up Melanie. 
  • [[[The first movie also starred Edu Manzano as Ronald (now as Ariston, Noel’s father) and Dina Bonnevie as Cynthia (now as Agnes, Melanie’s mother).
  • The original female lead’s name is Melody, not Melanie.
  • The plot is also different. In the earlier version, Melody married Ronald because she was led to believe by Ronald that they had premarital sex. Eventually, Melody learned that they had never consummated their marriage. In the TV series however, it was Melanie who proposed to Ronald in front of Noel because she heard beforehand that Noel does not love her anymore, and so that Ronald can live in their house legally.
  • In the earlier version, Cynthia is a good person and not pyscho as portrayed in the TV version. ~ DRAMAVILLE ]]]
  • Throughout the teleserye, scenes have been shot in Sydney, Australia.
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  1. I love this teleserye Walang Kapalit, especially when Noel portrayed by Noel comes on screen. I hope the story will evolve much longer to keep the audience guessing what will happen next.

  2. the ending was so stupid
    it left me hanging
    i think they could’ve done a better job

  3. i like the themes of your movie

  4. Its such a romantic movie!

  5. I really love this show:)) HAHAHA. Even if I’m not the kind of person who loves watching filipino teleserye. This caught me in the eye. I really love claudine barretto. Especially her teleseryes. Like marina. I really love it:) THE BEST:>

  6. Yeheyehey!!!,,…congrats guys,,,,you twos are the bommm!!!,,,…it really brings us to the kind of lifestyle nowadays…..its so unbeleivable indeed.

    But I would like to request more romantic movies…especially Piolo:),,,…

    its really a hit here in Samoa

    Go on with your career….mwahhhh

  7. does anyone know the instrumentals they kept on playing throughout? i think it’s a piolo song. i was able to track one time it was played — the 28th episode (may 30, 2007) when noel just came back from australia after agnes was buried, then melanie lies in bed, crying. then, they started to show various clips, refocuses on noel, cynthia and ronald.
    please, if anyone can help me out. i’ve been crazy looking for that song.


  8. congratulations! actually, i haven’t finished watching it. pero i cried a river na… sobrang ganda tlaga. the cast did a great job! saludo po kming lahat dito s taiwan, mabuhay ang filipino! congrats din po s writer nito n c mr. DELFIN ILAO, my teacher in humanities100. hi sir, u’ve gone too far. Godbless.

  9. Love is simply just amazing and well portrayed in this movie of some of the most beautiful people i have seen!!! Melanie is just so kind hearted and innocent you can’t help but like her…but Noel cried so hard when Cynthia jumped to her death one would think he was in love with her!! Nice to have someone like Moody in real life…never a dull moment with her kind of character!!!!!

  10. hi juliah im nadine kumuzta ka na

  11. ask lang ako kung anong tamang title ng song nung na inlove c ogie diaz sa girl dahil sa song. i heard the song but not familiar with the title. the start is italian song like

    Una shamey, shamey.
    kugida sso, owohh.

    di ko familiar un bsta un lang marinig ko.. gusto ko lang malamaan ang title.

  12. thanks for information

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