natutulog ba ang diyos? week 3 GILLIAN RUNS AWAY FROM HOME

 week 3 (july 31-august 3)

gillian doesn’t say anything and patria gets a chance to talk solo with her. patria tells gillian that the fabricated story about lorie is the one she should tell the angeleses.

gillian asks rose if she could stay at their house for a while and rose gladly agrees. patria at first doesn’t agree but relents anyway. andrew makes a sandwich and juice for gillian but finds her chatting with mark and eating fruits. andrew shoves the food to gillian and tells that her mom rose asked him to make it for her.

andrew is still insisting that the ramirezes are lying about the whole issue, but his mom and dad asks him not to accuse them. after seeing mark and gillian he is upset, and his mom talks to him. he tells her what she would do if she found out that patria was the one who brought gillian to the bar. her mom says that she would ask the ramirezes to leave. and andrew asks if that includes gillian. rose tells andrew that gillian wouldn’t stand to be apart from her family.

patria takes her irritation out on tina and boy, and because of this, gillian decides to move back. on her way, boy tells that she’s better off there and it was tina who had been stealing. gillian is very mad at tina and pulls her hair. she tells tina that she doesn’t know what she went through because of her.

patria finds out about it and of course maltreats gillian again. gillian tells boy she doesn’t know why her mother treats her that way, and uses the line “natutulog ba ang diyos?” (is God sleeping?) bernardo finds out and tells patria that it’s tina’s fault anyway, to which patria retorts that gillian doesn’t have the right to hurt tina, and that gillian is not her daughter but tina is.

gillian packs her bags and leaves. patria and bernardo do not tell the angeleses, as this may raise suspicion about the nightclub incident. patria tells mike that bernardo is unable to drive because there’s something wrong with his teeth. rose asks about gillian and patria tells her that she is sleeping. however, when rose and andrew bring food for gillian, nobody is at the house. patria tells them gillian went to a birthday party with tina. rose tells her that gillian is not yet well. but patria tells her that mingling with people might help gillian recover. bernardo appears and rose and andrew ask him about his teeth. of course unaware, patria answers the dentist was out.

gillian is walking in the streets and meets carla (paw diaz), minerva’s daughter, whom she met at the bar, and who also left her mother.

andrew goes to the office to ask his dad what he could do, but his dad doesn’t trust him anymore and rushes out for a meeting. it’s a good thing he was able to save the big account andrew had screwed, and tells mark’s mother emma, who works for her, that after the project, they should be able to take a vacation, he and rose in europe, and emma and mark in the U.S. emma remarks that she wouldn’t want to see her philandering husband again, and that she is envious of rose na “pa-europe europe” nalang. (definitely a foreshadowing of a budding extra-marital affair between mike and emma).

bummed, andrew went home and is greeted by patria. he answers rudely, and bernardo sermons him about respect. andrew tells them he knows everything they did to gillian and that they don’t deserve his respect afterwhat they did.

mike’s big project is taking away time from the family and rose feels a sudden sadness. she tells andrew that what if she and mike had more children, insinuating that that would have been more fun. andrew lovingly cuddles her mom and tells her he’s always there for her. patria is jealous.

patria is hurt and laments while conversing with bernardo. she feels that everyday the chance of getting andrew back is getting less and less. patria tells bernardo that she will use a story about mike (perhaps patria and mike had a “thing” before when patria was still a dancer) but bernardo said that she promised him (bernardo) she would not use that against sir mike.  Bernardo also sort of says they’ll do in the right time. andrew should learn more about the business and take over the angeleses fortune so that they (ramirezes) could get a share of the money.

meanwhile, gillian and carla go off in the province and live in a friend’s (heidi, who according to carla) boyfriend’s (who’s currently in dubai working). there carla sees gillian’s blues and gillian tells her it’s her mom who did that. gillian, all by her lonesome, asks why her mother doesn’t love her, that if her mother would only allow her and says sorry to boy for leaving. she doesn’t understand why her mother doesn’t have dreams for her. and that she wanted to finish school so that her parents won’t have to be servants forevers.

