how KIM SUN AH looked…then

kim sun ah

 yes this is how my name is kim sam soon’s kim sun ah used to look like before!

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  1. gosh,..i didnt know that kim sun ah is like that before !!!!!!!!!!.
    did she made her self any surgery or what.,.,plzz,,.
    how did she loose weight in just a short time???

  2. She did some changes in the eye area, but the rest of her face looks the same to me up to now.

  3. I think she didn’t do any surgery, like I think its her eyebrows..I think now its has more and fuller and she lost some weight

  4. i dont think that she is kim sun ah at allllllll

    it is a pic for someone else

  5. omgosh, anyone with eyes can tell that this girl did surgery. her nose looks sharper in the movie “my name is kim sam soon” and her eyes are also fuller. for sure, she did nothing to her lips because it still looks the same, however everything about her looks slightly different. sad how she’s still not even that much prettier after plastic surgery! sorry if i offend any of her fans, im just speaking my opinion.

  6. ohhhh my god……….she looks really ugly O_O ×_×…..

  7. ^ well it’s certainly not an instantly likable “star’s face”, but i’d be even more proud of her if she took longer time climbing to the top with this face. force people to like who you truly are, that’s the real success. naive? haha.

  8. tres belle

  9. hola me encanto su pelicula ” ella esta de turno” que linda y hermosa se veia la encantadora oficial con su uniforme besos eduardo. pdt me encataria conocerla aunque sea por internet porfaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. she shouldh’ve just cherished what has God had given to her.. she is prettier on ‘kim sam soon’.. anyway,.. that’s maybe what she wanted.. so be it.. ..hope she wont regret..gonna feel pity for her if she did…’

  11. I really like Kim Sun A in “my name is Kim Sam Soon”. She is so sweet and funny in that movie.

    The eyes and nose in this photos are definitely being worked on comparing to her appearance in the movie.

    It seems that most Korean actresses have so called the perfect noses. They seem to have Caucasian women’s noses, which maybe the trend or “peer pressure” for the fierce competitions in their movie industry.

  12. It is true that Kim Sun-Ah had surgery because there was a show in Korea before wherein they featured actresses who underwent surgery like Kim Jung-Eun, Kim Hee-Sun, Kim Sun-ah (and many many others, or maybe all..heheh…). They say plastic surgery is really cheap in Korea that’s why even ordinary people do it. But still, she’s my favorite actress ’cause she acts so natural and she’s really pretty inside and out, KSA fighting!!!!(^-^)

  13. It looks like a photoshopped photo, haha.

  14. Is ahe kim sam soon? wo0w my god..no0o0o, she is a sweet and funny in that movie ,i love her

  15. SE le ve diferente, yo creo que se le veia mejor antes,esos ojos no le van para nadaaa!

  16. it doesn’t matter.she’s very lovely.i love her so much.

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