how YOON EUN HYE looked…now, in a bathing suit


i just thought it would be quite unfair to post a joo ji hoon’s hot photo (see entry how yeh & jjh looked…then and now.) without a yoon eun hye one. so i’m juxtaposing a big yeh photo with a small jjh one.

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  1. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

  2. ‘im one of yoon eun hye’s die hard fan! i sincerely idolized her coz i lyk the way she act in front of the camera and at the back of the camera. i lyk the way she dressed and i think she’s true rockiztah! and u know what im also a rockerz i lyk the way they carry their own selves having the different fashion. i want to be lyk yoon eun hye i lyk her.

  3. hai!!!

    your so sexy and hot….i like the shape of your body… i hope i have that one. (he..he..). god bless olwyz muaaawhhh

  4. Yoon eun Hye…..!!!!! U are my favorite K-Stars!!! So Sexy, So Cute and So Beauty…… I Love U So Much….

  5. sexy……….

  6. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yoon eun hye im janella frm phillipine im one of yoon eun hye die hard fan!! ur verry verry sexy and pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hi yoon eun hye

  8. hi…you’re too cute Yoon eun-hye…
    can you add me in your friendster account…
    this is my email add
    im 18 male from philippines…
    thanks and goodluck for your career!!

  9. hi im jane im the fan of u because you are so pretty and sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. cute au ka

  11. you looking very good but your surgery is very very bad you so ugly i hate you and you are not cute and sexy you understand!

  12. even ur look a like boy,,,ur stiill cute!!!!!
    I love u andie!!!!gogogo!!!!!!
    im kate,,,

  13. marry me sooner the better!!


    im Brad Bid!!


  14. I like yoon eun hye a lot when she starred at the goong or princess hours in the philippines but I don’t like her if she is dressed like this. I’m like more the modest yoon eun hye than the yoon eun hye that shows too much skin but I still like the way she acts in front of the camera….good luck to your career and Godbless!!!

  15. you know what yoon eun Hye because you so star , could you leave yourself like a boy so that look so cute. all right that all i want to. little P.S this is my mail could you sent me your picture with your short hair, please that cuold be my dream.

  16. well, i think you’re quite right…..but is that really Eun Hye i don’t expect her to have a pose like that after i watched princess hours

  17. Hey, do she read this blog? just curious. 🙂

  18. annyong ms. yoon eun hye im your greatest fan from the philippines!!! i would like to tell you that many have said that were look a like coz i look like a korean XOXO luv yeh!!! so much sarangheo

  19. I’m one of your fans… and really like your show… COFFEE PRINCE… I’m so happy that I’ve watch that show some scenes there are related to my situation… coz they think that iam a boy…then i just pretend… an i just think that it’s not my problem anymore… I LIKE YOU vERRY mUCH……

    from your 13 year-old fan…

  20. you know what? I really100x like you your style,I mean.
    I hoping you are a kind person. god bless!

  21. ur so cute……………………………………………………………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sexy.classy.brainy and top model of ph

  22. hello yoon eun hye i like you the way you act in the movie or t.v. and I like your faced and the way you smile.Eun hye your so pretty your different from among the korean artist. I hope your not change and your image take care of yourself and good luck to your career. I missed you ” coffee princess “.I hope i meet you someday. good luck

  23. Yun 3uN hy3…………….
    u looK so pR3ttY n S3xY………..
    I LOV3 U sooooooooo mucH………….

  24. Im a big fan of yours Eun Yeh, ever since i watch goong and CP. Is it possible to visit us here your fans in the philippines pls,pls. Im a female but i do admire you so much, wishing that i could be as pretty as you are, lol. Hope to see you again doing a drama movie with gong yoo, I miss Coffee Prince i fell in love with that drama movie.:)

  25. annyong yoon eun hye…..i’m your greatest fan from philippines….sarANGHEO ,,,,YOU ANd jOO JI HOON HAvE a GOOD ChEMISTRy…..THIS is MItCh …..I REALLy LIKe THE pRInCeSS HoUrS Or GOONG iN KOREAN….

  26. i am a girl, you are so cute,
    i want to see you, i watch “coffee prince” series , you are so cute, i like you, i bilieve you are popular girl

  27. hi yoon eun hye you are so beautiful i love you!!!!!!!!

  28. hi!hello!
    i’m one of your avid fan
    i wish na sana dumami pa projects moh
    maraming may gus2 sau
    be good!
    we love you!

  29. hello,my name is andien and my country in the way yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon my favorite lho””!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve yyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu so muuuuuuuuuuuuuch,bye bey?

  30. helow! im one of ur avid fan from the philippines…!
    u know what i rili lyk u on “Coffe Prince”, playing the role as “andy” together with “arthur”.
    i hope you will also visit soon here in the phil.coz many filipinos lyk and luv ur movie.!

    good luck to your career!
    More blessings and Godbless!..

  31. ….sooo…hooOoTtt!!!

  32. ur so cute and sexy ur a krung2x i lke the way u act………..