andrew is thwarted by her father when he offers his services, and rose tells mike that he shouldn’t put down his own son. he finally relegates a menu task for andrew. he’ll be giving a party at this house after finishing the big project. as he was on his way to the office, mark suddenly appears and tells him that gillian left the house, for good. (mark was approached by boy and told him not to tell the angeleses because he will again be reprimanded by patria.)

andrew finds out from mark that gillian has left and goes to talk to patria, putting into less priority the menu project his dad relegated him to do.  he asks if she’s sold gillian again. patria says no and begs andrew not to tell the elder angeleses. bernardo and patria talk and he says that he sometimes wonder if it’s been a good decision to switch the babies, because andrew is totally disrespecting them.

andrew tries to look for gillian and went to the nightclub. there he met heidi. he asks about carla and gets her number. he calls carla to find if gillian probably contacted her, but gillian answered the phone. they both recognize each other’s voices and gillian shuts off the celphone.

while gillian was inside an interview, andrew calls. carla answers but ends the call immediately because gillian came out. she texts him to meet them in talisay st. taytay.

mr. crisostomo, the client, introduces her daughter trish crisostomo (denise laurel) as the new face of the his new product. emma prods mark to go with her to the office. she’s making trish and mark get close and told mark that she wants trish who’s beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated, not gillian, because “trish is the right one for (him).”

gillian calls rose and tells her she’s on vacation in a relative’s house. patria and bernardo worry that mike and rose may find out. but patria says she’s more worried that about andrew knowing what happened.  “basang-basa na ang papel natin kay andrew. baka pati si boy at tina bumaligtad na sa atin.”

mark, who’s in the shoot, calls andrew and asks him that they go look for gillian. andrew tells him tomorrow when he has the time. and then he goes off to taytay to meet carla. carla told gillian she’s just meeting someone. unbeknownst to carla she follows. andrew sees gillian and hugs her. gillian is surprised.

andrew tells gillian he’s glad she’s okay. in a restaurant they converse. andrew asks gillian asks why she left. she tells him it’s because patria raised hands on her because patria caught her hurting tina. andrew tells her that he told her mom rose that she left home, but her mom wouldn’t believe. andrew told her he knew she called, and gillian continued by saying she didn’t say to rose that she left because she didn’t want rose to worry.  andrew asks when’s she’s going home and she told him “malabo na” (unlikely). gillian tells andrew only to tell boy and mark that she’s okay. andrew’s jealous at the mention of mark.

andrew drives gillian and carla to their house.  about to leave…

GILLIAN:  na-miss mo ako noh?

ANDREW:  (surprised) oo naman namiss kita, namiss kitang buwisitin, paturo ng basketball. (gillian always beats andrew at basketball, jumpshot particularly.) tahimik sa bahay wala akong kaaway. 

carla recognizes and suddenly remembers andrew. she saw him in the nightclub but she doesn’t tell gillian.

minerva asks her workers where carla is and threatens them, especially heidi, that she will not open the club until she finds carla.

the week ends with andrew getting home and mike asking him if he already brought the menu to the caterer.


this bernardo character is really a bit inconsistent. for sure, she doesn’t love gillian, but sometimes he’ an upright character. there are times when i think he’s sinister because he intends to eventually get his boss’s money through andrew.

i taped boy and kris and lucky me my vhs recorder didn’t record a zzz during roxanne, jake and joross’ segment. anyway, roxanne was under a lie detector. boy or kris asked if there had been a time that roxanne expected that joross would make an effort to get back together, she answered yes. joross asks her a series of questions, the most significant of which is if roxanne is still angry at her, to which roxanne replied no, that it’s been a long time and she has moved on although it was difficult.  jake asked roxanne if she love him, and she answers, super, and then cries (out of happiness). it was really “kilig” when she answered super. roxanne passed the lie detector test with flying colors.

can i just say that i really like roxanne. i mean, she’s really a big person to be able to forgive joross. and she looks “mahinhin” and humble. her acting is just a little above mediocre in my opinion, but her personality in real life is the one that made me like her.

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