how LEE HONEY looked…with and w/out make-up!


personally, i feel miss universe 4th-runner up honey lee (lee ha nui) looks better without make-up. she looks younger and fresher.

 lhn smoky

smokey eyes indeed make a difference.

more or less a month ago, i saw honey and her mom being interviewed in kbs world’s morning live. a few quick facts i’ve learned is that: 

1. her mother dreamt of a dragon either before conceiving her or while she was pregnant

2. she is a middle child; has one older sister and a younger brother.

3. she got into the prestigious seoul national university and majored in playing an ancient korean instrument

4.  she was discovered in a beauty parlor, the owner encouraged her to join miss seoul

5.  as honey said, her sister is more pretty, more intelligent than her, an honor student i think, and plays the korean instrument better. people who knew them keep saying (perhaps in jest) why her sister isn’t miss seoul.

6. her sister being more intelligent and pretty, her brother being the favorite, she developed a need to find her place in her family and in the world.

7. her mom is a businesswoman, and hasn’t got much time to spare. but they got close as her mom and dad were very supportive of her pageantry career, financially and emotionally. her mom would send her stockings, gowns and tearjerking letters all the way from korea to mexico.

8. her mom intends her to further her studies.

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  1. is it just me, or did honey lee have double eyelid surgery? i was looking at the two pictures and realized that it’s not just the make-up magic that makes her look so much beautiful in the second picture but that her eyes also look much bigger? won’t surprise me if she did though, i just want to confirm.

  2. I think it looks like double eyelid b/c if you look closely, she is wearing ENORMOUS fake eyelashes. Also, looking at her now, she’s gone back to a single lid *magic* ^_^

  3. She didn’t get double-eyelid surgery. It’s just the heavy make-up.

  4. i read somewhere that she did get it done

  5. I wonder what her “prettier” sister looks like

  6. honey lee is pretty

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