how KIM AH JOONG looked…then and now


kim ah joong went under the knife, just as her character kim ha na in 200 pounds beauty.


credits:  photos from popseoul

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  1. So, what? She lost some baby face fact and did go through some enhancement to augment her beauty. She is still beautiful–at least physically–to me and apparently maintains it well.

    • So, plastic surgery is what. Say she did lose some baby fat. But do you really believe that all she did was some “enhancement”?
      Obviously, she changed every part and corner of her body and if its to the point that she has no chin, its not “just some enhancement.”

  2. so what eh?shes still beautiful..
    ilove her!for me shes perfect..xoxo

  3. LOL most of the korean actress undergo plastic sugery… I just wonder if her personality is as cute as the what she represents in 200 pounds beauty. =] just so cute…..

  4. hell i care if she undergo with plastic surgery she is still my idol! kover her much!
    no-mu saranghe kim ah jung!

  5. hallo…. kim ah joong is my bestlife…..
    and she is my idoll for Maria ave maria

    • yeah who cares. who has not had plastic surgery? I love her for maria ave maria too. she is pretty and she can act. who cares if she wanted to change to feel better about herself? she is still the same person just slitly different in appearance.

      • yup yup totaly coom

  6. Kim is so beautiful jerk

  7. i love the movie of beautiful girl with kim ah jung,she is my idol!!!!

  8. i like ave maria too…………

  9. She is still pretty and so what if she goes under the knife lots of actress/ actors and models do that. It’s all because of showbiz and plus she’s a really good actress!

  10. So what? She’s beautiful and that’s all what matters now. If someone jealous with her beauty, they can also undergo cosmetic surgery.

  11. uhhhhhhh…i’m inspiring to be an actress/singer and personally i’d rather rely on natural beauty rather than going under the knife…nothing is wrong with cosmetic surgery i’m just saying but i still love her!!!

  12. she rocks! …!

  13. Ok first off these are ANTI FAN PICTURES!! These psycho Korean anti fans find photos of a random person who looks slightly like the celebrity and then pass them on claiming that was a before shot.. Obviously that was not her idiot. Popseoul is the worst source for acurate articles. They’re filled with anti fans.

  14. damn. she’s a hot creature. love her! love her movie 200 pounds beauty as well. it rocks!

  15. hi!!!..good day..
    it doesn’t matter whether she go under plastic ……surgery…it’s still her what ever happens..!!her face maybe different but her whole personality is still the same..

  16. its not the appearances that is important its her personality her inside!

    • That’s why plastic surgery wouldn’t be neccesary.

  17. Those three people look nothing like each other that’s how you can tell they’re not her.. Anti fan pictures DURRRRRR!!

  18. I love her but what’s the big deal about what celebrities look like B4 they were famous

  19. I’m for any surgery that can turn a so-so looking woman into a curvaceous, cutie the likes of Ah-joong. She is a knockout to the nth degree. From the top of her head to her little pinky toe to all the hotness in between. Yowsuh.

  20. hi i was very impress about your movie 200 pounds beauty
    im joan of Philippines

  21. Where is the proof? I see no actual sources here other than a photo credit. And that photo could have been made by anyone with a computer

  22. Who cares what she did to get her beauty.

    To me the most important thing is her voice.

  23. the pictures are not real, get any ugly woman and post it there to ruin their reputation, what do you knw?I’ve found their college pictures, and they did not went through surgery.

  24. i see no difference sorry. but she’s still pretty

  25. gahh!!! its obviously her! gawd! you cant tell its her because she JUST HAD PLASTIC SURGERY! dumb! like ayumi hamasaki went under too! of course you wont regonize them cause they just had surgery! my god!

  26. Who the hell cares what she looked then and now.
    alot of famous people go under the knife.
    and she’s an amazing singer.
    I don’t judge her.
    Why should you.

  27. who care if she has plastic surgery
    the only important thing is that her personality and whether she can act.
    and by the way, she is one of my favourite actress, her acting is so natural especially crying scene.
    Kim AH Joong Unnie, fighting

  28. i just dont get it….! why do we have to change what God has given>>>>????in order to be famous????!!!! just be satisfied of what you have…hmmmmmmmfff coz youre changing what God has given, at the same time your insulting Him….!!!!!!be natural….!


    • Snap out of your naivety. BE REALISTIC!!!!!!!

  29. She actually did ppl. Those aren’t fake cuz 200 lbs. of Beauty was based on a true story. Anywaysss. she’s still pretty and plastic surgery is common these days so who cares?

