claudine barretto…a summary

i’ve been googling for many days now about our local artists and feel that there isn’t much comprehensive materials about them. it’s usually just facts like real name, birthdays, filmography and the likes, so i’m writing things and issues i didn’t see.


  • member of the famous barretto showbiz clan:
    • gretchen barretto – an ST sexy star, is now married to tony boy cojuangco, PLDT billionaire
    • marjorie baretto – had a daughter with kier legaspi before marrying dennis padilla, whom she has two daughters and a son with. recently separated. rumor has it that marjorie believed that he was annulled, actually both of them did, but in fact he still isn’t  


  • started showbiz when she was 13
  • was a seiko film contract star (seiko films is known for ST films), and was first paired with incumbent manila vice mayor isko moreno
  • moved to abs-cbn tv station and subsequently star cinema films (a good decision i think. her seiko movies were no good. and the roles star cinema gave her were all de-calibre)


  • had a relationship with mark anthony fernandez, son of actor rudy fernandez and actress alma moreno. rumor has it that mark became drug dependent because he couldn’t get over claudine. he has now moved on and has settled down.  (he looks so handsome now more than ever!!! watch him in “impostora”.)
  • he then had a relationship with matinee idol rico yan (see controversy below)
  • i heard that she had a sexual relationship with aga muhlach, gretchen’s ex, but this was just a hearsay.
  • married to actor raymart santiago of the famous santiago showbiz clan (late father-in-law is director pablo, her brothers-in-law are then actor and now director roel santiago and singer comedian and now director randy santiago).
    • they have the same birthday july 20, though different year.
    • their son rodrigo santino was born july 19, 2007, one day shy of their birthdays, but the same with one of claudine’s best buddy actor and once perennial screen partner diether ocampo.


  • rumor has it that she has been living-in with mark anthony and that she has aborted their baby/babies
  • in my opinion, she almost lost her career when rico yan died, because of these controversies
    • before rico died, there were rumors that they fought inside her apartment to the elevator to the lobby. humor has it that the reason why they fought was because rico didn’t want claudine aborting their baby
    • that rico died because she broke up with her
    • that she was already seeing raymart santiago shortly or even before the break-up. in fact, she was in subic with raymart when news came that rico passed away.
  • was at odds with the yan family until recently. she wasn’t welcome in rico yan’s “burol”. i think she didn’t go to the funeral though. with talent center’s (management agency) intervention, the throwing of bad words against each other stopped during a closed meeting between two parties.
  • had a rift with sister gretchen barretto when she sided with marjorie. apparently, dennis has a thing with willie revillame. and willie revillame was asked to host a show in abc-5, owned by gretchen’s partner tony boy. dennis called gretchen and asked if this was true, and gretchen said no even if she knew about it. when interviewed, she said it was about business confidentality. inday, their mom, also sided with marjorie. they recently reconciled. regarding the mom, i am not sure.



i hated claudine barretto when rico died. i am a fan of his. but i guess she’s too good of an actress (she’s way better than gretchen and marjorie). i mean, talent center really knows how to handle bad publicity. her next project “kailangan kita” was a good movie, and all that followed were good.

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  1. sa totoo lang po talaga ay isa lang xa sa mga reyna ng pelikulang pilipino as of far..baka itulad na rin sa kanya si julia barretto na binibuild up ni wenn deremas now!!!

  2. tama kau dyan..sana nga c julia barretto na ang next claudine barretto on her generation..

  3. uhm .. favorite loveteam ko sila b4 ni rico yan .. pero nung nawala na si rico .. di na ko nanonood ng channel 2 .. at si claudine di ko na din idol…

  4. hay nakuu, ako din.. malungkot nga ako nun eh, nung nasa pinas pa ako, kanina lang, nanuod kami ng mum ko ng ‘got 2 believe’ napaiyak ako, kc, sana di na lng namatay c rico.. ang gwapo pa naman nya, tsaka, ako nun, bliname ko din c claudine, na namatay si rico! hay nakuu.. ang ganda pa naman nilang couple, btw, panget naman c raymart eh!

