how PARK SHI YEON looked…then and now


apparently, there’s something new with park shi yeon’s (my girl) nose. like ashlee simpson, a part of it has been taken off to look better. personally, then and now didn’t make much difference, she still looks like a baby of science.

credits:  photos from popseoul

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  1. stupied girl eric is better off with a real korean goddess.

  2. she still look ugly..sorry!!

  3. I think her nose looked beautiful before, a lot of people would be happy with that nose, It’s almost hard to tell what she did to it, but I chess they reshaped the tip and it looks a little more masculine and older. It does look more attractive now too though.

  4. i think i’m much prettier than her. Much much much much prettier because everyone said that to me all the they said that i’m like an angel.!!!!

  5. i hate her i think i’m prettier than her hundred times. everyone said that i’m an angel

  6. I liked it better before. What is with these girls that they have to do these things to themselves?

  7. No, Park Shi Yeon more beautiful after cosmetic operation , why do you think more ugly ?

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