natutulog ba ang diyos? week 2 GILLIAN WORKS AS A NIGHTCLUB DANCER

week 2 july 23-27

after the cake incident, patria overhears gillian saying to andrew that she is not a maid. and patria doesn’t waste time maltreating gillian telling her:  “what did you do to andrew’s shirt? the stain can’t be removed. am i the only maid? what do you want them to call you?”, and makes her work as a maid in the guise of a summer job. rose is not in favor because she is a very bright child and asks her husband to get her an office job, to which mike retorts that whatever kind of job will be a good experience for gillian. 

of course when andrew sees gillian dressed in maid’s uniform, she starts to tease her. one scene that is “gasgas” (overly used) already but still brings “kilig” is when gillian sees andrew naked in the bathroom. it really never fails to give a comedic relief!

mark and his mother emma have dinner with angeleses. andrew sees gillian smiling at mark, and he uses his foot to tag gillian, causing the hot soup she’s serving to spill at emma. emma gets angry of course.  and when gillian returns to the kitchen, she is mauled by her mother. rose sees this the next day and takes pity on her.

andrew is swimming and asks gillian to put sunblock on him. gillian doesn’t comply and andrew pushes her into the pool. yeah yeah! she doesn’t know how to swim. about to be resusciated by andrew (of course through mouth), she wakes up, and tells andrew that this will reach his parents.

she had a change of heart and doesn’t tell on him, to which andrew is grateful. he’s practicing on his spiel of thanks and intends on giving her a stuffed toy. surprised by gillian, he leaves the stuffed toy on her doorstep, and she assumes it is from mark. of course andrew feels bad and all jealousy.

patria tells gillian that she will stop schooling. gillian’s brother boy tells her mother that tina (the other sister portrayed by mara lopez) should be the one to stop because she really doesn’t study anyway. tina steals money from her mom and gillian gets the blow. patria sees the stuffed toy and assumes that gillian stole it. gillian tells her mother that it’s from mark. since mark just moved across the street, patria races there and asks mark if the toy is from him, and tells patria no.

patria sells jewelry to augment the income for the upcoming school opening. tina steals them, sells them and buys a celphone. patria is so damn mad and brings gillian to work for her former nightclub boss, minverva (minnie aguilar), who runs a bar.

boy tells rose that gillian is missing and patria tells rose that she is working as a maid in her friend’s house. bernardo asks patria to take gillian back as they might be thrown out of the house if mike and rose finds out that they had pushed gillian into working as a nightclub dancer.

andrew arrives home and sees patria taking a cab and follows her. he sees gillian dancing with just a red bikini on.  patria, much to minerva’s dismay, takes gillian home. outside, andrew pays money to take out gillian, and instructs a cab driver to bring gillian in their house, unknowing to gillian. patria sees the money, and upon the prodding of minerva that since it’s just one night, then it should be okay.

gillian rides the cab and pretends to puke, the driver lets her out. seeing that she is escaping, he chases her and gillian gets hit by a car. andrew is on his way home and brings gillian to the hospital. he calls mark and tells him to go to the hospital. they do not tell the elders because andrew is grounded and is not supposed to be out, after neglecting to send an important proposal to a client, mr. crisostomo. (he is working at his dad’s office for the summer.) there he confesses to the sleeping gillian that he loves her. eventually, rose and mike finds out about this and rush to the hospital. rose finds out the skimpy outfit that gillian was wearing during the accident.

bernardo is concerned that the angeleses might find out about it and asks patria to guard gillian such that when she wakes up, she will be able to cover. mike sees patria just outside the hospital, and  asks her to bring him and andrew to the nightclub where gillian worked. patria tells them that she took gillian to a certain lorie to work as a nightclub dancer. and minerva corroborates the story. andrew is so mad but can not reveal the truth that he had seen everything.

gillian wakes up. scared of seeing her mother, she clutches on rose.


it’s been a long time since gma 7’s encantadia that teleseryes and telenovelas had been this good. thanks to maging sino ka man, abs-cbn in my opinion is raring a quick comeback in the ratings game.

and in as much as everybody tells that it is due to insistent public demand, i believe that it is out of sheer luck that there are no new local teleseryes available to fill the timeslot vacated by rounin that natutulog ba ang diyos is set for primetime telecast. lucky of them, they could showcase their work to a broader audience.

a rewind was made last saturday july 28, 2007 at 3:15PM, but unfortunately, there were too many cuts and i was still unable to see the scenes i missed in the maiden telecast.

i still can’t believe though that meteor garden 1 beat natutulog ba ang diyos in ratings. i mean, hasn’t it been replayed so oh many times!?!

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