  5. bwuiset.!! nakakainis! rico, bkit b kc namatay ka pa? sobra, grabe, ang gwapo m sa ‘got 2 bleave’.. sayang nga lang.. tapos, c claudine, ang landi! c raymart pa ang kasama nung namatay c rico, sus! walang hiya yang babae na yan! = (

    • super agree! I hated Claudine when Rico died and I hate her still. Inaaway pa niya si Angelica Panganiban now. Why? To ride on the young girl’s popularity? Inggit siya kasi wala na siyang career? I’d say BOTH! Feeling kasi lipat pa sa GMA 7, as if naman may sumisikat dun na lumayas from Channel 2. Well, she’s just like Jolina now…laos. hehe

  6. Yah, ya’ll blame Claudine because she just so happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time nung namatay si Rico. Frick, mahal na mahal ko SILANG DALAWA. Favorite ko yung loveteam nila.. but because of the damn media and her past reputation, automatically si Claudine ang sinisisi nyo. If only alam nyo lang.. but of course, you can’t please everybody. It’s just sad how many people believe in the words of everyone else that have no direct connection to Rico and Claudine. And don’t forget.. they’re just like any other normal couple. Kahit nasa showbiz sila, they’re regular human beings too. Whatever REALLY happened between them, sa kanila yun.

    They are both equally wonderful, genuine individuals. Yes, it’s unfair that Rico died dahil he had everything going for him.. but then again, he is still human. So is Claudine. Of course, even if I say, “Think before you speak,” it won’t change your opinions of her.

    As much as love is miraculous, it is also a b*tch. That’s exactly what happened to the lovestory of Rico and Claudine.

  7. I hate the fact that they didn’t end up together.. Rico and Claudine that is and that Claudine aborted her baby with Rico just because of projects. He loved her so much and he obviously got mad at her.. because a person who is so kind is scary when he is mad.. like Rico.. who is extremely kind and nice and very gentleman like. And I think the only reason why he got mad that much was because of the whole Claudine-aborting-their-baby thing.. who in the right mind wouldn’t get mad!?! which is probably why she wasn’t allowed in his funeral..

    Claudine is such a great actress.. no doubt.. and I still like her acting.. But human wise.. she will get karma one day.. especially since aborting a child is a form of murder.. a huge sin… and for the mere fact that she broke Rico’s heart.. cmon.. she was in Subic with Raymart when Rico was in Palawan.

    Rico and Claudine was awesome.. i have no idea what got into Claudines head.. probably the devil.

  8. That is absulutely right! I was a big fan of theirs, and I felt so bad when Rico died. And to think I almost believed Claudine when she had that interview with Boy Abunda, she really is the BEST ACTRESS! Why does Rico have to die… Had he not die, he probably is the most bankable actor in philippine showbiz.And maybe…. Claudine would have been married to him and not with the UGLY Raymat!… You know what, who knows what really Claudine feels right now, after 7 years, maybe somewhere in her heart there is still a space for Rico. They were together for 4 years!

  9. KAHIT ANO PA SABIHIN NILA,CLAUDINE STILL #1…WE LOVE HER and looking forward to her new projects in Abs- CBN.Godbless!

  10. haay…ako rin nalungkot nung nawala na si rico….grabe…..iyak kami ng iyak ng ate ko….
    and syempre at one point parang naisip namin na kaya siya namatay was because sobrang sama ng loob niya kay claudine…imagine, pina-abort yung anak (DAW)nila???
    who wouldn’t get mad nga naman…tas nalaman pa niya na claudine was seeing someone pa (subic) at that time when he’s in palawan…..(awttts!)..


    that’s life eh…
    I know na happy na si rico for claudine,and kung nasan man siya ngayon…
    R.I.P idol… A life well loved and lived!

    For claudine…alam naming masaya ka na at napatunayan mo na “Time heals all wounds”
    so happy now for you Ms. Optimum Star!!!

  11. Wow. Are you KIDDING me? Seriously. I’m only commenting because I feel you all are being close-minded. Ba’t mag-a-abort ng baby si Claudine? WHY????? Think about it. And as for Raymart, COME ON… she didn’t even know he was there. Gawa nila Marjorie at Dennis yun. And tama kayo, napaka-galing ni Claudine umarte, pero ang evil nyo rin kung sasabihin nyo na umarte lang sya nung interview with Boy Abunda. Totoo yung emosyons nya nun noh! But whatever.. like I said, Rico has always had the reputation of a “clean image” and Claudine always struggled with having a “bad reputation.” Kaya OBVIOUSLY, people will side with Rico’s story. Unless you’re really a fan of Claudine’s and all, you’d understand her. Pero HINDI. Di nyo lang alam. How do you know what really went behind-the-scenes of their relationship? Surely I don’t… but I do know that it takes two to tango… and no, Rico wasn’t fricking perfect. Neither was Claudine, but from what I know about her, when she loves.. she LOVES. Not that Rico doesn’t LOVE when he’s in a relationship.. shempre, he does.. obvious naman. PERO, hindi ibig sabihin he’s not capable of making mistakes. Unfortunately, constant mistakes. What you do know.. he’s a guy. But that doesn’t make me love them any less.. that just proves that they have different views when it comes to love. Well, similar, but different. Rico was willing naman to work at it, but Claudine was hurting too much to keep going. She tried, no doubt. Hell, she loved him. Like LOOVEEED him. But when you’ve been hurt time and time again, mahihirapan ka in the long run. Kaya… you can’t blame Claudine for eventually giving up. Doesn’t mean wala na syang pagmamahal kay Rico, ibig lang sabihin.. she’s just human and has her limits. Rico apparently is able to easily forgive, but Claudine just has her own view of love. AGAIN. Mga tao lang sila. So give them a dang break. But hey, this is my opinion. It’s up to you judge.. and you have. *sigh*