  33. you are too cute Yoon.

  34. fighting yoon. I like you very much.

  35. hi., eun hye..!!
    i very like you,, you are so cute…
    i wish i will meet you someday…

  36. i actually shocked regarding this kind of photo shot you’ve had. i thought you could’nt do this but it’s really, really beautiful and you’ve very sexy. i hope you and joo ji hoon have a commitment someday. i’m ur no. 1 fan

  37. Yoon Eun Hye I just want to say that I Like you Korean Drama Show. You are the best.I’m korean okay. I saw you at the Xman On the Computer. You were Great and I want to meet to meet so much. I live in San Diego in California with my family. My cell phone number is 1-619-823-1775.Call me or Email me. I love you so much and bye.

  38. hi
    ma ma ka very beu

    i like u

  39. Hi,
    I like you very much.Please,sent me letter.

  40. hi yoon eun hye,
    nice to meet you.
    you are so cute and so attraction.
    your are very popular korea actress in myanmar.
    myanmar TV arrangement are show your 3 movies.
    i like to see them very much.
    i wish you can get korea movies awards and others actress awards.
    if you don’t mind, can you give me your email address.
    i like your action very much.
    God bless to you

  41. i love u

  42. hi yoon eun hye!i’m from myanmar.i’ve seen u in the princesshours series.u r so cute and u know most of the myanmar students mad for favorite k-stars r u and joo ji hoon.i wanna meet u and joo ji hoon.i like u very much.god’ll bless u.AzaAza….fighting.if u free mail to me.i’m waiting 4 u!!!!!!!!!!!ByeBye………….

  43. want to see her on TV again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love that face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very pretty!!!! go YOON!

  44. Filipinos really do love you princess JANELLE/ ANDY GO.. personally i loved you more in Coffee PRince.. you’re very very good there! love yah

  45. Wow, I am really shocked!
    You looks so so sexy. Maybe I have always labelled you as boyish and cutie type. But now I think I have to change my view…you are really attractive.
    Like your movies/series very much~

  46. çok güzelsin birşey soracağım joo ji hoon la birliktemisin çok yakışıyorsunuz birbirinize

  47. yoon eun hye !!!!!
    i’m your fans !!!
    i like you so much ,,
    i wish you’ll be the most popular actress in korea ,,
    i like your movie so much !!!!!!!

  48. hello ms eun hye ur so pretty and cute and very nice shape of ur perfect body i wish that if i am become a fashion designer u will be the one i choose to be a super model or model of my fashion work………….

  49. hello yoon eun hye. i’m silvia from indonesia. i very like you because you very beautiful and your acting its very diffrent. i hope your reply my email

  50. you two are HOT!!!!

  51. you two are good lookin

  52. just watched Coffee Prince… luv all the cast!

  53. she’s different wearing a swim suit than her show on coffee prince. Really opposite….(-,-),,,,,,

  54. hello eun hye.I LOVE YOU.BY

  55. hi your really wonderful yoon eun hye!!
    i like the way you dress,your looks very fascinating and elegant…
    take care always…love lots!!mwah…

  56. Yoon eun hye you are the way better than jessica alba i just have to say it im from Thailand. you are you best

  57. cant take my EYES of YOU ^_^
    Love you so much yoon eun hye
    hope i can meet you(dreaming)
    take care and mor blessings to com
    stay beautiful and hot always

  58. wwoooowwwwwwwwwwww

  59. ..,, annyeong hasaeyo eun hye!~~~
    ,, .haha i’ve never thought u’re as sexy as that in the pix!..
    .. wow ..daz great,,. but, not showing too much skin would be better, . but it’s ok.. u also look good in dat..,
    i’m hoping for your good health and a soaring high up career!~~~ God Bless!

    btw,.. i’m princess from philippines..
    luv u! keep up the good work..

    we love u coffee prince/princess ,. . .heheh

  60. I love yoon eun hye…

    she is cute

    very cute…

  61. daym she sexxxxxy my future baby momma

  62. sexy….!cute..!i love her very much ^^ she is my fouverite k-star.

  63. sexy…!cute and beautiful i love you ‘princess hours’^^

  64. I’m one of Eun Hye’s outgoing fans in the Philipines who aspires to see her in person and have her autograph someday!she is amazing!i will never get bored watching her shows and supporting her every move in her career! go girl!love you!and miss your shows!

  65. she is really hot,and she really acts in a way that not just men but also female ones will admire and com to like her but in reality she is just another actor with the known temper and behaviors of actors although she really likes people to be a fan of her always & in making this wish to be true,she even somehow show double personality(one which is kind and lovely-the other which a few people had seen) but overall she is in the top 5 Korean actress list and I hope she changes herself to be true to what people believe she is(Because she loves surfing net to know her fans and comments about her) as a friendly advice.

  66. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yoon eun hye es beiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia sau es muy ermosa beautiful soy tiu admiradoa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa me vuelvo loca todas las novelas q as protagonisado las e visto completitas seres la mejorrrrrrrrrrrrr

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