the many faces of YOON EUN HYE in coffee prince


yoon eun hye’s fans are all over. i’ve noticed that my blog’s most hits are about her (and joo ji hoon).  anyway, yoon eun hye (eun chan) is currently starring in the highly rated show coffee prince opposite gong yoo (han gyul). she’s not really pretending to be a boy, but everybody assumes she is. she goes along with it and doesn’t negate anybody else’s perception because she needs the job at the coffee house.

personally, i don’t buy that people assume he is a boy. i mean, she still looks like a female even with short hair. the character han sung (han gyul’s cousin) also noted that he couldn’t have mistaken her for a boy, that she was clearly girl.  

and since i’m not korean, i am just curious, if korean names are gender specific? is eun chan a girl or boy or a unisex name?

cp5-004.jpg cp5-162.jpg

anyway, han gyul’s cousin, invited her at a gallery opening, and she turned up looking like an ajumma, with overly curly hair and too much make-up. han sung took her somwhere for a makeover. and voila! (wish i were as pretty as her!)


anyway, she ended up getting upset and left the party.  i just got curious though. she was wearing a wig for her short hair-do right? so it would have been a double wig with the scene when she took out her long wig.



credits:  photos from dramabeans

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  1. She cut her hair short for this drama so no double wig =).

  2. I like Yoon Eun Yeh –
    I thought the pictures you featured here are those in another segement showing how she looked before Goong, really different, she went into the knife?
    Like your comment, I can’t agree with the plot of the story, but I like both Han Gyul and Eun Yeh.

  3. hey albert! i think she really did. but i still like her though.

  4. yup yup, not a double wig
    her hair is still pretty short… i felt bad for her while it grew out. but now shes rocking the bobbed ‘do

  5. I very very glad with the film of caffee prince, its film nicely joke and unique for me, what else [in] playing the part of by Yun Eun Hye and Gong of Yoo oke bangat. for the shake of will look on this film is I borrow the cd of film of caffee prince with my friend because me less satisfy to look on in tv. successful for the Yun of Eun hye and Goong Yoo. BY Andi_4N@Yahoo.Com.

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