natutulog ba ang diyos? week 1 GILLIAN’S HARD LIFE BEGINS

week 1 july 17-20 

rose angeles (dina bonnevie) suddenly goes into labor and is accompanied by the house driver bernardo ramirez (ronnie lazaro) to the hospital. it was raining cats and dogs and bernardo asks his also pregnant wife patria ramirez (rosanna roces) to accompany him to the hospital, to which she roughly replies, “kabuanan ko na, hanggang ngayon ba naman eh katulong pa din ako?” (it’s already my birth month, am i still a maid until now?)

not reaching the hospital, patria assists rose in giving birth inside the car and tells her she has a girl (gillian). patria also goes into labor. the scene then cuts into the hospital, where bernado tells patria that their son has some kind of illness. mike angeles (matt ranillo III) then comes in and asks where is his child, to which bernardo responds that his son has some kind of illness. patria then tells bernardo to get his son (andrew) back, but he tells her that it’ll be better for him to live as mike and rose’s son.

rose is surprised that she gives birth to a boy, because the ultrasound told them it was a girl. she welcomes andrew warmingly anyway, and requests patria to name their daughter (bernardo and patria’s, but which is actually theirs), gillian, after rose’s dad gil, and mom lilian).  patria is all too resentful of what happened, but does not do anything. she volunteers herself to be andrew’s yaya. 

(the angeleses and ramirezes live in one place.)

patria hates gillian (roxanne guinoo), all because she is not her birth child, and maltreats her. andrew (jake cuenca) grows up to be spoiled brat and harrasses gillian. thankfully, there’s mark (joross gamboa), andrew’s bestfriend and the son of a family friend (bing pimentel). but when they were around seven years old, mark and his family leaves for the states.

mark returns and the three begin to sort of hang-out again. nothing much has changed since their childhood as andrew. he still continues to intentionally annoy and irritate her. he asks gillian to wash his t-shirt and when gillian finishes and gives it to him, he says it’s still dirty, at the same time putting cake on it (the t-shirt!).  gillian retorts by putting cake on the t-shirt he is wearing as well. 

thank God mark returns from the states, with the promised chocolates. (i just love the scene where gillian beats andrew, and mark comments that andrew still isn’t able to beat gillian with her jumpshot.)

andrew took out the car without permission and it had scratches when he returned. bernardo took the blame, since andrew is not even allowed to take out the car, much more the scratches. gillian confronts andrew about it and andrew threw his celphone at gillian. the celphone gets broken. naturally, patria sermons gillian. bernardo asks gillian to return the celphone and say sorry to andrewgillian ends up waiting in the car, and unintentionally fell asleep. andrew is surprised that she is in the car, and gillian is surprised to find out that they are in a bar.

andrew gives her money to go home, but she ends up going inside the bar. the bouncer won’t let her in but mark sees her and tells the bouncer she’s with her.  andrew is kind of pissed that she went inside. andrew is enjoying being with many beautiful girls. so that andrew would go home, she told the bouncers that he’s underage, thus he is unable to order alcoholic drinks. she went out to wait but is harrassed. mark tries to be his knight in shining armor, but she eventually defends the two of them.  mark takes gillian home via cab.

just a few minutes they arrive, andrew comes and asks gillian to open the gates and be quiet for them not to get caught, but rose is really waiting for andrew and sees them. gillian sees no reason to lie as they’ve been caught, and tells rose what happened. andrew gets mad at gillian for telling on him.


i actually didn’t think i’d like it as much as i do now. at first i thought it was all-hype. after all, roxanne had a relationship with joross and is now in a relationship with jake. and can i just dish out that it didn’t help that joross was the one who broke up with roxanne. i mean give it to her, he should have done something bad like not communicating with her at all and wait for roxanne to break up with her, that’s the least thing he could do. another personal promotion is the fact that rosanna roces (patria) and dina bonnevie (rose) had a long-standing rift of looking alike. i really don’t know what’s the blah about. i guess they didn’t like to look alike. all’s well now anyway.

oh well, that aside, having watched the original movie, which is just so so, i could say this sineserye exceeded my expectations.  whoever penned it, seems to balance the exposure of gillian’s hardships and the “kilig” factor,  unlike the movie which mostly focused on the former. the movie is an all-out drama, which i tend to dislike, unlike this one, where there are light and “kilig” scenes.  it seems refreshing to form a love triangle, it really did work on me, unlike in the movie where andrew (ricky davao) was more sinister and gillian (lorna tolentino) ended up with mark (gary valenciano). andrew today (jake cuenca) is just a little naughty, and he sincerely and truly loves gillian, despite and inspite of the way he shows it. 

i also love jake cuenca’s sense of fashion, it’s a bit odd for filipino lads to be extremely metrosexual, but he kind of carries cropped skinny pants and jeans very well.

the one thing i fail to accept though is the storyline of switching babies, as i’ve always. it’s really a bit odd, i mean, when the children grow up, physical features will always be a tell-tale sign that you have the wrong child. (our maid commented that dina and rosanna look alike, so…but still…)

for all its worth, maging sino ka man is still better. but because of the love triangle between the characters, this sineserye is worth the watch.

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