week 4 august 6-9

patria goes to minerva to borrow money. she wants to bring her children to the province before they find out that she pimped gillian.  patria finds out from minerva that carla ran away from home too, and thinks that there might be a chance that they’re together.  minerva presses heidi for information regarding carla.

as they were running off, carla heads back to the house to shut the doors (as they’ve been robbed before), minerva and patria arrives sees carla. carla escapes and they both go back to the house after a while.

andrew and mark are about to visit gillian. mark brings chocolates and andrew tells him he’s like a suitor.  but mark answers that even when they were young he always gives gillian chocolates. 

gillian embraces mark, which obviously, makes andrew jealous. carla sees gillian and mark talking seriously and invites him outside. andrew tells her that he has messed up the catering thing and his dad might be cursing him because of his anger.  carla tells him he’s lucky because even if he has problems with his parents, his parents still love him.  “…hindi naman ang magulang mo ang may problemad. ikaw ‘tong sutil at may problema…siguro kung ako nanay mo malamang tsinelas na kita.”  mark and gillian go out and see carla and andrew talking.  and for the first time i see gillian with a tinge of jealousy.

while inside the car, andrew and mark get into a mild verbal fight. mark asks why andrew acted harshly at gillian. and andrew replies, “kung magsalita ka kasi alam mo lahat ng nangyari.” and then mark says gillian told her everything. andrew is angry and he tells mark that he saved her life twice but she still doesn’t him and only trusts mark.

at the party, there’s no food because of andrew. tish is looking for mark. mike asks emma if the chinese restaurant has already delivered their last minute order for 200 people.  mr. crisostomo and tish walks out.

bernardo stops andrew from entering their house. but he insists and disrespects bernardo. “pasalamat ka di ka na iba sa akin, kundi niyari na kita sa kabustahan mo.”  he still goes inside anyway, leaving the car outside.  mike sees andrew, tells him he is irresponsible and pnches him. patria stops mike. andrew walks off and takes the car.

mark is reprimanded by his mother emma for not showing up at the party. but mark said he didn’t say yes to his mother.  “meron mga bagay na pinapakinggan.”  emma tells his son, “sino ang gusto mo si gillian…manang mana sa tatay mo…”

patria tells bernardo they should tell andrew the truth, this time, bernardo agrees. 

andrew sleeps on his topdown car and gets mugged. (how stupid to sleep with the roof open.) and the robbers get everything, even the shoes, the stereo, etc, but not the car itself.

mike blames rose for andrew’s behavior. he walks off and goes to the office.  rose calls and tells him “kung may mangyari sa anak ko huwag ka na magpakita.”  bernardo goes there to ask if he’s coming home, and there mike tells him  “kanina ko pa tinatanong sa sarili ko kung bakit ko nasaktan si andrew. akala niya di ko siya mahal. kung kinakailangan ko na saktan siya paulit-ulit, gagawin ko, makita ko lang maging matino siya…ang hirap maging ama.”

boy sees patria go inside the nightclub and when patria leaves with minerva, they ask about gillian. minerva’s right hand told them that gillian was very saleable.  one customer paid P10,000 and that another paid P25,000 (andrew).  they return home and patria asks where boy is and where they have been. she asks tina to pack but tina doesn’t move. this causes patria to almost slap her. but tina replied “sige nay, ako naman ang ibubugaw niyo tulad ng ginawa niyo kay ate gillian” and something like “iba ka pala pag nagipit”.  boy is outside the house and mark sees him. he tells him he knows where gillian is and boy asks mark to bring him there.

patria goes to minerva and they have a drink.  there she laments that she doesn’t even remember her own birthday because of her hardships.  and she slips and tells minerva that her kids are tina, boy and andrew, but minerva corrects her and tells her it’s gillian. she gets hit by a car while going home.

minerva goes to bernardo and tells him about patria’s accident. mark was there asking if andrew had come back and so he learned about the accident and called gillian.

gillian hurriedly decides to go home but boy is adamant. he said that patria might put all the blame on gillian. but they still go back anyway. 

rose is about to drive out and sees bernardo. she asks about patria and gives him money (patria had a hip injury. she either needs a surgery if it’s bad or just therapy if everything works out well.) and tells him that she wouldn’t be able to visit patria because she is going to look for andrew. bernardo says he will drive because it’s been a long time since she’s driven a car and mike might get mad. gillian suddenly comes back and hugs rose.  andrew also returns, barefoot and all bruised. naturally rose is concerned and tells him never to do that again.

bernardo asks why gillian and boy are together. gillian said boy and her just met outside.

during dinner, mike is angry at andrew. he left the car and it has been impounded. andrew says there’s no more gas.  mike tells him he’s “palpak…baka buhay mo (andrew) maging palpak.”  when two of them are already alone, he tells her that andrew is that way because everytime he disciplines him rose rushes to his defense. “anak ko din si andrew”, he further tells rose.  gillian hears this.  gillian hugs rose to comfort her.

at the hospital, patria tells bernardo this might be her punhisment from God. 

gillian and mike talk about patria, and that she might be needing an operation. gillian explains to mike that andrew had messed up the catering because he was looking for her, because she really did run away from home.

meanwhile at the hospital, minerva convinces patria to have surgery and ask money from mike, and comments that mike is familiar. patria says no, because he met mike when she left the nightclub.  minerva further says that “imbes na malumpo ka, ibugaw mo nalang uli gillian.” 

mike and gillian hears this. when mike was about to barge in, gillian stops him and tells him that her mother will put all the blame on her. mike couldn’t understand why patria is doing this to her own daughter.


have i mentioned that the series is being extended, due to good feedback? i hope it doesn’t drag, because right now, it’s good.

but the timeslot is really bad. it usually starts around 10:30 already, which is pretty late. and i don’t know if it’s a fact, but i feel like the airtime is shorter.

the soap now runs from mondays to thursdays only, after walang kapalit, around 10:20-10:30 p.m. (giving way to maalala mo kaya which airs fridays the same time as NBAD

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