princess hours…a review


the premise was magnificent and creative. who would have thought of modern monarchy in korea? i agree that goong was a bit draggy. but i think it was because it was extended during the latter part due to its high ratings.  i also like the conflicts of the story. it’s very deep. min hyo rin and lee shin being first loves. lee shin falling in love with shin chae gyung unexpectedly, the past happening again…shin and yul’s father falling in love with yul’s mother at the same time. lee yul, who is shin’s cousin, falling in love with her sister-in-law chae gyung, who was supposedly his bride had his father not died, the struggle for the crown prince position between shin and yul, the similarity between yul’s mother and hyo rin as being ambitious, the parallelism of hyo rin’s character with camilla, the dilemmas o not being able to follow or even have your own dreams because as a royalty, you were destined and duty-bound to your country. there are just so many aspects and conflicts that were expounded so nicely. 

ACTORS AND CHARACTERS i couldn’t say that the actors acted well, especially kim jung hoon. yoon eun hye and song ji hyo were fine but not great. ju ji hoon was tolerable. he was so stiff, but i guess that’s fine since he’s portraying a stiff character anyway. (the same approach he does his oh seung hwa character in the devil. m beginning to wonder if he has an acting range.) there’s also no denying that eun hye and ji hoon definitely have chemistry. SOUNDTRACK 

i like perhaps love so much. and the instrumental version played at the party scene where shin first wears the rubber shoes chae gyung painted, i can’t find it! it was just so heartwarming!!!


and this is highly re-watchable too.

RATINGS five stars for all the laughs, great cinematography and very nice set!



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