walang kapalit…a review

i like claudine barretto. i like piolo pascual. i like walang kapalit in general. but the story has so many loopholes and stupid subplots that it’s starting to drag.

i am highly doubtful of the major conflict earlier in the seires. yeah right ariston and agnes are married, and noel and melanie are brother and sister by law, but they’re not blood related. in my opinion that’s a non issue. i think i can speak for 99% of the people in the world.

despite that, melanie and noel’s bickering were funny and delightful. but what’s with claudine’s wig!?! it looks too much like bea’s (pbb2 winner) hair, all too straight and dry. there are other ways to suggest she’s a teenager. piolo pascual’s transformation on the other hand was okay. he was wearing puruntongs and shirts that made him look younger.  and pardon me, claudine is too pregnant to play a character who’s not pregnant.

also, ronald is too stupid to blackmail cynthia. even without his face, of course his wife will indeed recognize he’s the one in the tape. and cynthia is also stupid to be startled. ronald’s in the video too. and fat chance for melanie to find the videographer. and stupid for ronald not to pay him the agreed upon amount. ronald is really anything but weak and stupid. thank god cynthia, the clinically insane, has character. if not for this villain, the series would have been a bore. God i really hated her, to the max, more than mamita of “maria flordeluna”. kudos to jodi sta maria for that!

and again with the killing, stupid stupid plotline. c’mon, this is the CSI generation. how could melanie have been found guilty. first, cynthia used her handerkerchief so that her prints wouldn’t transfer to the gun. but i specifically saw that she used her finger in the trigger, without a hanky. couldn’t the SOCOs find a partial print. and also from the ballistics. another is granting that cynthia says that ronald was already dead when she entered, but cynthia was also in the crime scene, how could they dismiss her as a suspect? how quick of them to jail melanie and not believe any word she says, but do otherwise with cynthis? i would definitely believe melanie’s testimony more than a clinically bipolar cynthia.

and what’s this with the in-laws. ingrates. melanie lived with them, how could they even think that melanie could kill ronald intentionally? and even if she did accidentally kill him, it was ronald’s fault anyway. they know ronald is as sinister as he is stupid. and what’s with the ronald’s mom. she’s the one who told melanie that she will meet melanie in that place in makati, all knowing and giving into her son’s request. she knows the two are not in good terms. even if someone argues that she’s a mother and she believes that ronald will just say sorry and make ammends so as he said, are you stupid enough to believe that. why a private and not public place? no wonder ronald is stupid. his mother is so lacking in the brain department.  she is the one to blame. she even testified that melanie and ronald are still having sex, and that the makati residence is their love nest. the ends does not justify the means. she didn’t even think it could be cynthia and kept pinning melanie, when melanie even paid for ronald’s dad’s hospital bills.  and ronald’s dad, he seems as stupid as his son now. how could he blame melanie? he knows his son, and even made him what he is today as he always scolds and throws invectives at him.

and where’s ressi? she could definitely bridge the gap between melanie and ronald’s family? has nikki valdez’s character suddenly been written out because of her marriage? but this show is canned. (much to my dismay, same thing happened to gio, portrayed by ricci chan in “maging sino ka man” didn’t appear during the latter part, when celine needed him most. i don’t know if he’s been written off or pursuing other careers. i’ve recently seen his work as a make-artist in a local magazine.)

i am not happy with the way the show is being written. “maging sino ka man” is way much better, except for the last month or so where it’s just so dragging and a story that seems to go nowhere. (blame it on the high ratings and the executives further extending the story for commercial purposes.) very very bad last month or so. i hope book 2 would be as much as a treat as the first 3/4s of book 1.

i just hope its ending will be good, to redeem itself.

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  1. Well, I just hope that Walang Kapalit will not end too soon. There are too many issues that need to be resolve. Like Noel’s relationship with Ceding. This issue has never been developed yet. It has stopped and evolved with the killing of Ronald. Although I like Claudine as an actress and partner of Piolo in movies and teleserye, you are right. She is too pregnant in the teleserye. Well, they did not expect her to be pregnant too soon, because when they started the shooting, she was not pregnant yet. If only she is not too heavy, she will give more justice on her role. I just hope that before any commitment they have for releserye and movies to be partnered with Piolo that there are no public display of issues by significant others

  2. I like Claudine, pero sana naging considerate ang producer, palagi ko kasi siyang nakikitang maganda
    pero grabe ang katawan niya – I hope she will try
    to maintain her image. Nakakainis kasi ang pintas
    ng mga kamag-anak and friends ko dito sa California
    para siyang lumba-lumba at pangit daw siya. I am
    the only one depending her. Buti nalang Jodi saved

  3. hi dodo! hindi ko sure pero parang nabuntis siya while doing this soap. yung nga lang sana talga hindi kasi ang pangit tignan ng ang laki laki niya and very pregnant, especially yung kabataan scenes nila ni piolo.

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