    • wow…ms.veecia ang galing niyo po:)
      you enlightened me…siguro nadala lang ako sa mga sentiments ng mga naunang nag-post:)
      thanks for your honest opinion…
      you seemed to be a very mature person
      ang galing ng explanation,hindi biased nor one-sided!!!
      Amen to that

      ako po yung nagpost sa taas niyo:)

  12. anu ba tlaga ang totoo..sabi, kya daw cla nagbreak kasi, may third party daw si rico yan and so, he got mad nung nagdududa na si claudine. they had a fight, as in physical daw, and harsh words. And rico did hurt her physically so she broke up with him.
    And according to clau in her interviews, they were able to talk things thru and i don’t know if they reconciled and were together again before rico died.

    On the other hand, there are also issues that clau aborted their baby that’s why they had the “fight”

  13. this is just rumours pero hindi totoo yan, kung anu man ang nangyari kila rico at claudine that time , personal prob na nila un…patay na si rico kaya respeto na lang…at claudine hayaan nyo naman syang lumigaya dahil kahit anu pa man ang sabihin ninyo patay na yung tao hindi na sya makakapag salita kaya huag nyong sisihin at siraan ang pagkatao ni claudine …kalokohan lahat yan….. SIGURO KAYO WALANG PEACE OF MIND KAYA KUNG ANO ANO NA LANG NAGAGAWA NINYO AT NASASABI NYO! patawarin nawa ng diyos …YUNG MGA TAO NA KATULAD NYO KINA KAAWAAN …. REST IN PEACE RICO AND BEST CONTINUATION TO CLAUDINE…

  14. BASTA I HATE CLAUDINE. period. she’s a bitch.

  15. ahm…..ano ba talaga yung totoo kasi sa interview ni Claudine kay boy abunda sabi niya naayos na nila ung problem nila and ndi naman cla nag break at sabi daw ni rico yan na pagpalik niya galing palawan everything will alright na daw. May nga rumors din na nag sasabi na nag break na daw cla nao ba talaga yung totoo dun nag break ba cla o hindi? May rumors din na nagsasabi na kasama ni Claudine si raymart sa subic eh sabi naman ng iba dahil daw ung kina marjorie at dennis so ano ung totoo? tapos nag away daw cla dahil gusto ipa abort ni Claudine ung baby nila bi Rico Yan at nagkikita na daw cla raymart bago cla nag break up eh sabi naman ng iba dahil daw may third party si Rico Yan so ano ba ung totoo. Ano ba talaga ang totoo sa lahat ng rumors na to?!

    and question lang ung mga things ba na sinabi dun sa taas dba galing lang din un sa internet so ndi din sure kung totoo ba ung sinasabi dun sa taas.

    nakakainis naman kasi si Claudine ndi niya ciniclear-up ang lahat kayalahat ng fans ni Rico yan at fans ng loveteam nila nag tataka kung ano ung totoo to think 8 years ng patay si Rico Yan:( :(( so sana lang na i clear naman ni Claudine ung lahat ng issues nila ni Rico Yan para naman malaman na ng lahat ng tao ung totoo at para matahimik na ang lahat!

  16. hay….naku nakakainis naman pla si claudine wla siang kwenta buwisit sia……je je je sana hindi nia na pinaabort ung baby ni rico yan nla tapos dapat din sumama sya sa palawan pra naalagaan nya si rico yan di sana ngayon buhay pa sia at marami syang project na nakaabang minsan tlga ganyan tlaga buhay nakakainis……………tnx nlang poe kht i’m hate claudine baretto cheeehhhh.,……….?????????????

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