    • It’s actually based on a MANGA not a true story a JAPANESE MANGA

  30. Kim Ah Joong did what made her feel better,who wouldn’t do it? she is my idol no matter what.

  31. who the hell cares??

    the last thing ill do is to criticize her about this surgery issue…..
    i love the way she acts…
    her voice…
    and the looks as the last…
    a lot of good female korean actresses look better..but she still is number ONE!!!!!
    anti-fans…GET LOST!

  32. THis is not friggen Cool Man! u fkn totally destroyed my image of kim ah joong! FFS i swear i did not want to see these pics. GOD DAMMIT

  33. Aiko… kung nasan k man… miss na kita.. may ilang bagay sana akong gustong masabi sayo na matagal ko ng pinagsisihan… naging tanga ako.. naging duwag..
    lahat ng iyon pinagsisihan ko..
    sana meron isang pagkakataon na muli tayong magkaharap..
    at makita ko ang magaganda mong ngiti at tawa..
    masasabi ko lahat ng bagay na hindi ko nasabi…
    sana…. Prinsesa..

  34. she got pretty natural look,good acting,good voice..who care she got do plastic surgery or not…i love her…she just imagine~~

  35. she`s really pretty…
    tat`s all..

  36. …i don’t care what others say about you but for me,you’re still beautiful…aja! aja! FIGHTING!!GO DREAM !~~

  37. she is cool

    lalo na sa

    200 pounds beauty…………

  38. Hi does anyone know what Kim Ah Joong will be doing after her first drama after 3 yrs break’that fool’? is she preparing for new movie or drama?can someone tell me?( reply to this comment the previous one i had input wrong email. thx)

  39. so what if she has plastic surgery…what matters is the attitude…all bastards that making bad comments to kim… can you pls look at your self first at the mirror before you judge someone els… im proud of being a filipino and a fan of kim…

  40. i really lyk u n i hope you will come 2 philipines ur so cute sorry f my english is not fluent lol … but i try my best

  41. i love you kim ah joong

  42. the accidental couple is the best drama i ever seen. i just never wanted the drama to end. i just finished watching the movie and right now my heart is really empty with a butterfly stomach. the emotions i felt for this drama cannot be described, very deep, heart melting, sensitive and touching towards kim ah joong. the character she played is someone i will forever want to be with, someone i can hug and smile with(cooking in the kitchen). “why didn’t you ask me questions” “don’t you want to know how i feel” and ” you have no choice, but to marry me” these are some of the quotes from her that i found extraordinary unique in a woman, a personality i consider lovable. Love in a way a man will cherish that person for the rest of this life. Kim ah joong, you have the perfect look and personality, i felt in love with you in the movie, but if there is an existance of you in real life, i cannot ask anything more than a dream. love brian

  43. wah noona neo mu gwi yeo weo

  44. Kim Ah Joong is my Idol!!!!
    I Love so muachhhhhhh no matter she goes plastic surgery,but she is still beautiful for me…
    she is a perfect woman

  45. Kim Ah Jung is my super idol

  46. yeah
    i think if she went uder the knife, she still a “beautiful girl”

    • …….hello you are so beautiful……….

  47. i dont care her youth… i love her so much!!! and nobody makes me hate her 😉 YOU’RE MY BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS, KIM!!!

    • ……….i want to have surgery like her to become pretty like her……….

  48. she like persons who use drugs and i hate her… because i’m an ANTI FAN!!! you see the proof, and you still believe she’s natural…


  50. uhm i was in Singapore when I first saw 200 pounds beauty trailer, she is pretty and i like her voice in singing the song Maria! what i want to say is her movie lead me to Korea’s Movie.

  51. even she had an plasticsurgery i love her she is so natural

  52. geez

  53. I got to know about kim ajung because many of my students told me that I look like her. Then I watched her movie, I liked that 200 pounds movie, She sings so well and she acts so well. I heard that she underwent surgery, my students had told me but I don’t really mind. It’s her choice so let’s just respect it.

  54. the movie the accidental couple i have seen it 3 times n every time … it make me cried i m in love with kim

  55. oo nga maganda sya super

  56. i like her!!she’s so beautiful!! 🙂

  57. i love u kim ah joong sana mag kita tau?

  58. i still love her!!!

  59. i know that she’s beautiful ..
    she can sing better than me ..
    n i know that she’s outshiness in every aspec ..

    but don’t you know guys ..
    even after she change to the other person , she still the same person .. she still has same characterictic n the important thing is SHE STILL HAS HER INNER BEAUTY ..

    so why do we get squerel bout it .. czt i think it’ll not solve that problem ..

    just let she what she want .. it’s right human being ..

  60. I really really hate Koreans… they are not beautiful… most of koreans undergo plastic sugery…they are feeling japanese… FYI japanese are prettier than koreans…Koreans are FAKE!

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